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The CEO's deep affection for me

  • Genre: YA/Teen
  • Author: Shoar
  • Chapters: 122
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 852
  • 7.5
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Sweet pet story, skillful acquisition. Duan Yichen, the CEO of Duan Corporation, never thought he would fall in love at first sight with his sister's close friend. Unfortunately, Tang Xi already has a deeply beloved boyfriend... But in the only time he has been moved in 32 years, how could Duan Yichen easily let go?

Chapter 1

Chance Encounter

At 4 o'clock in the morning, Duan Yichen concluded a cross-border meeting, sinking into his chair with both physical and mental fatigue. While he should have sought rest, an unusual alertness overcame him. Lighting a cigarette, he stood and approached the floor-to-ceiling window in his office. As a figure wielding control over City A's economic lifelines, Duan Group, positioned in a prime location on the 32nd floor, afforded Duan Yichen a panoramic view of the city below.

Despite the early hour, City A, renowned as one of the nation's most prosperous cities, remained aglow in its central district. Duan Yichen suddenly found himself vexed, extinguishing his cigarette. He grabbed his coat and exited the office.

Xueyuan Pedestrian Street, a bustling strip of eateries relying on University A's student populace, lay adjacent to the university. Duan Yichen, a graduate from this institution, parked his car at a nearby alley around 6:00 AM. Observing the early risers opening their establishments or setting up stalls, he immersed himself in the rare blend of quietude and gentle clamor, dispelling his earlier irritability.

While a lengthier stay would necessitate a hurried return to the company, Duan Yichen closed his eyes, taking a brief respite.

"Meow, meow, meow..." The dulcet call of a cat echoed through the alley. The tender melody seemed fitting in this tranquil environment.

Duan Yichen opened his eyes to witness a girl, approximately 20 years old, squatting not far from his car. She coaxed the alley's stray cats while delicately placing cat food on a clean newspaper. As the kittens approached, the girl stood, picked up her sketchbook, strolled past Duan Yichen's car, and exited the alley.

Duan Yichen hadn't glimpsed the girl's face distinctly, but judging from her silhouette, she appeared attractive and slender. Clad in a white sweatshirt, cropped jeans, and white canvas shoes, she emanated youthfulness and vitality. Observing her, Duan Yichen felt a sense of well-being.

"What's this? Daydreaming about an ordinary girl for so long. Perhaps work has kept me too busy, and it's been too long since I've been with a woman. It's time to relax," Duan Yichen mused self-deprecatingly.

Just as he prepared to drive away, a white sheet in front of his car caught his eye. Duan Yichen stepped out, picked it up—a painting of a sunrise. Beautifully rendered, with the name "Tang Xi" inscribed beside it, presumably the girl's name. Without much thought, Duan Yichen took the painting back to his car, heading back to the company.

After Tang Xi fed the cats, she hurried to "Bao Satisfaction." The breakfast spot, specializing in xiaolongbao, was run by a middle-aged couple known for their unique and limited offerings.

Tang Xi's best friend, Duan Yihan, frequented this place. However, coaxing Duan Yihan to rise early for breakfast was as agonizing as a death sentence. Thus, when Tang Xi lodged with Duan Yihan and ventured out early for her artistic pursuits, she compensated with a "satisfactory" breakfast as accommodation.

Their connection traced back to A University, where they both enrolled in the same year. Duan Yihan studied journalism, and Tang Xi pursued fine arts. Their friendship blossomed over a dispute for the last slice of chestnut cake at the "Yuanfen" dessert shop.

Upon their initial encounter, Duan Yihan was astounded. According to her standards, Tang Xi became the "campus beauty." Professing an inability to resist anything beautiful, Tang Xi playfully accepted the label of being a "thing." In the end, the two split the cost of the chestnut cake and devoured it at a nearby bubble tea shop. Thus, their inseparable bond was forged.

Tang Xi bought a tray of buns, two tea eggs, and two cups of soy milk at "Bao Satisfaction" and hastened to "Xuefu Mingyuan."

Situated beside University A, "Xuefu Mingyuan" was a high-end development. Although in the suburbs, its property prices were considerable, owing to the university's influence.

Duan Yihan owned a three-bedroom apartment there, spanning 150 square meters. Tang Xi entered cautiously, leaving breakfast for Duan Yihan, settling her share, and arranging her drawings.

Yet, despite her efforts, the one drawing she sought fervently remained elusive. Tang Xi anxiously sifted through the folder she brought in the morning, the only one bearing her name. Yet, it seemed lost, plunging her into profound despondency.

At 11 AM, Duan Yihan finally emerged. Spotting Tang Xi on the sofa, forlorn, he inquired, "Xiao Xi, why the lack of spirit?"

"I rose early, climbed a mountain, and then lost the painting..." Tang Xi lamented.

Duan Yihan, munching on a bun, responded, "Let's paint tomorrow. Graduation is around the corner, and there's nothing urgent. Don't return to the dormitory. Stay here for another night and resume tomorrow morning. We'll have sweet and sour spare ribs tonight, garlic broccoli, and baby cabbage in soup. After I freshen up, I'll accompany you to the supermarket."

Tang Xi glanced at Duan Yihan's carefree demeanor and ordered the food. Sighing, she retreated to the guest room to tidy up.

Duan Yihan, concluding the last bite of his bun, contemplated the sumptuous meal ahead. Although a predicament, since falling ill and savoring Tang Xi's cooking, he had become addicted.

However, Tang Xi rarely cooked unless in high spirits or profound gloom. Either extreme would suffice. Imagining himself as a man, Duan Yihan pondered ways to marry her. Beautiful and kind-hearted with excellent culinary skills, she was an ideal partner.

The phone rang, displaying "ATM." Duan Yihan promptly rejected the call, followed by a text message: "Thinking of self-sufficiency?"

Duan Yihan hastily called back, "Brother, what's up? I was in the shower just now."

"Graduation is imminent. I'm heading to France for a business trip next week and will drop you off at Mom and Dad's."

"Brother, I want to be a reporter. My major is journalism, and I don't plan on taking the postgraduate exam. I just want to work in journalism. I don't understand anything about business, and I don't want to go to Mom and Dad's."

"I understand. Pursue what you love, but talk to Mom and Dad. By the way, go spend time with them. I'll pick you up next Thursday. Take care of your dog in advance; don't let me see it."

Click. The call ended. It was the usual routine. Duan Yihan rose, washed

up, deciding to stop by the pet store after the supermarket to retrieve Dou Dou.

At noon, Duan Yihan and Tang Xi took a brief respite, setting out for the supermarket at 2 PM. They purchased the ingredients needed for the evening, along with snacks favored by young girls, before finding a milk tea shop to rest.

"Yihan, what's wrong? You're unusually quiet today. Something on your mind?" Tang Xi inquired.

"My eldest brother is going to France for a business trip next week and plans to drop me off at Mom and Dad's for a while. I can't summon any excitement thinking about the impending loss of freedom." Duan Yihan, supporting his chin with one hand, sipped his milk tea.

"Spending time with your parents is a good thing, especially when they've been abroad for so long and had little time together. Living with them is a form of filial piety. After graduation next week, I plan to return to S city for a while, spend time with my family, and then come back to look for a job." Tang Xi consoled.

"Speaking of which, you're returning to work in City A anyway. Don't bother renting a place. Come live with me. If you're looking for a better company, the address can't be in the suburbs. I won't be staying in the Xuefu Mingyuan house anymore. I'll ask my eldest brother to arrange a place for me near my workplace." Duan Yihan exclaimed excitedly.

"You'll handle cleaning and cooking as rent. How about we keep each other company?"

"I'll consider it, depending on how the job search goes. Regarding my graduation ceremony, Xu Cheng will return from abroad. We can discuss it together." Tang Xi replied with a joyous smile.

"If I were a man, I'd snatch you away from Xu Cheng. But I begrudgingly accept that he's worthy of you. Well, let's see how things unfold."

Chapter 2

Best Friends and Lovers

Xu Cheng is Tang Xi's boyfriend. They've been in a steady relationship for two years. He also graduated from University A and is currently pursuing further studies in Germany.

Tang Xi, in her sophomore year, met Xu Cheng during a club activity. Succumbing to Xu Cheng's passionate pursuit, Tang Xi finally agreed.

One, a renowned beauty across the campus, and the other, the president of the student union, exuding both gentleness and handsomeness. Soon, the tale of a talented man and a beautiful woman became a cherished story at University A.

As Xu Cheng graduated and went to study in Germany, the fervor surrounding their relationship gradually cooled at University A. Tang Xi completed her studies on campus, embarking on a long-distance relationship with Xu Cheng.

The two agreed that after Tang Xi's graduation, she would stay in City A for work and development. After all, the ro


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