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.I can't accept this marriage, I..I was forced into this. I love somebody else" Riya said finally after mustering up the courage,the fear inside of her, her red and ivory bangles jingled as she motioned, indicating she got married."if u didn't want this marriage then why ruin my life huh?!" he yelled, roaring, his eyes bloodshot with anger and he grabbed her by her elbow almost crushing it.Riya Sharma.. was an ambitious, charming and innocent girl, who can simply melt the heart's of people by her simple smile and act of goodness. she had dreams, dreams to be a doctor, a good child to her parents and to one day.....marry her love sameer..... but she was forced by her parents to marry a guy whom she didn't even know and how devilish he was....Yuvraj raichand

Chapter 1


“beti….” Aunty was going to continue when my phone started ringing, I pulled it out from my pocket and when I saw the home screen I smiled, it was Sameer calling.

I excused my self and went to my room and slowly closed the door and picked the call and I heard sameer’s melodious voice

“ hello love, I am so so so so sorry I wanted to hang out with you and drop you but I had an immediate emergency” he apologised like a kid and I couldn’t help but chuckle he usually dropped me off to home but at a distance or so, so that my parents don’t find out we are dating, because my parents were strictly against dating.

“ its okay Sameer I get it” I smiled and said trying to reassure him but he seemed to be persistent

“ no I want to still make up to you…umm, what about an ice cream treat tomorrow” he said excitingly well the offer did look exciting but I denied convincing him that its not necessary but he was persistent finally I gave up on his cute antics and agreed on going with him tomorrow.

After that we talked for a while where he told me he misses me so much and how much he loves and how beautiful I am and honestly I was blushing and finally we bid a goodbye and for this whole time while I was talking to him I was smiling, I couldn’t believe I am so in love with him, I blushed, and these feelings for him have ever since being only growing for him. How can somebody be so sweet and cool at the same time.

I kept my phone at the table and rushed down and got to know from my parents that aunty left after talking as she had some work but I wondered what she wanted to tell me at that time. I shrugged that thought off and ran back to my room after informing my parents, it was about to be night time and I had some homework and study to do as final exams were around the corner. I was also happy I would soon graduate.

Next day I woke up really early, I was excited for today for some obvious reasons I wanted to dress up real good I have seen videos where girlfriends enjoy decorating themselves for their boyfriends so I thought to dress up too

I wore a light pink dress with some makeup and changed my earrings with a pearl ones and I was ready to go.

I rushed down to the kitchen counter and saw my mom eating her breakfast, I kissed her cheek she somehow looked worn out and depressed, I asked her if everything was okay she said she was a little tired. I  told her to rest and also asked her about dad she said he was in a business meeting and won’t be free till evening as he also has to visit charity, we are rich but we never flaunted it my dad always taught me that one should be generous and kind and he is an inspiration to me, even after being a heart patient he is still so hardworking and energetic and down to earth.

I was about to leave with my tiffin when she stopped me asked “itna ban tthan ke kahan jaa rahi ho?” she asked me quizzically and smilingly. I said for no one and smiled and left, while she was thinking about something and looked a little tensed.

(where are you going all decorated and looking beautiful??)

I entered the car and told the driver who always dropped me to school to start the car, I also asked him about his health as he told me he was not well yesterday and that’s why I let him take an off yesterday and had to take rikshaw.

After a while I reached the campus and on my way I met Srishti and we started going for our lecture,she said I looked very beautiful and complimented me I blushed, I wonder how would he think of me…

“ dekh saarre ladhke dekh rahe he tuje par ohh hoo jese ki muje pata nahi ye kiske liye kiya jaa raha he!!”she squealed and teased me I blushed even harder oh gosh Srishti I ignored that the guys were looking at me I have kind of gotten used to that starring

( look literally every guy in the campus is looking at you but as if I don’t know for whom you have gotten all dressed up!!)

“Kassam se pagal hojainge humaare jiju!!!!” my mouth opened like an O and I looked at her…omg what did she say….” Ohh hoo blushing huh, kyu mene unhe J.E.E.J.U bulaya isliye” and she laughed at me I lightly smacked at her head and shacked my head at what she said, ‘ugh Sameer what have you done to me I won’t forgive you for this teasing’I said in my mind and puffed my cheeks with air and entered for lecture.

( god swear  he would get crazy after seeing you today!!!)

( ohh~ blushing huh)

As our classes reached the end I got more anticipated, on Friday’s we didn’t have any class in common so I didn’t get to see him but he messaged me that he will pick me up by the end of the day.

Srishti has already left with some other friends of her’s for party as it was Friday, I was waiting for him at the park near college and messaged my parents that I’ll come late that I have an extra duty in library, I was all excited to meet Sameer my heart was beating was enough but somewhere I felt guilty of lying to my parents and going against their one and only rule to date,  I really love my parents and have never denied them and I know what I am doing is somewhere wrong  but I really wanna introduce Sameer to ma and papa because I am sure they would like him.

I was so engrossed thinking about it that somebody pulled me by my waist from behind, adrelain rushed threw my veins and for self defence  when I looked behind me  I calmed down

“shhh riya, its me Sameer”he said while putting a finger on his lip and whispered and then he removed his hands from me and looked at me from head to toe and he looked surprised

“omg riya… look like an angel” he looked flabbergasted and breathed deep as he said, I blushed fidgeting with my fingers and said a little thank you.

He grabbed my hand kissed on the back of it and I just kept staring at him with wide eyes , my heart beated so fast. And just like that he took me to his car and we left for the ice cream parlour in a nearby mall.

‍​When I sat inside his car I saw him going back to the deck of the car and gifted me a bouqet of flowers, I love those flowers they were roses and lilies I thanked him and he entangled his fingers with mine and started the car…

Soon we reached the mall as it was not far off, I left the bouqet in the car and came with him, our hands were still joined together and his hand felt so warm we reached food court center and stopped near the ice cream parlous and took a table for 2.

We sat together and the waiter came hurriedly  and Sameer ordered him to bring a sundae and  blue berry waffles, my heart skipped a beat he knew I loved blue berry waffles.  The waiter left after taking our order and we sat there for a while in an awkward silence, I fidgeted with my hair as I knew his gaze on me, I felt shy.

Suddenly he took my hand in his I looked at him surprised and he looked at me and said in a clam tone

“ you know I love you so much riya, sometimes so much that I can’t tell you”I blushed when he said that…”you came like  a star in my montoneous life you know, whenever I look at you I always become carefree, you are the most innocent and purest girl I have seen u are really an angel riya” i just melted at his words. “ you know how important are you in my life, nobody understands me better than anyone  not even my parents I have been in so much pressure lately due to my family and in my day to day life that I wonder…am i the right person for you” he said sadly and I frowned and tightened my hand around his.”you know I am insecure riya, just like any other person I wonder if I would ever be as well and perfect as you expect and you might as well one day leav-” and at that I put a finger on his lip

And I said…

“no matter what happens Sameer, no matter what, I would never leave you Sameer… because I didn’t fall in love with you because of your looks or money but because of your heart and I know your hearts of gold and no matter what we go through, what we face, we would face it together, in the present and also in the future and no matter what nothing could apart us” I said sincerely to him and he looked a bit surprised

“R-Riya” he was going to say something when “here’s your order”, right at that moment our order came and the waiter soon left guessing our thick and engrossed environment.

Sameer sighed and looked at him and I smiled brightly to reassure him, after a while he smiled and gave a squeeze at my hand, we had our order, he fed me and I fed him, we laughed and had lots of fun and I realized how important Sameer is in my life and he also has insecurities and issues because he is also a human…

Later we roamed around the mall still hand to hand smiling and talking about most random of the  random things which still seemed funny. It was about early night when we decided to leave.

We got into his car and took a breath there was silence in the environment when suddenly I felt something on my thigh I looked at Sameer who was looking at me in my eyes, my heart beat increased as his hand slowly trailed and cupped my cheek.

He started to lean towards me I was so confused and so a mess in my head, I felt a little discomfort able, I was not ready but why? I know I trust him, I guess he noticed my hesitancy and that’s why he stopped and looked at me while opening his eyes, I lowered my eyes feeling somewhat ashamed, but he again cupped my face and told me to look at him and he looked at me with love

“its okay, you know I would never do anything that you may not like right?!” he said softly and I again melted he cared so much about me, I really loved him so much I felt so lucky to have him in my life but I felt somewhat guilty of not letting the kiss happen but I suppressed it.

Instead, he kissed on my forehead and I closed my eyes, soon we started the car and he started driving off, when we were near my street I got off the car and bid him bye and thank you for today and he just smiled and said ‘it was nothing, love’ and drove off.

I felt so contented and happy and was going to home all happy and with a sweet smile  but I didn't know it was the beginning of  the end of my good and happy days.


Chapter 2

I entered the house and found it to be all silent, that was strange, I looked at the kitchen, my parent’s bedroom, balcony but found them nowhere finally I spotted them in study room.

I went inside and greeted them and went to hug them but before I could hug my dad I felt a sharp tight pain on my cheeks and I fell down, I was slapped…. By my dad.

I looked above to see their faces tears coming out of my eyes, totally confused to why he did that but when I looked at my dad he had red eyes and he was burning in fury and he threw a bunch of pictures on my face

“WHAT’S THE MEANING OF ALL OF THIS?” he yelled at me, I looked at mom to seek for help but she was silent but angry

I slowly turned down to look at the pictures and was shocked to find it of Sameer and my pictures of when I was feeding him and we both were smiling and another picture of he brought the spoon close to my mouth and me opening it with delight and some other few pictures of us smiling and laughi


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