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His Secretary, Mistress And Wife

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Beware, this book contains steamy content and is not suitable for underage readers. Allie had been working as Luke's secretary for seven years. She broke his heart seven years ago which pushed him to get married. Now that he's divorced, he wants Allie back, not as his girlfriend, but as a s*x slave! What happens when Allie gets pregnant with Luke's child? "You mean nothing to me " he said coldly. "Men can only be nice to women who they like, after f*ck*ng them. But I can't be nice to you because I don't like you, you're just my secretary" His words felt like a knife stab to her heart. Tears welled up in her eyes. "If I mean nothing to you then why are you f*ck*ng me?" she screamed at him as pained tears ran down her cheeks. "That's the only way to get revenge" he yelled at her. "I want to get revenge because you broke my heart seven years ago"

Chapter 1

"sir, I've got the files ready" Allie Parker said to her boss.

She had been working as Luke Garfield's secretary for seven years. She was still his secretary, even he was cold and mean to her for a reason she didn't know.

"Drop it on the table" he said and she dropped it

When she was about to leave, he said

"Wait. Come here" he beckoned and she came.

"I'm having a slight headache, please massage my head" he said

"But --" she hesitated

"Do it" he ordered

She came closer and began massaging his head and suddenly, he started touching her body.

She stepped away from him

"Sir, what are you doing?"

Coming closer to her, he said

"How long are you going to deny the chemistry between us"

he gazed down into her electric violet eyes boldly daring him in that perfect face adorned with that ripe pink pillowy mouth, Luke somehow forgot all about letting her go and kissed her instead.

He crushed her mouth under his and her head swam, and her knees quaked and, all of a sudden, he was lifting her up against him and she couldn’t get enough of him. It was as though every shred of misery and anger from the past weeks spontaneously combusted in a split second into a passion that couldn’t be denied and blazed through her every nerve ending.

She disengaged from him

"Boss...we can't do this" even if she liked it, she still hesitated

"Yes we can" he said and crushed his mouth on hers

"For no good reason that my brain can comprehend, I want you much more" Luke  said as he strolled away from the door after locking it, at a leisurely pace.

‘I’m not getting mixed up with a man who is my boss—’

"As far as I can see, there's no problem with that" Luke came to a halt only inches away from her and reached for the long plait curling over her shoulder with a calm hand.

"What are you doing?" Allie spat, feeling threatened by his proximity.

"I like your long hair loose"

"Do you think I care what you like?" She said  "I have to go"

"I believe you can learn if I give you lessons in easy stages"

She encountered sizzling dark golden eyes and her breath snarled up in her throat. His fingers were busy unravelling her hair. All she had to do to bring an end to that liberty was put some distance between them, but she stayed where she was

‘I’m no good at learning what I don’t want to learn.’ Allie recognized the edge of desperation in her own voice. ‘Let me go back to work. This is not going to work, Luke—’ she said

‘Let me be the judge of that—’

Luke reminded her in a last-ditch attempt to persuade him that she was not the kind of woman he really wanted.

"I'm your secretary. We can't do this" she said

"I'm your boss. If I say we are doing this, then we are"

She kept silent. She had always desired him and she was tired of trying to resist. But she had to tell him the truth about her

Her colour heightened. ‘I’m a virgin.’

The lean fingers engaged in slowly disentangling her hair stilled. ‘That’s not even funny.’

She gritted her teeth. ‘I wasn’t trying to be—’

Luke cupped her elbows to hold her still in front of him. He gazed down at her with wondering eyes. ‘If you were Pinocchio, your nose would reach as far as the front door. A virgin? You? Even seven years back, I wasn’t entirely convinced by the purity pleas but I gave you the benefit of the doubt. I could hardly argue.’

Allie breathed very deep. ‘What makes you so sure that I’m not?’

‘You’re too s*xy,’ Luke responded without hesitation. As she pulled her arms free, Luke settled his lean, strong hands onto her rigid shoulders instead.

He crushed her mouth under his and her head swam

Anchoring her to his hips, Luke braced her back against the tree, pushing against the aching throb pulsing at the apex of her thighs until she could feel the long, hard shape of his erection. She moaned at the back of her throat, gripped by that mindless wanting that overcame her when he touched her.

"Should I stop now?" Luke ground out against her cheek as he freed her swollen lips and struggled to catch his breath again while still rocking against that sensitive part of her and driving her insane with the promise of sensation.

Allie’s eyes were locked to his; she recognised the need, the hunger and the longing there, feeling that knowledge thrum through her trembling body like an intoxicating drum beat. Somewhere in the back of her mind exhilaration flared that he hadn’t been lying, that he hadn’t been trying to sweeten her up by flirting, that he genuinely did want her the way he had insisted he did. For the very first time with Luke since the break-up, Allie felt that she was no longer powerless or a passive victim.

‘Stop...and I’ll kill you!’ Allie startled him as much as she startled herself with that threat, but the overwhelming need that had taken hold of her was that impossible to suppress.

Luke lifted his tousled dark head and looked down at her in wondering appreciation and then, with a ragged, breathless laugh, he tasted her mouth again even more passionately, the expert plunge of his tongue sending paroxysms of wanton excitement travelling through her. He lowered her to the ground, jerked down the zip of her jeans, long wicked fingers delving to her molten core and increasing the madness racing through her veins.

Sliding her knee up to his hip, she hooked her calf over his buttock and quite suddenly, it was happening. His c*ck was pressing for entrance, stretching her. Oh, wow. It hurt, but not bad. She’d experienced pain way worse than this, but it was still very intimate. She bit her lip and concentrated on accepting him, breathing through the sting and countering her instinctive tension—

He swore and the hand in her hair tightened enough to pull, even though she suspected it wasn’t intentional. His big body shook with tension.

“I’m hurting you,” he said in a voice so gruff she couldn’t discern what kind of accent he had.

“It’s okay. It feels good. I like it.” This was so primeval. Drinking in his scent, she licked his neck, wanting this delicious, mysterious man imprinted on her for all time.

Only moments later, wild heart pulsing, she was in the midst of a climax and Luke was hoisting her up against him and bringing her down on him with precision. That sudden thrust lit her up like a firework display inside, excitement leaping and bubbling through her trembling body like a dangerously addictive drug. She didn’t know what she was doing, even what she was saying, only that she was sobbing something and she was clutching at his hair and his shoulders as another electrifying orgasm tore through her, making her convulse and shake, every skin cell rejoicing as she heard his groan of completion follow her own.

Chapter 2

"You can go now!" He barked at her after the orgasm.

Feeling mortified, she quickly wore her skirt and ran out of the office.

Even if she enjoyed fucking him, she expected him to be nice to her after taking her virginity like that.

He once loved her. When she started working for him, he kept hitting on her but she didn't accept him because he was her boss and he was way out of her league.

When she finally accepted his love, she was forced to break up with him because of his mother.

She was from a middle class family and wasn't allowed to date someone who was not in her class; that's what Luke's mom told her.

She hadn't been with any other man since then.

Sighing deeply, she decided to do some work.

She worked tirelessly until evening.

It was time for her to go home from work.

She quickly packed her things and was about to go home.

Then she got a call

It was from her boss, Luke


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