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The Billionaire mafia contracted wife

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22 year old Emily Wilson plays the role of a simple and funny girl who saved the life of a young man the very day something mysterious happened to her... Unknown to Emily, he was the most richest man in the city of Las Vegas, only for the handsome elegant Akim Fedya to return back a favor with a contract marriage offer . In order to save the life of her mother who had to undergo a kidney transplant, she accepted to be his contracted wife for a year, but what Emily did not know was that she was signing a lifetime contract. Akim's mother had already arranged a wife for her son. She simply did not want an outsider to become a member of the mafia family but Polina Fedya got the greatest shock of her life the very day Akim introduced Emily as his fiancee.

Chapter 1

Emily pov...

" Ring...Ring...Ring " The alarm clock continued to ring audibly in my ears. When I remembered I was already running late for work, I quickly jumped out of the bed and walked into the bathroom to take a shower. I didn't even bother myself with breakfast. The most important thing right now is that I don't get fired.

Suddenly my phone started ringing, I didn't look at the screen before picking it up.

" Yes, this is Emily Wilson How May I help you " Emily had this nervous look on her face she was praying so hard it shouldn't be the hospital calling her.

" Hi Emily Wilson this is doctor James please your attention is urgently needed in the hospital " a gentle voice echoed from the other end of the phone

" Oh I understand please I will be there shortly thanks for the reminder '

Ahh...this is too much for me to handle " I whimpered to myself, Then looked at the mirror one last time, grabbed my coat, and walked out of my little apartment luckily for me I got a taxi.

" Where is your location madam, "the cab man asked with a smile on his face

" First city hospital "

He typed it into the Google map then we started heading to my destination. When we arrived I paid him some dollar change and then walked into the hospital, I got to the front desk and asked the nurse to direct me to Doctor Jame's office which she showed me politely. When I got to the door, I knocked on it twice before I heard a voice from inside.

" Come in " I stepped into his office and closed the door behind me.

" Good morning doctor "I greeted him in anxiety I had no idea why he called me, but I felt all is not well

" Oh Miss Emily, you are here welcome "he had a smile on his face but I wasn't okay with that smile.

" Thank you I came as soon as I got the call "I took a deep breath and gently sat down on the seat in front of me

" Yes thank you for coming " he kept quiet for a while before adjusting his coat then raised his head to look at me.

I quietly sat down waiting patiently for him to speak, I kept praying in my heart that I don't get fired today, even when my director had cautioned me so many times, I still have to attend to my mother's health first, I was still lost in thought when I said the doctor's voice "

" Your mother's health is deteriorating, we need to carry out the surgery on her very fast " his words pierced deep into my heart. I clenched my bag tightly.

" doctor can't we continue with the treatment am still working so hard to raise the money for her transplant please, " I asked praying in my heart that this meeting ends on a good note

" You still don't understand anything miss Emily. I am sorry but this is the only way to save her life so I will advise you to please start raising the funds for her surgery because I might call you at anything please miss Emily Wilson.'' Those were his last words to me I didn't know. Where or how to get the money? but I still have to try.

"What am I supposed to do at this point, I can't ask for an advance payment from my boss, he's going to skin me alive " I mumbled to myself, then I took a deep breath and got up to leave

" Thank you, doctor, I will get across to you very soon" I bowed my head then was already to walked out of the room but he spoke out again

" Am hoping to hear from you very soon, miss Emily, have a nice day "I picked up my bag and walked out of his office, then took the elevator when I arrived at the last floor, I quickly walked out of the hospital and took the next available cab to the office. I arrived a few minutes late from the resumption hour. Anita quickly walked up to me and took me to the corner.

" Emily what happened, I have been calling your phone but no riposte "Anita had this anxious expression on her face

" Ah. I guess I left my phone back at the house "I looked so exhausted that I didn't have the strength to answer any more questions

" What happened why are sounding like this "I ran my fingers through my hair, then turned to look at Anita

" I went to see my mother at the hospital "she quickly held my hand, waiting for me to tell her everything that happened, she had this look of sadness on her face.

" What happened Emily "a drop of tears were threatening to fall from my eyes

" The doctor said they need to carry out a kidney transplant on her as so as possible "I whispered to her trying so hard to hold back my tears which were threatening to fall

" Oh my God " Emily don't be too hard on yourself, okay I know it's not easy for you but please take it easy on yourself " Anita pulled me in for a hug and then wiped the little tears from my eyes

" Yeah I know " I took a deep breath and held her hand and also tried my best to smile at her assuring her that am okay.

" Come let's go back to the office before that woman will start haunting us with her harsh words "Anita held my hand and we walked into the building together.

" You are right " We walked back into the office and then I opened my laptop to see what I can do for the day, instantly an email came in, and I quickly clicked on it to see what it was but to my surprise it was a Dismissal letter. I was so confused I got up and walked up to my HOD office. When I arrived she was busy with someone on the other end of the phone, I knocked on the door and she signaled me to come in which I quietly did without interrupting her calls.

I waited for hours until her call ended then she turned to look at me

" Good morning madam "I bowed my head, I know this time I messed up but I prayed endlessly in my heart of hearts that I don't get fired.

" Tell me Emily what's good about the morning and besides have you gotten your dismissal letter "a devilish smirk appeared on her lips

" What dismissal letter, please madam don't do this to me, my mother is very sick, and I take care of her through the little income I make from here please madam don't do this to me, please "I tried so hard to plead with her but it felt I was only making a fool out of myself this woman was heartless she talks down on everyone around her but all I wanted right now was for her to at least give me one last chance.

" You should have thought about that when you decided to play with your job please Miss Emily Wilson leave my office or I call the security "she had this scowl look on her face. I knew she had always wanted to fire me but I didn't know she was going to take me by surprise.

" Please madam please am sorry I promise I wouldn't come to the office late anymore, please madam" I tried to make her see reasons with me but it felt I was only wasting my time

" Get out immediately " she slammed her hand on the table which attracted the attention of the other employees, I quickly ran out of her office picked up my bag, and rushed out of the office building in tears

" I have lost everything, I think there is no point in living anymore, how will I take care of my sick mother, how will I pay my bills tears were flowing from my eyes " I don't know for how long I walked but I stopped in front of a bridge thinking of the best way to jump into the sea without creating attention, suddenly I had a gunshot from a distance, it was loud enough to get anyone attention I waited to hear it again but I didn't so I quickly rushed to the direction where the gunshot was heard. When I arrived there, what I saw left me speechless.

Chapter 2

Emily pov.

Emily was shocked to see a man lying on the ground in a pool of his blood. He struggled to stand on his feet but he couldn't. Emily on the other hand was terrified She couldn't say or do anything she was apprehensive, and her hands started trembling in fear. She quickly rushed towards him and helped him sit up.

" Are you okay oh my God who did this to you?'' She quickly picked up her phone to dial 911 but the dying man stopped her, then she turned to look at him.

" What are you doing, please let me take you to the hospital you are dying please'' she stood up and held him by his waist. He was way taller than Emily but she managed to hold him and they gently walked to a safe place then Emily rushed out to get a cab and came back to pick him up.

When the cab man saw the wounded man in his vehicle he started to panic

" Madam is everything all right, "the driver asked in fear

" Yes, plea


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