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Endearing Imp Dwelling on the Tip of My Heart

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: MUSI
  • Chapters: 4
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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"Regardless of your conflicts, I only desire the return of my wife," Hei Guanjie, burdened by intense pressure, lost his composure and shouted loudly. "As far as I know, you have no engagement with Miss Cheng," Matthew smiled as he watched this reserved young man lose control over a woman. It reminded him of his past self. If his beloved hadn't died, he wouldn't have walked this path. Beloved, such an interesting term. He lit another cigar and, amidst the swirling smoke, recalled the sweet appearance of the young couple. It stirred up memories long buried. Perhaps that's why he treated them with special courtesy. "There are orders from above, and I must obtain the virus. Since you haven't brought it, please rest for a while. I will consider how to get hold of the virus." He gave a signal, and two subordinates simultaneously struck the necks of Hei Guanjie and An Ruoxue with the butt of their guns. They fell unconscious. After carrying the unconscious couple from the sofa, Matthew, holding a cigarette, gazed at the sky, on the verge of clearing, with an anticipatory and beautiful dawn. However, that sacred radiance didn't belong to someone like him. Ah! Now is not the time for sentimentality. It's time to carefully consider the next move, to live up to Mr. Yan's expectations. "Are they really here?" An Meiqi, removing the plain mask covering half of her face, asked nervously. Pan Yu, focused on surveying the terrain with binoculars, didn't hear An Meiqi's words. She never expected Auntie Ruoxue to be captured. Now, in that splendid mansion, besides her parents, there are several special agents who are being confined. When she found out that the tracker she had secretly placed on her father suddenly lost signal before dawn, she knew something had happened. Just as she was about to seek help from her online friends, Auntie Meiqi happened to come back. She had to tell her the truth in detail. A day later, on a dark night with a strong wind, An Meiqi, along with a few selected special agents and a little tag-along, arrived at the high-end community on Yangming Mountain. They carefully planned the rescue operation. "Are they really here?" she asked again. "Really. Satellite positioning and the tracker on Dad both show they are here. There won't be any mistakes." Pan Yu, distracted, said. When she realized she was speaking, she put down the binoculars, slowly turned her head, and met the bewildered gaze of An Meiqi. "You, you can speak now?!" After nearly three years, she finally heard Pan Yu speak.

Chapter 1

In the dead of night, nearly all residents of the community had extinguished their lights, immersed in blissful dreams. Vigilant patrol officers, working in pairs, diligently surveyed every corner of the community, fearing the intrusion of malevolent individuals under the cover of darkness.

Suddenly, a sound akin to the explosion of firecrackers disrupted the quietude, startling the passing patrol officers. In unison, their flashlights illuminated a three-story building ablaze with lights, revealing a second-floor window emitting thick smoke.

"Xiao Cheng, are you alright?"

After opening all the windows, a young girl, with a white cloth covering her mouth and protective goggles on her eyes, poked her head out for a breath of air.

"I'm fine, fine." Coughing ensued, the pungent smell lingering.

"It's quite late; you must keep your voice down to avoid alarming other residents." One of the patrol officers advised earnestly. Subsequently, they departed to resume their routine patrol.

For the community's acknowledged eccentric scientist, everyone had become accustomed to her peculiarities. Hearing an explosion, they simply dismissed it as someone setting off firecrackers.

As the white smoke dispersed, Cheng Sixin observed a steel table, now concaved with a hole caused by the explosion. The items scattered on the table were damaged. Massaging her temples due to a headache, she resignedly picked up a broom to clean the floor. Later, she retrieved a rectangular glass piece to scrape off some substances adhered to the table, placing them under the microscope after adjusting the magnification.

Observing under the microscope revealed no signs of life, confirming that these cells had perished in the high-temperature explosion.

Despite meticulously following the steps to prepare the culture medium and having a complete chemical formula calculated by the computer, how could such a mishap occur?

Frustrated, she closed her eyes.

"Hey, what mischief have you done again?" A blunt male voice suddenly interjected.

"I failed."

"Indeed?" Witnessing her dispirited state and the chaotic room, he vaguely understood what had happened. "Since it has occurred, there's no use being sorrowful. Instead of dwelling on it, get some sleep. Tomorrow, with a clear mind, you might identify where the error occurred."

With a lack of energy, she replied, "All my cells have died. I can't sleep in my grief."

"It's not as if you killed someone. Why bother being sad?" The young man suppressed a frustrated yell.

"I specially took a day off to visit the agricultural school with my classmates to observe exams. After much effort, I managed to obtain a small amount of parasitic bacteria from animals. Now... sigh!" Cheng Sixin, feeling powerless, rested on the table with a large concavity, mourning the deceased bacteria.

Speaking with such an unlikable and odd girl was a waste of time. Why had he endured her for so many years?

Black Guanjie took a deep breath, restraining himself, and asked, "May I inquire about the nature of the exams your classmates were conducting?" He wanted to know what kind of exam would prompt her to take a day off.

"Assisting in castrating bulls." Animatedly recounting the incident, she gestured enthusiastically. "It's actually a straightforward procedure, but it's somewhat inhumane to the bulls, unjustly depriving them of their reproductive rights without having committed any wrongdoing. Anyway, the main point is that I asked my classmates to scrape some 'key areas' of the bulls' skin, so I could cultivate and study them."

Black Guanjie furrowed his brow.

She took a day off to witness bull castration!

"Quick, go to bed!" he warned sternly, afraid that hearing more would reveal even stranger things.

However, a familiarly stubborn expression adorned her delicate face.

"Well, since I can't sleep and there's no class tomorrow, why rush me to bed?" Pouting, she originally intended to stay up late studying the bacteria samples obtained from the bulls, but who knew it would end in failure.

Continuing this conversation would surely drive him insane. Black Guanjie decided to use a different approach, presenting an apple-flavored milk to her with a gentle smile. "You must be hungry after working so late. I brought a bottle of flavored milk from home."

Cheng Sixin's eyes lit up; it was her favorite apple-flavored milk.

"Why did you only bring it out now? It's not chilled anymore." Without ceremony, she snatched it away and took a big sip, savoring the slightly sour taste.

"Is it delicious?" His smile carried a hint of peculiar satisfaction.

She nodded, finishing the flavored milk, and after chatting for a while, a profound drowsiness enveloped her.

"Why am I so sleepy?"

"Is that so?"

Attempting to speak again, her consciousness gradually blurred, and she fell asleep on the table.

He refused to believe that, even after adding a sleeping pill, she could still protest against sleep. In any case, one couldn't treat such individuals with courtesy; sometimes, certain measures were necessary.

Satisfied with the outcome, Black Guanjie gently picked her up and returned to the third-floor room. Carefully placing her on the bed, he covered her with a quilt.

Although this explosion had damaged some equipment, fortunately, she suffered no harm. Consider it her good fortune.

Since he couldn't sleep at home, he decided to explore her house.

A bed, a desk, a bookshelf taller than a person, and the wardrobe's handle hanging a set of uniform – a small room, yet she maintained it neatly, contradicting her typically scattered personality.

Sitting on the chair before the desk, he opened a drawer without the owner's permission and unexpectedly discovered a small photo album. Intrigued, he took it out and perused its contents, finding pictures of her parents and several family photos.

This tough-mouthed individual had actually hidden in her room, yearning for her deceased parents.Uncle Cheng and Aunt Cheng passed away in an unfortunate plane crash when she was in the first year of high school. She handled her parents' affairs calmly, inheriting a considerable estate and a substantial insurance payout at a young age. However, being underage, she faced insincere care from opportunistic relatives. She coldly rebuffed their false sympathy, appointing a lawyer to manage the inheritance until she came of age. Half of the insurance money was entrusted to a planning trust company, while the other half was left to accumulate interest to cover her living expenses.

Concerned about her, Mom and Dad would prepare her meals for breakfast and dinner. Despite her reluctance to accept charity, she would monthly contribute a substantial amount for groceries, insisting her mother take it, disguising it as if she were giving her a hard time. Their relationship sparked rumors among neighbors, even suggestions of them being a romantic couple. They dismissed explanations, knowing few would bother to listen.

Black Crown Jie carefully stowed away the photo album, squatting by the bedside. Gently pulling her short hair, he said, "Don't always be strong in front of me. I won't mock you for shedding a few tears. You...," he arranged the kicked-off blanket, his tone sincere, "have never truly understood my feelings. If there comes a day when I must leave, how will you manage on your own?"

Deeply concerned for her, he knew one day he would have to depart. Would this girl, somewhat oblivious to life's complexities, be able to take care of herself?

Hooray! Today, her mentor informed her of exceptional biology scores, securing her a spot in the university entrance exam, with a full four-year scholarship. Moreover, she didn't have to leave her hometown, as the university was nearby.

Originally planning to skip a grade in high school and enter university in the second year, her parents' accident in her first year, coupled with the caring support of her friends, An Meiqi and Tao LeSi, made her reluctant to prematurely abandon her high school years. After school, she informed Aunt Black about her celebration dinner with classmates and would return around nine.

After a joyful meal, she happily rode her bicycle home. Unlike other high school seniors, she didn't have to endure the rigorous study routine, allowing her to use her evenings freely. Returning home, she took a shower and headed to the second-floor laboratory. Entering the password, she opened the aluminum door, followed by unlocking the bulletproof glass window. Wearing goggles and gloves, she carefully retrieved the petri dishes from the refrigerated cabinet.

Hehehe, now she had ample time to spend with her cells without attending school.

Surveying the fully equipped and advanced laboratory on the entire second floor, a legacy from her parents' work in biotechnology, she chuckled. She would make good use of this laboratory and continue their aspirations.

Under the microscope, spherical cells moved slowly. Cheng Sixin joyfully recorded her observations, a small step closer to the success of her cultivation plan.

Suddenly, music from the adjacent room reached her ears. She raised her eyebrows and rolled her eyes. "Playing mournful music again."

After placing the petri dishes back in the refrigerated cabinet, she quickly arrived at the Black family's front door and pressed the doorbell.

"Sixin, aren't you asleep yet?" elegantly appeared Aunt Black.

"I think people living nearby might be disturbed by the wonderful music and find it hard to sleep. Aunt, I'm going upstairs to find Hei Guanjie and, by the way, eliminate the noise, giving everyone a peaceful night's sleep."

"Guanjie is in a bad mood." Whenever he came home, his face looked gloomy, making her reluctant to ask him to be quiet.

"I know. That's why I came to comfort him. The comforting process may involve some noise, but Aunt, rest assured, we won't cause any trouble. I'll go back to sleep soon, and you can return to your room to rest." She said cheerfully, then climbed the stairs.

She skillfully found her way to Hei Guanjie's room and heard the violin playing inside, understanding his troubled state.

Quietly opening the door, she glimpsed at the person playing the violin, completely engrossed in the detestable act.

Seeing his furrowed brow and somber expression, it was evident he was in a bad mood.

She cleared her throat and imitated a sweet voice, "Mr. Hei Guanjie, on behalf of the neighbors, I've come to advise you not to play the violin and create noise after ten o'clock. Please cooperate."

As soon as these words were spoken, the violin indeed ceased playing.

"Don't you know I'm in a bad mood?"

"That's exactly why I came." She unceremoniously claimed a spot on his bed, placing the ice-cold Heineken beer she fetched from the Black family refrigerator. "I heard alcohol can drown sorrows. You can choose to drink or share your troubles with me."

Putting down the violin, he closed the door and squinted at her with a smile.

"Fear that I'll spill my heart out, and you'll use it against me, bringing it up to mock me at any opportunity?"

"Is my character that flawed?" She raised her eyebrows.

"Yes." He replied succinctly, knowing her too well.

Being kind-hearted resulted in being misunderstood. She flared up. "I came here to console you because you seemed upset, and this is how you treat me!"

A casual tease was all he needed to provoke her. His mood improved slightly. Reaching for the beer, he gulped down two cans in a row.

Watching him chug down the beer made Cheng Sixin anxious. She reached out to stop him from grabbing a third can. "You'll get drunk this way. You have class tomorrow."

"Getting drunk would be ideal." Black Guanjie pushed away her hand, finished half of another can, and silently stared at her. "I'm heartbroken."

Heartbroken indeed.

Cheng Sixin finally grasped the melancholic reason behind his performance of mournful music.

"In fact, a breakup is nothing extraordinary. Every young person engages in several love affairs. Losing one romance should be considered a valuable experience, with better ones awaiting in the future. It appears that the girl who let you go truly lacked discernment. You excel academically and are a talented athlete. It's a pity she didn't appreciate you properly." She still wished to expound further but had to cease speaking under his enigmatic gaze, helplessly spreading her hands. "A breakup is a breakup. Well then, how do you wish me to console you?"

Having never been in love herself, Cheng Sixin lacked the experience to comfort someone going through a breakup.

"I'm not in a good mood. Can we refrain from talking about it?"

Taking another sip of beer, Black Guanjie sought to drown his sorrows, but his consciousness remained clear.

"Don't be like this; we're good neighbors, the best of friends. Rarely do I feel like being a trash can; you can express yourself, and it might lighten your heart." Cheng Sixin, with an understanding smile, continued, "You're probably worried I'll spread news of you being dumped everywhere. Fine, I swear only to talk to cells about it. If I break this oath, my entire cellular structure will rapidly age. Isn't that a venomous enough vow?" She solemnly raised her hand to swear.

"For me, your oath holds no credibility whatsoever." He bluntly retorted. Since they met, he could recount every oath she made, and the day after, she would casually share it with her friends until he discovered, prompting her to apologize with a box of popcorn chicken.

Even though he knew her inside out and had fallen into her smiling traps repeatedly, he still regretted trusting her in the first place.

"I want to hear how that girl who dumped you could be so short-sighted. Come on, tell me!" She enthusiastically pulled him, pleading.

"Even if I extolled the virtues and beauty of that girl, would you not mind or feel jealous?"

Cheng Sixin collected the empty cans he had finished, saying with a smile, "Since I've known you, beautiful girls have always surrounded you on campus. Initially, I felt a bit annoyed. With a beautiful neighbor like me, why seek companionship elsewhere? But after careful consideration, you've repeatedly helped me clean up messes. I can't intervene in your girlfriend matters. After all, you're a guy, and I don't lose anything."

After listening to this discourse, Black Guanjie was stunned for a few seconds before sullenly chugging down more beer.

She never realized that his girlfriends changed so frequently mainly to attract her attention. Yet, she remained nonchalant, showing no signs of nervousness.

The more Black Guanjie looked at her, the more irritable he became. Her face always bore a sweet smile, equally friendly to everyone. Why wasn't she a bit more special towards him?

Suppressing his frustration, he withdrew his gaze, fully aware that, in her eyes, cells held more value than him.

"Hey, I personally came to cheer you up, and you're just drinking. You're not giving me any face." This guy was not very skilled at playing the violin, but whenever he felt upset, he would wield his violin to perform mournful melodies to express his emotions. Unfortunately, others had to endure his sorrowful yet not-so-melodic compositions.

"Forgive me for being straightforward; are you here to witness a spectacle? Also, let me correct one point. I wasn't dumped by the girl; she found a new love interest. Consider it a well-thought-out decision on her part. Besides, it's better this way; it saves me from making excuses to break up."

Stubbornly maintaining his stance, he refused to acknowledge being dumped.

Cheng Sixin, holding back a smile, didn't want to provoke him. So, she consoled him, "Of course, someone as outstanding as you must have been deceived by sweet words from that girl, leading to her giving you up."

"What shortcomings do I have that made several girls automatically propose a breakup?" He casually asked, but he cared deeply about her perception of him.

Cheng Sixin closed her eyes, pondering for a moment, then slowly opened them, looking at him. "Must I say? No matter how unflattering it might be, you must promise not to get angry, okay?"


She crossed her legs, cleared her throat, and began, "You're very fastidious and have a cleanliness obsession. Take your room, for instance; it's unnaturally clean, like a showroom, devoid of any warmth. Also, you're too exceptional, which might create a sense of oppression. Perhaps their decision to break up was a prudent one. Who would want to be with a boyfriend who can only look up to? It's better to choose someone of equal status. Moreover, you're quite verbose. At least for me, you're really annoying. Although you're just two years older, you act like my dad, monitoring everything, even having access control. I'm not a 'Hei,' and you're overseeing me too much, like yesterday..."

Black Guanjie burst into laughter, finding her complaints entertaining. She rattled on animatedly, and the more she spoke, the more excited she became. In her eyes, he seemed to be a complete failure.

He could be verbose, but only towards a certain someone. Yet, the astute Cheng Sixin remained oblivious in matters of the heart, and he might never find out about his feelings for her... sigh!

After patiently enduring her tirade, Black Guanjie calmly spoke, "Blame me if you want. In front of Uncle Cheng and Aunt Cheng's spirits, I promised to take good care of you. Besides, you're absent-minded, and your personality is carefree and slow. That's why I need to keep you in check. By the way, my mom mentioned that you've secured admission to a good university. While I'm away, you must take care of yourself."

"I do have a school to attend, and my tuition is completely waived. Wait a moment... could you explain the meaning of that last sentence? 'While I'm away'? I don't understand," she asked.

"My uncle has opened a branch in Canada, and my dad has to go there to handle many matters. Therefore, after I graduate from high school, our whole family will immigrate to Canada, and I will continue my studies there," he said nonchalantly, opening another beer without realizing it.

Cheng Sixin wore an expression of shock, struggling to digest this unexpected news.

He said he wanted to immigrate, to start a new life in another country?!

Accustomed to his verbosity and his presence, what would she do if he left?

Feeling increasingly irritated, she opened a beer, gulping it down like mineral water.

Black Guanjie didn't expect such a vehement reaction from her and quickly snatched the beer from her hand.

"You get drunk easily; dare you drink!" Her alcohol tolerance was surprisingly low; a small white wine candy could make her dizzy, and a few sips of rice wine chicken soup would render her incapacitated.

"No, I... I wish to slumber here."

As intoxication gradually took hold, she shed her outer garments, clad only in a delicate blouse that revealed every curve, igniting flames of desire in his eyes.

"Oh, why wear so many clothes to sleep? Do you need my assistance in disrobing?" Despite her charming inebriation, her hands, akin to an octopus, ensnared him, skillfully undressing him.

"Cease!" Black Crown Jie gritted his teeth. This enchanting sorceress roamed freely over him, her random touches risking cerebral congestion.

Her face was flushed with intoxication, and after some effort, her gaze finally focused, discovering his crimson, handsome visage.

"Your face is quite red."

"Consider who is to blame!" He needed to escape her clutches and douse himself in cold water in the bathroom.

Just as he was about to leave the bed, a force from behind yanked him, causing him to fall onto the soft and fragrant body. Sweet lips coincidentally pressed against his sensitive earlobe.

The fuse was lit, and the flames of passion became uncontrollable.

In the bed's embrace, the inexperienced young couple became entwined, the growing heat of desire leaving their lives intricately entangled.

In the bustling cacophony of the airport, a casually dressed youth, burdened with luggage, stood near the counter, scanning the surroundings as if awaiting someone.

The time was drawing near, why hadn't she arrived yet?

Since that night, Cheng Sixin seemed to have evaporated from the earthly realm, suddenly disappearing. Her classmates mentioned she had taken an extended leave, and the school, to pacify other anxious students preparing for major exams, conveniently granted her leave. Her relaxed demeanor stood out, making her absence a relief to those nervously preparing for exams.

Cheng's family gate was securely locked. Fortunately, he had previously obtained a spare key. Upon entering the laboratory, he unexpectedly discovered the petri dishes from the refrigerated cabinet were all gone, along with the humidity-proof box containing her cherished magnetic tapes... Everything she cared about had disappeared.

He was two hundred percent sure she was hiding and avoiding him.

In an effort to find her, his voicemail was inundated, coupled with dozens of emails. He couldn't believe she, someone who interacted with a computer every day, hadn't seen his messages!

"Guanjie, your dad and I are going to grab a bite. Would you like to join?" Black Mom asked with a smile.

"You guys go ahead; I'll stay here." He worried that if he left, she might come to the airport, leading to a missed encounter.

But waiting left him restless. Seeing the approaching deadline and unable to endure the waiting any longer, he lit a cigarette, only to remember this was a public place and promptly extinguished it.

Must their unexpected encounter that night lead to such an ending?

He had never acted so impulsively with his previous girlfriends. Because it was her, he offered his... first experience.

Not wanting their relationship to conclude in this manner, he desired a more enduring development. With just four years, he could promise a future in front of her, and he needed to see her response.

At that moment, a gracefully elegant girl approached him.


"You are..." He didn't recognize her and wasn't in the mood to deal with this beautiful stranger.

"Classmate Hei Guanjie, if you can't even recognize Sixin's closest friend, how can you claim to be the person who has known her the longest? Anyway, I'm not here to lecture you." An Meiqi handed him a letter. "For you."

Hastily unfolding the paper and quickly scanning its contents, his handsome face filled with rage.

What kind of farewell letter was this? Saying the emperor was distant and unbothered about the future, and worst of all, accusing him of being a beast who took advantage of her inebriation to forcibly claim her innocence.

That night, she had semi-forced him into submission; how could she place the blame entirely on him?

"You seem angry," An Meiqi smiled, inquiringly.

"Yes!" Black Guanjie looked down at the beautiful woman in front of him. "Do you have a mobile phone? If so, help me make a call to Cheng Sixin. I want to bid her farewell in person."

"I don't have a mobile phone, but..." An Meiqi revealed a mysterious smile, a mischievous glint in her eyes that others might not easily notice. "I know where she's hiding. I can help you make the call."

They approached a public telephone, and she pressed a series of numbers, connecting the call.

"Meiqi, did you give the letter to him?" Cheng Sixin anxiously asked from the other end of the line.

"I handed the letter to him in person, and after reading it, he seemed very angry. Miss Cheng Sixin, please explain why you didn't come to bid him farewell yourself?" He asked through gritted teeth.

From the phone, there was a gasping sound and the announcements of the airport broadcast, making his heart skip a beat.

She was at the airport!

"If you're at the airport, come to the public phone area in front of the departure hall!" He immediately demanded.

She immediately refused, saying, "No!"

Black Guanjie's face turned pale. Helpless, as public phones were not wireless, he had to use sharp eyes to scan the airport, but still couldn't spot the timid figure of that coward.

"Cheng Sixin, come out quickly! Boarding time is approaching; I need to go through customs."

"After going to Canada, study diligently. Write me a few postcards when you have time. As for me, I plan to associate with my cells and viruses in university life. Maybe I'll experience romantic relationships. If you ever return, remember to come see me, that's settled." Cheng Sixin said to herself.

Thinking of other men replacing him by her side when he wasn't there, the fire in his chest burned even brighter.

"You hateful person!" Black Guanjie shouted forcefully, then took a deep breath to calm his emotions. In a gentle tone, he continued, "Before I leave, I want to see you one more time. Will you come over?"

His emotionally laced cajoling almost made Cheng Sixin unable to control herself from revealing her presence in the corner.

But the last bit of willpower stopped her thoughts.

"Since that lecher laid hands on me, I don't want to see you again. I even wanted to hate you for a lifetime. But seriously thinking about these years, you've treated me quite well. So, I've decided to be magnanimous, forgive your rude behavior, after all, there's always a first time for everything." Mentioning the absurdity of that night, she looked a bit embarrassed.

"If you don't want to see me, maybe I'll never set foot on this land of Taiwan again, and you won't even give me a last farewell at the airport?"

"I won't see you. Hurry and board the plane, let me have some peace of mind." Cheng Sixin bit her lip, tears in her eyes, and said the last sentence. "Wish you a bright future and all the best." With that, she hung up the phone.

Daring to hang up on his call!

Black Guanjie was so angry that his whole body trembled, holding his passport and quickly went through customs with his parents who had come to find him.

As the plane taxied on the runway, An Meiqi accompanied a girl wearing a beige fisherman's hat, both raising their heads to watch the plane soar into the sky.

"You clearly wanted to see him but forced him to leave with rude words. You're quite contradictory." An Meiqi couldn't help criticizing her friend's contradictory behavior.

"If I intervene or tell him the truth, he'll definitely stay. I've annoyed him for so many years. Now that he has a chance to immigrate abroad, I should let go and give him a piece of the sky." An Meiqi looked meaningfully at her flat abdomen.

"Do you still want to go to university?"

Cheng Sixin took off her sunglasses, lifted her head to shield her eyes from the glaring sunlight, and gazed at the azure sky with a mysterious smile.

"I want to take a year off in a picturesque place."

Chapter 2

"My goodness! How could such an event occur? Where are my documents?"

At seven o'clock in the morning, the well-lit second-floor laboratory echoed with the exclamation of a lady. A slender figure was flipping through the well-equipped laboratory, finally finding what she needed under the desk lamp.

Returning to the alcohol lamp, burning brightly, she closely observed the changes in the red liquid inside the test tube, which was being heated over water. After about a minute of gentle agitation, the liquid slowly transformed from red to milky white. Cheng Sixin used a dropper to extract a few drops into a prepared petri dish, swiftly moving it under the microscope. Witnessing the previously sluggish aging cells now becoming more active, she excitedly recorded everything she saw, smiling radiantly.

The newly concocted solution indeed facilitated automatic cell repair. Although not fully developed yet, with a bit more effort and her


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