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Ariel is the daughter of the last healer and she is also a twin. She is a witch and a werewolf while her twin sister, Ursula is a witch and a vampire. They never had the opportunity to be together until when the vampires betrayed Ursula making her get to Know her roots. Ariel lived in the Mixed pack,she was maltreated as well as lied against, Most people hated her in the Mixed pack making them lie against her. The Moon goddess made her an hot cakes that three Alphas drag. She eventually went to one of the most cool alpha who to goes by the name Alpha Damian. Alpha Damian was an hybrid also,a very powerful one at that. The vampires, witches, werewolves and wolf hunters fought hard, everything was connected to one another. Find out in this mystery book!. AUTHOR'S NOTE: Mixed Pack is led by Alpha Cole and has Beta Dave and Gamma Dexter. White Wolves Pack is led by Alpha Kylan and has Beta Zack and Gamma Drake. Jade's Pack is led by Alpha Damian and has Beta Dan and Gamma Derrick. The wild pack also known as the wolf hunters consist of rogues and human scientist.

Chapter 1- Deal with it

"I'm not a vampire, stop mentioning that word in my ears"Alpha Damian yelled at the vampire always appearing to him in his nightmare on every red moon

"You can't send the fact that you are a hybrid, a born Vampire Werewolf"The vampire laughed revealing his fangs

"Get the fuck away from me" Alpha Damian screamed from his nightmare into the real world

He was covered in sweat as he breathed hard, he proceeded to check the time and realized it was still midnight and he slipped back to sleep.


"Deal with it" Gamma Dexter voiced angrily as he released the silver-coated arrow

"No matter how you try to stop the prophecy, you won't succeed"The elderly man voiced as the arrow hit his chest

"Stupid prophecy, My sister will become the Luna and even the moon goddess won't be able to do anything" He spat as he watched the elderly man give up a ghost before exiting the garden

On his way to his abode, he saw the girl who was destined to fulfill the prophecy and he got a wicked idea

"Guards" Gamma Dexter called

"Here we are Gamma" The four guards that came out chorused with their heads bowed they dare not look him in the face

"Follow that girl and report all her today's activities to me" He commanded

" Yes Gamma" They replied as they followed the girl gently and quietly

"This is getting easier for me nowadays" Gamma Dexter released a strange smirk which gradually turned to a smile, an Evil one at that.


"I need to see father quickly, my vision always comes to pass, "Ariel thought to herself as she hastened her steps

She stopped abruptly when she heard footsteps following her

"Who is that?" She called out but no answer

" Nobody must know that I'm going to Elder Dan's place. What should I do? Should I just turn back and come tomorrow? But it might be too late" She contemplates the idea she should go for

"I should just risk it, His house is not the only one around there, I can pretend that I'm going to the river at the back, "Ariel thought as she continued walking.

In no time, she got to Elder Dan's abode but was surprised to see the door locked

"Who could have locked the door? Elder Dan love opening the door for fresh air" She told again but ignored it and pushed the door open

Behold, the sight was unpleasant to see as she saw Elder Dan in half human half wolf form with a silver arrow stick in his chest.

"Omg!!" Ariel screamed with her hands covering her mouth as tears stream down her eyes

The scream made the Guards walk closer as they peeped to see what happened

"Holy blood of the moon goddess" Guard 1 exclaimed more like a whisper

"Let's go and relay the message to Gamma Dexter," The youngest guard among them said as they all stood up and left.

"Who is that?" Ariel voiced as she heard footsteps moving backward

She was about to exit the room when she went into a vision again but this time her vision was so blurry and strong that she passed out immediately.


"Gamma, We are back" Guard 1 announced their return

The statement made Gamma Dexter angry as he felt that the guard didn't add the respect he deserves

"Go to hell," Gamma Dexter said before the Guards could think about what he meant by that Guard 1 scream was heard as Gamma Dexter threw a silver finger at him

The other guards moved backward as they got what the dead guard did already

Satisfied with his actions he raise his head his is and voiced "What is the feedback on the errand you guards were sent on"

" We followed her and met ourselves at Elder Dan's abode"

At the mention of Elder Dan, Gamma Dexter became uneasy as he shift in his seat

"We were not that close to her but immediately we heard her scream, we walked closer to the house and peeped but all we saw was Elder Dan's corpse with the girl crying beside him"The youngest guard explained

" You three should get out of my sight" Gamma Dexter yelled as he felt his chest-beating fast

"I never knew she would get the sign, what do I do?" Gamma Dexter thought as he stood up from his seat roaming around the room

"I know what to do" He smirked as an idea ran through his mind.


"How did I get here?" Ariel thought as she opened her eyes and met herself in the pack house garden

She was still rubbing her sleepy eyes when she remembered Elder Dan, immediately she ran out of the garden with the mind of escaping again to elder Dan's abode

"What the hell!" Was what Ariel heard before a resounding slap landed on her cheeks which gave her temporary blindness

"How dare you stink Omega bump into me knowing how powerful and expensive I am"Tessa screamed like a mad woman causing everyone in the passage to stop and focused on her

"I'm sorry, I'm very very sorry ma" Ariel begged as she fall on her knees opening her slap blinded eyes slowly

"You even have the guts to open that your stinking mouth to talk when I'm not done talking"Tessa voiced angrily

" What is going on?"Alpha Cole's voice echoed throughout the passage causing everyone to bow excluding Tessa

"Is it not this weak Omega that you called your mate" Tessa voiced as she changed her tone to a pitiful one as she held her cheeks pretending that she was slapped

"She is not my mate just because I felt the mate spark when I touched her doesn't mean a stupid weak Omega will be my mate"Alpha Cole dropped which made Ariel raise her head to look at him

"Even if she is my mate, I, Alpha Cole will reject her"Alpha Cole voiced which made the tears Ariel has been keeping fall

"Is that so?, She slapped me" Tessa voiced as she shed crocodile tears

"Guards, come and throw her into the prison, she raised her hands on a Royal"Alpha Cole pronounced as he walked away from there

"Stupid alpha, Stupid pack, Stupid everybody" Ariel hissed as the Guards drag her

"And you too, faking baby" Ariel laughed as she stick her tongue out at Tessa

"I will deal with you" Tessa voiced boiling in anger as she followed Alpha Cole


"Rieka, Rieka, Ariel has been thrown into the prison"Otsana called as she ran towards the Beta's mate room

"What did she do this time around?" Rieka questioned

" Tessa lied against her again as she always does, "Otsana said as she sat on Rieka's bed

"I've always known Tessa to be a sly witch, She made Alpha Cole declare that he can never accept Ariel as his mate even though signs have been made that she is the one"Otsana added with hatred reflecting in her voice

"What do you expect? Tessa has always been a wicked soul since our childhood days, This shouldn't be a surprise to you"Rieka voiced as she thinks of a way to help Ariel out

"Don't even think about it or else you want to join her in prison"Otsana interrupted Rieka thinking

" Alpha Cole can't send the Beta's mate to prison, it's not done"Rieka voiced

" There is nothing that can't happen in the mixed pack as long as we are not a black wolf, forget it, "Otsana said and heard a retreating step at the door side

"Did you hear that Someone has been eavesdropping on us?"Rieka said as she raced towards the door. She opened it and someone transformed into a big white wolf and entered a corner.

"Did we just see a white wolf?" Otsana and Rieka chorused as they opened their mouths in shock and surprise.

Chapter 2 - Punishment

"Seeing a white wolf in our pack signifies danger, Alpha Cole must hear of this"Otsana suggested

" You go tell Alpha Cole and I will let the Beta know when he comes back, "Rieka said

" You want me killed right?, as a brown wolf we are considered outcasts in this pack and you are telling me to go to Alpha Cole" Otsana pointed at herself and shook her head signifying impossible

"Then I will have to wait till Beta arrives" Rieka voiced as she remembered the rules read out to the brown wolves at the last full moon

"I should get going," Otsana said and exits the room

" I'm tired of this pack, a pack named mixed pack that turns the brown wolves into outcasts Rieka hissed as she closed the door and entered her room


"Hey slave" Tessa called as the Guards opened the prison gate for her

Your brain is already damaged and full of pretense, I will be so stupid to argue with you"Ariel yawned as she changed position and turned t


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