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My name is Ariel and uhm...My life just got a lot worst. I am like a lost soul seeking for the true warm sootheness of love. The first I had which got me spinning in endless fantasies, stumped on my frail heart and trashed it into the waist bin. My best friend, or so I thought, nearly ended my life.... I am broken, I am lost, I am weak. My financial life nearly crashed. Right at the moment I decide to seal my throbbing heart from any sort of emotions, a foreigner shows up and opens up a path way to something new. Something which will never depart from me in a lifetime no matter what. He has my soul in a twist, and got me amused by his wits. He is mysterious and attractive in every way. Brave and astonishing with every step. He is my soul keeper and my ever present guardian. I ache so bad for him. I want him, but he never wants me. How the hell do I go about this? --------------------- ~EXCERPT~ I watch him with excessive want as he turns to the door and involuntarily stop him. He slowly turns to me and I crazily wrap my arms around his neck gracing his skin with my desperate smooth kisses. His body tenses and he grips my waist. "Watch what you are doing, Ariel. You are toying with fire. You don't know what you are doing." He whispers against my ears. " I don't care. If this fire is going to burn me, then so be it. I am going to keep playing with this fire till it my will." INSTAGRAM@excel_arthur


-----~[ARIEL'S POV]~-----

I gulp down hard with my breath on hold, waiting longingly in anticipation for the good news I ache so dearly to hear.

I have dreamed about it.

I have fantasized about it.

I always knew it would come.

The thought of knowing brings chills to my bones.

I can already perceive the good news from afar.

But why the hell is he taking time?

It's not so hard a thing to say.

Why is he hesitating?

Why does he relentlessly keep giving me that look of pity?

Does he need my help?

If he does, he should say it.

I will definitely do everything within my power to help him..

Is he shy?

Doesn't he know how to form the right words?

Is he that solo and withdrawn that he can't get his wits together and speak to a girl in need....or rather, the girl he wants?

I watch him glance at the table biting his lip..... nervously.

Yeah....that is absolutely so obvious.

What the heck is he nervous about?

I watched him toy with his fingers as if thinking of what to say.


I can't take this anymore.

I sigh deeply and nod.

"I have an appointment at work..."

I begin and pick up my hand bag pretending to look for my lips gloss.


He says Immediately stopping me and I turn to him, glancing at him softly.

He sighs and I clearly hear his teeth gritting together as he looks at me with a look that....that terrifies me.

The kind of look you give someone when you want to give them a bad news.

What is so hard for him to tell me?

"Okay. I can't hold myself any longer, what is the matter James?"

I observe his Adams apple bobble down and up.

He twists his lips and sighs.

"I uh.... I've got something to tell you...."

"Obviously. I know that. You have been telling me that for over almost an hour. What is it? Talk to me. What's so hard to tell?"

I ask and he looks at me.

" I have uh...I have been doing some therapy lately. The one you suggested I do to get rid of my ferocious inner beast."

I nod. " So? That's good news. It means you finally accepted your fault and you want to get rid of it to make the best out of you." I say and he chuckled.

" I wish it is that good a news."

I frown.

Something doesn't sound right.

" What?"

I ask with a little enthusiastic voice and he gulps.

" The doctor...the doctor....the doctor...."

"What in the freaking heavens happened to the doctor that I need to know??!!!!"

I can't keep my patience in check anymore.

What the hell is wrong with his thinking faculty?

He sighs.

I am already fed up with the suspense.

The air around me already feels too choked up despite the air conditioners all over the restaurant.

If this is not a good news, then I don't want to hear it anymore.

I hurriedly pick up my hand bag and start stand.

"Ariel, wait...."

"I don't want to hear it anymore, James. This has been an absolute waste of my time. Just call me next time you have something meaningful to tell me."

I say and walk away from the table towards the entrance door.

"The doctor said it's your fault."

He says aloud to the hearing of the rest of the costumers in the restaurant and I pause.

I furrow my eyebrows and turn back to him.


We soon become the center of attraction in the restaurant as almost every gaze is on us.

"She said you are the cause of my uncontrollable ferocity. After a long talk and discussion about us, she concluded that your constant persistence and desperacy in the relationship has triggered a dominant resentment for it in my brain causing me to overreact."

I am not actually bothered about the fact that he spilled out the entire episode of our relationship to the therapist, but the fact that he believed that crap and called me here to tell me he sick in the brain?

I stand at a spot, staring at him, unable to form words for this charade going on right now.

I look around to see the the gazes of almost everyone in the restaurant on us. .

"So, what are you planning on doing about that?" I ask folding my arms.

The entire evening just got bad.

This is totally not what I anticipated.

He sighs deeply and walks slowly to me amidst the stares and observations.

He gets to me and stands upright gazing down at me with his hands in his pockets, confidently.

"Trust me, Ariel. I don't want this at all but, I think it's best we break up."

I blink slowly and finally burst out laughing.

I laugh and lean against him tapping his chest playfully.

Everyone else in the restaurant probably thinks I am going crazy.

Or insane.

Infact, I am.

Who wouldn't?

I glance at him chuckling.

"That's a joke, right? Oh please tell me you are kidding. You are up to one of your silly pranks again aren't you?"

I say and with a big smile and wiggle my eyebrows at him.

He sighs deeply.

"I wish I am joking. But I am not."

I finally stop laughing and glance at him with disbelief.

"You can't be serious. For what purpose? For what reason? I haven't wronged you in anyway."

I say briskly with a shaky voice.

He sighs.

" I am aware of that ,Arey. But in some way unknown to you, you are the reason for my ferocious outbursts so, I need to get rid of you to eliminate it. "

Lots of gasps fills the restaurant and I feel tears slip out of my eyes.

This has to be a dream.

This can't be real.

Here I was expecting a galant proposal, but I am getting dumped instead.

I am so not going to believe this.

He tries to leave but I hold his hand.

He definitely can't be leaving after all the entire episode of embarrassment in the very eyes of these people?

He really must be joking about this.

Not after everything we have been through.....

"James....wait. You are not really concieving that thought are you? I can't be the reason for all this you know that. Come on let's talk about this."

"Accept the fact Ariel. It's over between us. I am no longer your boyfriend and you are no longer my girlfriend if you don't know what that means!!!"

He suddenly yells making me jerk and exits the resturant immediately leaving me in my embarrassed spot.

I stand at a spot watching the door shut close at his departure.

Oh man, this can't be real.

No no no no.....

I had better wake up from this silly dream if not, fire is gonna burn!!!!

I am gonna....



-----~[ARIEL'S POV]~-----

This issue is yet to be settled.

It isn't over yet.

The stupid bitch of a friend that....that decieved my boyfriend to....


She must pay.

I have to see her.

This day just became the worst day of my life.

How the hell did I turn from having a very big graceful expectation to having to deal with a heavy heartbreak?

I step slowly into the large hospital and head for the receptionist table.

I stop at the table where a cute busy brunette sits unaware i am right before her.

I sigh and slowly tap the table to draw her attention.

She sharply looks up at me and sighs deeply.

"Sorry ma'am. We are closed. If you have any query, you can visit the emergency center by your left."

She says but I didn't move.

She finally pause


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