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Second Chance

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You never know where time will take you. You will never understand why we met. You will not understand why there must be a separation. But I think there needs to be loss so that we know how much something lost means to your heart. So that you know that the sick can still be treat. However, it's a shame that the wound still leaves an impression, especially if the broken one will definitely not be the same again. Will his father still be forgiven for all his mistakes? He was numb to that family. However, they are still family. And that middle-aged man was his father. I do not know, what happened and how the end of his sad story. How long will he last only God knows.


The dream came again, always bothering him non-stop until she had never had a good night's sleep in the past few years.

Who is she who can only stroke her chest, complain that she is wrong, let alone give up? It's no use. This is better, being haunted by those dreams once again is not the first thing, what she dreams is not new things that come to disturb her sleep. It was precisely the flower of sleep that made her realize who she was. Where did it come from and how did it happen?

She must know in order to understand that he will not repeat the same mistake as her parents.

Because of love? Tch, stale! It's just nonsense that actually makes her stomach more hungry in the middle of the night like this.

She woke up for the umpteenth time after being satisfied surfing in a dream world that always comes, that dream won't make her die. Yes, he had to go back to remembering a dream years ago that almost made him feel like dying.

Such a small child does not know anything, but he must feel pain like hell.

"You selfless child. An ungrateful child"

"I just want to take you to get money. Not raising and taking care of you so that I have to lose a lot of things" The sound came back, she would have gasped if he hadn't heard the sound of the cat under her feet.

The tightness in her chest she couldn't hold back until she vomited and ran to the bathroom near her room.

Don't think this house is huge with a magnificent second floor television and rooms everywhere. Likewise a magnificent kitchen, a complete kitchen set, cabinets and sinks. Her kitchen was just a patch of one regular stove and no fridge, just a kitchen cupboard and dish rack that he got from her part time job.

Likewise, her room, which only had a small bed, fit him alone—although two people would still fit in it, it would feel uncomfortable.

This house is suitable to be called a flat, a women's boarding house with a plot of only 25 meters. Just a kitchen and a bed that doesn't have a partition and a bathroom right next to the bed, not in it but side by side. The small bathroom is only enough for one bucket and dipper but it is clean because it is cleaned every day.

This life had lasted one year before she entered High School. She had to get used to it. Yes, this is better than a big and magnificent house but it's like it's uninhabited. Always screams of violence and insults and insults she received. She was afraid that she would not be able to survive until the end.

Why would they save her if only to torture him? Why did they take it if it was only to be insulted and beaten to the lowest point in their life?

God, she was just a kid then and didn't know any better. Do not understand what happened. The father she expected to look after and protect her even hated. When they met, they turned their faces away from him. The mother who she considered as a place to complain, protect and give warmth always beat her relentlessly. After her mother threw him away and she lived with her father, it was no different. Her stepmother always scolded and slandered him.

"You are an illegitimate child. You don't deserve to live. Just like your seductive mother, she might regret giving birth to a child like you." Those words were thrown at a seven year old child. What does she know? Maybe she knew that she was an unwanted child. Her mother was a temptress. Teasing her father to have children like when his father still had a beautiful wife.

Of course, you were born against your will and will never be happy because you weren't wanted, her mind always said that.

Ah, why think about the past? Shouldn't life go on?

“Hey cat, you must be hungry huh, Bembi? This is your meal." She gave food to stray cats witches she took and then cared for until they are now.

“Meow” The cat meowed after being fed, thanked, and nuzzled his head under Amor's feet so she smiled because of the softness of Bembi's skin.

When he first saw Bembi, she noticed that there was blood on his straight, coarse fur. Meowing alone on the side of the road as if asking for help. Making Amor about himself and his life alone.

“Are you really hungry? Sorry, Bem, I forgot to feed you this lunch. By the time I got home it was dark. And immediately fell asleep. Thank goodness that d*mn dream woke me up so I could feed you." Amor stroked the cat gently as if she was afraid of losing.

She had lost once, and she would never do the same again. Because of the pain she will never forget.

For her, it is better to choose a cat friend than a human who has no conscience, no feelings.

No wonder she's talking to the cat or whatever. Preferring to be seen as strange so that no one approaches is her choice.

Not once or twice if she was considered crazy by the people around him.

However, she felt better that way. Be shunned with all the limitations of its shortcomings rather than having to be liked if it's to hurt. Pretend.

She stepped back towards the bed after being satisfied stroking the cat that has always been his friend these past few months. She's used to it.

“At 03.00 in the morning, the dream came too late. I can't even sleep," She muttered.

“Waking up at 05.00 is enough for two hours. Let me take you to the market and to the orphanage to deliver your mother's orders," She monologues.

After deciding what to do when She woke up, She tried to sleep in the dimness of the patch room.

Try her luck, hopefully that dream won't come for a while.

Chapter 1.

Amor always wakes up at five in the morning to try to help Bude Ani deliver his wares to the market and sell tempeh to regular customers. They chase the morning hours to earn a little sustenance so as not to miss customers.

Regular customers who become traders in the market, usually will be earlier. Indeed, Bude Ani makes tempeh and sells it in the market. Then he did shopping for the needs of his shop before leaving for the market. Then after that, he sells until ten in the morning.

After trading, usually Bude Ani delivers Mrs. Yanti's orders. Bude Ani and Bu Yanti are friends. They had lived in the same orphanage.

After that he will shop and deliver groceries to the orphanage. In the past, before he dared to live alone, about 4 years ago, he lived in an orphanage. Mrs. Yanti, the owner of the orphanage, offered to come with her when she was 11 years old. At that time, he was alone on the street. In the middle of screening sustenance for a mouthful of food.


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