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Richard is the future Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack. He is engaged to Anna, the future female Alpha of the Diamond Pack (they never met before). However, he falls for an Omega, Angel. Angel is his real mate. But if he insists on marrying the menial she-wolf, the Diamond Pack and Richard's father will not let this little she-wolf go. Having no choice, Richard plans a fake death. Then he could give up being the Alpha and run away with Angel. Unexpectedly, things go against his wish. Richard's father knows everything before Richard starts to do it. Richard's father kidnaps Angel and brings her to his pack. When he decides to execute Angel, he finds Angel is pregnant with Richard's baby. Richard's father tricks Angel into giving birth to the baby, then humiliates her, insults her, and even tortures her. As a punishment for seducing the future Alpha, Richard's father asks a warrior to dig out Angel's eyes. Angel mistakes Richard for the guy who digs out her eyes. Drowning in the depth of desperation, Angel jumped into the sea, which happens to break the curse on her and reveal her real identity. She is the future female Alpha of the Diamond Pack, Anna. Years ago, a vicious witch cursed Anna, then she became an Omega. Anna is deeply hurt by Richard, so she asks a witch to cast a spell on her, then she forgets everything related to Richard. Richard is in grief and he can't forget Angel. He raises up their baby alone and deliberately delays his marriage with Anna. Five years later, Richard meets his fiancee Anna, who looks exactly like Angel. The story begins here.

Chapter 1

Must I have a personal maid?" I shouted at the head maid.

Every time she comes to me with this request, I always get so vexed.

Introducing myself: I'm Anna, the future Alpha of the Diamond Pack. I'm said to be the most beautiful in our pack, and even only a few can compete with my beauty outside the pack, but I don't believe any of that saying because I am too unlucky.

Not with money or power, but with men, and as beautiful as I am said to be, I have already been rejected by my three fiances.

Although I tried my best to hide the pain from everyone, I'm just deceiving myself because the pain is there and very vivid. It would visit me from time to time, especially when I see people who have healthy relationships.

My first fiance had an affair with my half-sister, and he told me bluntly that he didn't want me, and my half-sister laughed out loud at me.

Well, I found another fiance, but he too made it clear to me that I'm not his taste.

Wouldn't you have thought that his taste would be some drop-dead gorgeous lady with royal charisma? But his taste was that of my personal maid. My personal maid, Eva.

Nothing is as humiliating as that.

Well, with these two bad experiences, I never gave up on love. I still have another

I'm a fool, right?

Yes, but I still want to experience the beauty and feeling of having someone who cares about you the most in the whole world.

This third was the worst of all three.

He is the grandson of the Blue Moon Pack, from which my second fiancé came. His family gave him compensation because of what his uncle did to me.

Although I haven't met him, I heard that he has a beloved concubine that he loves so much. I don't know why everything that seems to be mine will always be owned by others. This time, he didn't even bother to see me before rejecting me.

Finally, I gave up!

Maybe I've wronged a man in my past life, so not getting one here is my punishment. I won't fight it. Now my plan is to grow old all by myself.

"Alpha, you can't go to such a party without a maid to attend to you," the head maid said as if she wanted to cry.

She knew how stubborn I am, and I don't know why she is trying so hard when she knows she can't win.

"Why? What good will the maid do me? It's not as if I can't take care of myself," I said with a very blank voice.

"Alpha, you will be belittled by others if you go alone," she said to me.

What she said was totally true, and I didn't dispute the fact. This party is one that a lot of renowned people will come to. It's the 70th birthday of the richest tycoon in the whole of our region, and none can afford to behave little.

Even my going is just to honor the invitation of the old man. He knows me, and he treats me like his daughter, so I can't miss it.

"Anna, don't care," I snapped.

I know I'm frustrating the poor old woman, but I'm so done with maids. I dressed myself up and went to the party alone, ignoring the head maid's plea.

I got to the party, and when I entered, I didn't expect that I would see such a crowd inside, and immediately I walked in, and every one of their eyes turned to me.


Every eye looking at me was like an arrow. Somewhere, whispering to each other. The unmated males in there—I know the look they had on their faces. It's a look I do receive when I'm with a man. It's all lust for my body, but then that didn't get me a fiance, so it didn't get me excited.

I ignored the looks of the ladies; it's all envy. I'm beautiful, and I could as well walk in the confidence of it.

I flaunt my blonde, putting the left part behind my back and letting the right side fall down to my face. I balanced well on my heels and walked majestically into the hall.

"Such a show-off!" A female said as I passed by.

Many had spoken of my beauty and how the moon goddess had made me as perfect as she is. I would have said it's all a lie, but then the expression I get from people anytime I get to their mist wouldn't let me deny that I'm quite capturing, and I'm still getting the same expression now.

A guy double-crossed me as I was going to find somewhere to stay.

"Hey, damsel," he said with a smile.

I flashed him a forceful smile and wanted to bypass him, but he wouldn't let me.

"Hey beauty, I can't help but be caught in the hole of your mesmerizing beauty," he said with a saccharine smile.

I rolled my eyes at him. He's definitely a playboy.

"Do that again," he said with excitement.

Just as I wanted to talk, I saw Arabella approaching me.

Herself, her three friends, and their maids. All behaving like they are some royalty of an empire. I wondered what the exaggeration of bringing so many maids to a party meant. They all looked like wannabe females.

"Look who we have here," Arabella said with a disdainful, wide smile.

"Hi Arabella," I greeted.

Scrutinizing me with a slight disgust, I didn't know what she wanted this time.

Arabella and I used to be good friends when we were pups, but suddenly a drastic change came when we shifted, and I became an Alpha wolf and she was a Beta. Ever since, she has never seen anything good about me. I had tried to fix it, but I failed. So I let her do as she wills.

She pushed the guy beside me aside and checked me all around like I'm some survey item.

The guy looked at me, wondering why that happened.

"Sis, I had thought you would stay indoors for the rest of your life."

She was arranging herself as if she's trying to show me that she's better than I am after her survey.

I rolled my eyes but said nothing.

I didn't want us to start a family feud here.

"Well, I won't blame you if you decide to hide like a scared rat. It's just too unlucky for a shewolf like you to get rejected by three fiances. Alpha, for that matter. It's so pathetic, and I really pity you, Alpha sister."

She made her face as if she wanted to cry, but her heavy hint of disdain wasn't hidden at all. She was intentionally mentioning my title so that it would spite me more.

Her friends burst into laughter at the way she mocked her pitiful face, but the look I sent them got them swallowing it.

Whisperings rose in the building, and many were secretly laughing at me. They might not be saying it clearly, but I heard what most of them said about me. They were really mocking my rank and my beauty. They felt I'd be useless without a mate or a man.

Some even said it was because I carry a curse that those men avoided me. I decided to leave, but Arabella, being who she is, is too troublesome to let me leave.

"Don't be so mean to me, sister. It's not my fault that you are a loser, and no man wants to be with you despite your fine looks."

The way she spoke made the whole room quiet down, except for the slow music that was playing in the background.

I stiffened and bit my lower lip as I stopped. I know I had tried enough to avoid conflict here, but Arabella left me no choice.

Just as I turned to give her a piece of my mind, the opening of the large door interrupted me.

It revealed a very attractive, giant-looking man. He has short, black, shining hair. The light was beaming at the hair as if he had added a whole jar of pomade to it. Not even a strand was out of its place.

I didn't fail to notice the emerald eyeballs, which were bright in their own glory. Looking down, I met with well-defined cheekbones, which were carried by a concrete jaw.

"Goodness! He was so dishy.

His shoulders were standing like those of a Greek god. It's like his virility came to press a pause on everyone's brain.

Even the earlier sole attraction couldn't help but join in this looking contest. It was unlike me, but I couldn't help it. This man's aura was so captivating that no matter how I tried, I couldn't help but get mesmerized by him.

Every system in my body was so paralyzed that I couldn't stop staring at the man.

Everyone was stunned by his look. No wonder even the atmosphere seemed to turn magical when he appeared. Looking at him, it was as if he appeared from the sky, and his skin was covered with the glow of the morning sun.

His steps moved like those of a leopard, so confident and full of himself.

Comments about him started to fly all around. Different kinds of thoughts from equally mesmerized people.

I looked at my body and discovered that there were goosebumps all over me. This is not me. I know how to comport myself well.

Looking at the drastic change in surprise, I didn't fail to notice that some females were almost swooning while those not swooning were already dripping with drools.

Then, all of a sudden, our eyes met.


My heart almost jumped out of its place. Now it's pounding so loudly that I know if someone were beside me, they would have heard it.

I saw him widen his look as he saw me, and his foot step paused. It was as if he saw a ghost because he paled out.

Was I that appalling? He went pale when he saw me.

With embarrassment in my eyes, I checked myself briefly before looking back at him. I couldn't help but wonder what the heck was going on.

Before I could finish thinking, this extremely dashing man walked towards me, one step after another.

He was looking directly at me, and the expression on his face confused me. With his raised brows, I know that he was surprised, but then a little smile played on his lips, like he was kind of excited.

His look didn't leave my eyes. I could feel his fervor from the way he walked to me, and it gave me a thrilling shiver.

Before I could know what was going on, he walked briskly to me, and in no time, he was close to me. The shocking thing was that he pulled me into his arms and hugged me tightly.

I was so dumbfounded that all I could do was widen my eyes. His body touching mine made my body tingle in some kind of sweet way. Normal me would have pushed him away, but then I was just too dull to do anything.

"I can't believe this is you," his melodious, thick voice whispered into my ear.

I felt like crying. Why is everything about this unknown guy appealing to me?


........ He kissed me...

It was as if a thunderbolt ran through my body as his soft lips glided on mine slowly. It shook me so violently that I had to hold him because I don't trust my legs well enough to hold me anymore.

This isn’t right. I couldn't even control myself anymore. I was so afraid of these feelings, but I still couldn't resist them.

Opening my mouth slightly to catch a breath, his wet tongue slipped into my mouth and shocked me more at its taste. The sweetness was so natural, making him taste like fresh spring water. I became more tasty.

Before I closed my eyes to totally receive a stranger into my mouth, I saw Arabella's pained look. Jealousy was flowing from her head to her feet. I'm sure she wasn't the only jealous one. All unmated females were.

But soon I was distracted; he took my breath away, and all I could do was hold my arms around his neck and fall with him in this pleasurable moment.

I didn't know how long it took, but I'm sure it took about two minutes for us to separate. I looked at the man and flushed when I finally reacted.

Then he took my hands and dragged me out of the room. I didn’t resist because I wanted to know what he was going to do.

Chapter 2


I didn't want to believe it at first, but the more I see, the more I know I wasn't daydreaming or hallucinating. My body system was as if a reckless driver were driving through it. I wasn't there anymore.

Is it that she has a twin sister?

She can't be alive. I saw her jump into the sea with my eyes. I saw her die.

Even if there were a reincarnation, she wouldn't have grown so well in such a short period of time. It was never her, but then my heart was so drawn to her.

I wanted to go confirm if I'm not truly hallucinating. So I walked to her in calculated steps, ignoring those that were almost touching me.

My heart was beating very fast as I watched that beautiful woman standing there. She was also looking at me.

My heart was leaping; I didn't know whether it was for the surprise of me seeing the dead or because of me seeing her. I just knew my body was excited.

I stood


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