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The forgotten alpha

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"I was been deprived of my right to live? "Lucian gritted his teeth and grumbled, just as he witnessed the death of his mom which he just found out about. The pain and anger he felt swelling wound his body was enough to turn him back into a human, after seventeen years of wandering the woods trying to survive as a wolf cub. He heard the whole story from his mom before she was killed, now his mate is his enemy, his aunt wanted to steal his powers and his nephew is holding a grudge against him. He sought the bring chaos with both of his hands "If I was prophesied to bring peace then I will do the opposite "Lucian swore.

Chapter 1: surfing through the woods

"Thim them"

The sound of raindrops jolted a little wolf cub from its sweet slumber, earlier on it had been moving round and round the entire woods trying to get away from the massive crowd that was trying to ambush it.

The little cub had been lost for a long while, it felt like its memories had been altered, it doesn't remember even an ounce of its past or where it originated from.

"We have to go look for it" a pot-bellied man who looked to be in his late forties voiced out, he had been hearing sneers and howls of something he considered a threat to the whole of humanity.

Darian, the pot-bellied man was a good for nothing in the entire town, he wanted to use this means as a way of earning gratitude from the entire people in the town.

Darian was worthless and idiotic, he was a perv that preyed on ladies and used most of his properties on women till he became broke and then poor.

He had tried manipulating his way into people's minds in the town to get back on his feet, but as life could have it, no one bothered about him or gave a slight amount of affection to him.

His family had all left him a long time after discovering he was of no good.

At that moment he felt like a savior to the entire human race, he stood there firmly and quietly agitated because he knew nothing of what he thought was the threat to the entire city.

They all heard howls and sound and had concluded it to be a monstrous demon that should be killed or it would rampage on the city and kill them all.

"It is better to take action instead of waiting to be killed" that's what they all thought.

Since Darian was man enough to lead the way, they all poked their heads like knights in armor waiting for instruction from a conning man which they thought had changed.

"Light up those torches and follow me" Darian echoed with his arm up, trying to give them a bossy speech.

"Are you sure we can handle this?" Mary echoed, she was the weakest among the entire people in the city.

Mary couldn't even pick a fight against a squirrel if it would attack her frontier. She was the definition of a scaredy cat, almost everything freaked her out, and here she was trying to light up a torch to go find something unknown.

"She's not up for this, she's too weak" the remaining crowd uttered in unison, sending dark glances toward Mary.

Darian smirked, the last time he wanted to get his hands on her curvy figure, she screamed and hit him hard, maybe now was time for him to get on her good side,.

Darian moved over to Mary and gave her a soothing pat on her back, messaged it slowly and whispered words that made her freeze and rolled her eyes.

"What??" Marry yelled, but the gazes of the crowd were able to make her keep her calm. She had no choice.

Mary lit up a torch and strode towards the woods, it seems that Darian breathed a courageous chant spell into her earbuds.

"Yeah" the crowd whimpered and headed towards where Mary set off.

All of them lighted their torches and quivered a little with each step they took, the vastness of the woods was large and it might take them an entire day just to survey the edge of it, hopefully, they thought if they came in contact with the beast they will burn it up or beat it to a pulp.

Some even had pocket knives deep down, they weren't going to take any risk, since they vehemently volunteered to scout the area, they might as well bring protection that might come in handy.

Marry was determined, she had to be strong, or else men like Darian would like to maneuver their way into her life. Besides she has her secret, she smirked and heightened her senses when she heard an alarm sound head front.


"Get your lazy ass down here, you wimp" Elizabeth shouted from the couch, she was sitting comfortably next to her child, Dora, and brother-in-law, Mike.

They all sat down gossiping in a whisper about the whole situation they are in.

"Sorry mom, I'll be there quickly," Aerith shouted from upstairs.

She was entrusted with all the house chores, and despite that, they won't still let her finish the loathe job being weighed on her teenage head.

Aerith ran downstairs quickly like a puppy dog obeying its owners' instructions.

"You wimp, have you washed my jeans?" Dora voiced out with a cold stare, emitting her chilly aura.

Dora was a fifteen-year-old girl who adorns luxury and was very ambitious, she craved wealth and always had her eyes fixed on the most expensive things she came across.

Although she was quite a beauty, with a chunky cheek, pair of hazel eyes, and slim waist, she prefers tight short gowns, expensive ones at that.

Everything changed for her when their father made a fortune, she ate almost everything and now her slim slender body is all gone, what was left was a chubby Dora with big Tommy.


Dora sat on the couch opposite her mom doing nothing but scrolling her phone and expecting her sister to do the laundry for her.

Aerith was standing head bent in front of these people that didn't care or mind if she was alive or not.

Out of the blue, Elizabeth walked up to her and dropped an arduous slap on her cheek, the sound echoed through the corners of the luxurious house.

Elizabeth was burning in furry all along, seeing Aerith irked her to the bone, she had wished to kill her if only she had the chance to do it, but Aerith was still needed, killing her now would be a waste.

"You dare take your time before answering me and take a while before coming down here? also who the hell said I am your mom? I can't give birth to a wuss like you" Elizabeth started irritatingly while shuddering her shoulder continuously.

She wasn't her mom, the only reason she was in this family was that she saw a future where her man, Andrew, would be rich.

She came into his life for that sole purpose only but here she was, all the property was yet to be in her hands because her husband refused to die.

Aerith felt a throbbing pain down her chest, she doesn't just know how to explain it but it hurts almost everywhere.

It has been seventeen years since her birth mom died, out of pity and loneliness her dad married Elizabeth so that Aerith would have another mother to take care of her, but here she was, disgusted by her figure alone.

"Go downtown and fetch some logs for me" Elizbeth muttered unfazed by what she did.

Aerith strode out of the apartment with her bargained cloth, she hasn't taken a bath for days and dare not complain.

It was a bad omen for her to live a cheerful life in her own father's house. She knew deep down that the logs Elizabeth asked for weren't necessary but she just wanted to get rid of her for a while.

Aerith was at the edge of the woods, with a torch, taking a deep breath she sighed and walked into the woods.

Her torch flashed in a direction she didn't notice and there was a pair of eyes with gritted teeth waiting to lunge up on her ….

Chapter 2: Ice spears

Mary was leading the way into the forest further and further.

Although she was having a mixed-up feeling of both determination and fright.

She heard a sound right? She quickly turned in the direction to check.

The crowd that was following from behind had their eyeballs scrutinizing the surroundings.

"At least I should be behind them, if anything befalls us they will all be pawns to serve as a distraction for my escape" Darian wallowed in his thoughts with a smirk creeping on his face.

He walked behind them displaying a body movement that shows he was the boss, his arm was wide open, and he looked like a king sending his knights into a pit hole.


The wolf cub has an alluring unique feature with a set of green eyes and a pair of white glowy skin.

Its cave has ice laced around every corner of it, even though the surrounding felt freezy, it wasn't to the wolf cub, it was like it could control the weather there in its cave.


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