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Super driver

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Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city lies an ordinary taxi driver named Gu Nan. He silently navigates through the city streets, his life seemingly mundane and unremarkable. However, the wheel of fate always turns silently, leading him towards an unprecedented turning point in his life. One day, as Gu Nan waits for passengers, a luxurious car pulls up in front of him. The window rolls down, revealing a beautiful and confident woman, the owner of the car - Lin Yalin, a female CEO. Lin Yalin is the helm of a business empire, her status and position commanding respect, and the intersection between her and Gu Nan is destined to stir up a storm. Initially, the relationship between Gu Nan and Lin Yalin is just a simple interaction between driver and passenger. However, the twists and turns of fate often defy expectations. A chance encounter reveals Gu Nan's extraordinary martial arts skills, not only impressing Lin Yalin but also stirring awe and admiration within her. Gradually, a subtle change occurs in the relationship between Lin Yalin and Gu Nan. From curiosity to later affection, their feelings quietly blossom. However, the difference in their identities and social status becomes the biggest obstacle to their budding romance. External doubts and pressures force them into difficult choices, but faced with love, they courageously pursue happiness. Gu Nan is not just an ordinary taxi driver; he has a remarkable legend behind him. His extraordinary martial arts skills and background are part of his growth journey. With his own abilities and courage, he plunges into the hustle and bustle of the city, soaring high. Lin Yalin, on the other hand, is the brightest star in his life, her appearance making his life even more exciting. This is a love story that transcends social barriers, a collision between the ordinary and the extraordinary. With firm belief and relentless effort, they break free from the shackles of society, embracing their own happiness. Their love will become a legend, forever echoing through the streets and alleys of the city.

Chapter 1

With a monthly salary of one hundred thousand yuan and weekends off, I am exclusively chauffeuring for a captivating female CEO.

When this stroke of good fortune landed on Gu Nan's head, he contemplated that besides driving, there must be something more he would certainly need to do.

Indeed, reality proved him right.


"Gu Nan, starting tomorrow, you need not drive a taxi anymore. Miss Lin from the Yuyan Group requires a full-time chauffeur. Report there."

Receiving the call from the company manager, Gu Nan was reluctant.

To serve as a mere driver for someone else, how could it compare to the daily freedom of driving a taxi?

Yet the manager's offer was too tempting, "One hundred thousand yuan a month, with two days off each week. Lad, you're blessed."

"Manager, are you sure it's only driving and not selling oneself?" Gu Nan inquired.

"Goodness, even though Miss Lin is single, she's young, beautiful, and wealthy. Does she really need someone like you to sell himself?"

This remark instead aroused Gu Nan's curiosity.

"Alright, I'll go."

Early the next morning, he arrived at the entrance of the Yuyan Group.

Standing beside the already parked Maybach, Gu Nan watched as a graceful woman approached, her slender figure and exquisite face nearly leaving him wide-eyed.

It seemed this job wasn't too bad after all!

Gu Nan couldn't be blamed for his lack of restraint. He had encountered many beautiful women, but rarely had he seen one as stunning as this.

The woman stopped in front of Gu Nan, "You must be Gu Nan? I'm Lin Yurou."

Gu Nan accepted the keys she handed over, hastily responding, "I am indeed Gu Nan. Hello, Miss Lin."

Perhaps the woman before him was too beautiful; he found himself somewhat tongue-tied.

"I've heard your driving skills are impressive," Lin Yurou remarked modestly.

Gu Nan smiled humbly.

His driving skills were indeed exceptional. Not to exaggerate, but there weren't many people in the world with better skills than him.

Having sat in the car, fastened his seatbelt, Gu Nan smoothly started the engine and ventured onto the road.

Everything was going smoothly initially, but he hadn't driven a luxury car recently, so he wasn't accustomed.


In a bid to avoid a child darting out from an alleyway, the car grazed against the roadside railing.

Gu Nan got out to inspect.

His legs trembled, and his hands shook.

A luxury car worth millions, now bearing a deep scratch along its side.

Lin Yurou leaned out of the window, her expression calm, "Take some photos; I'll have someone handle it later. I'm in a hurry to meet a client and don't have time to deal with this now."

"But what if the insurance company doesn't cover it?"

"Then I'll cover it myself."

Gu Nan muttered to himself, "These luxury cars usually don't get repaired; they just replace the door. It costs hundreds of thousands."

Lin Yurou seemed to see through Gu Nan's thoughts, adding casually, "You need not cover it."

Gu Nan breathed a sigh of relief.

Truly, money is capricious.

After sorting everything out and getting back into the car, Gu Nan glanced back and felt his heart race.

Lin Yurou hadn't eaten breakfast; she was now drinking milk and eating cake in the car. The abrupt braking earlier had splattered milk all over her, especially on her chest...

Gu Nan quickly turned away.

He hadn't seen anything!

But Lin Yurou calmly said, "Take off your shirt."


Gu Nan was shocked, turning to look at Lin Yurou.

A monthly salary of one hundred thousand yuan was evidently not just for driving!

But in the car already?

Isn't that too hasty?

Perhaps Gu Nan's expression was too obvious, as Lin Yurou gave him a piercing look.

"I'm about to go negotiate; I can't go like this. Let me use your white shirt."

"Oh, I see!"

Gu Nan suddenly understood, nodding repeatedly, and quickly took off his shirt to hand it to Lin Yurou.

She took it and said, "Turn your head and close your eyes."

Gu Nan could only comply.

He heard the rustling of clothes behind him, feeling his mouth grow dry.

Soon, Lin Yurou had changed her clothes, and Gu Nan started the car again.

This time, he drove even more carefully

Fortunately, the luxury car's performance was excellent, and he did have remarkable driving skills. Speeding up and overtaking repeatedly, he finally managed to deliver Lin Yurou to her destination on time.

After Lin Yurou got out of the car, she glanced at Gu Nan hesitantly.

This puzzled him.

What's the matter?

Just as he was about to ask, Lin Yurou spoke up, "Gu Nan, could you do me a favor? Go to Louis Vuitton, the one on Guanghe Road, and buy another shirt like this one."

She handed him a black card.

"There's no password for the card. Oh, and get one for yourself too."

Her gaze swept over Gu Nan's short-s

Chapter 2

Gu Nan had initially intended to pay for it himself.

Upon hearing this figure, he could only obediently hand over the black card given to him by Lin Yurou.

He had the money, but he hadn't brought the card with him today.

After settling the bill, Gu Nan offered a word of thanks and headed out.

"Welcome back anytime!"

The store manager and her staff bid farewell, her face still adorned with the same sweet smile as when they first met. Though seemingly radiant, to Gu Nan, there was a subtle peculiarity about her.

It wasn't until he returned to the car that he suddenly slapped his forehead.

Damn it!

Was that manager taking him for a freeloading gigolo?!

Gu Nan was tempted to go back and confront her, but upon looking at his clothes and the black card in his hand, he dismissed the thought.

Regardless, his actions earlier today had labeled him as such.

Driving the Maybach back the same way, he hurried to greet Lin Yurou as


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