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More Than Just A Delivery

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Prologue Meet Viven Moira, the daughter of one of the top five billionaires in Boston, she is very arrogant and hates low-class citizens, she is a bully, very sassy, cute, and got that badass shape that all guys could die for. Queen b*tch of crown lake high school. Meet Kieran Lelsy, a cute guy who works in a small Cafe and is also a delivery guy. He is a low-class citizen, who got a scholarship to crown lake high school. He has a big crush on Lucy, a girl who also works in the cafe with him. Meet Lucy Edmond, a very sweet girl who stays with her mother Regina, she has a crush on one of the JB boys Jerald who is also a rich kid and he is also a celebrity. Meet Jerald Augustine, a rich kid, his gang and Viven's are enemies; they (Jerald and Viven) don't like each other because she bullies the girl he loves. Find out what happens in this whatever love story cause we can't call it a love triangle anymore. What will Viven do when she finds out she has a huge crush on the low-class citizen, Kieran whom she later finds out that he's in love with Lucy, would she let him be or would she try to ruin Lucy in order for her to attain her love? Let's read and find out how we solve the love puzzle and so grab your popcorn and get ready. #Neala's pride🤍

Chapter 1: Some Godass Idol


Ding ding the doorbell rang, I was lying on the bed fingering my phone, too lazy to stand from where I was, so I called Emily.

"Emily, go check who's at the door, I'm so busy right now, ask Del to do it," Emily replied, wiping off the makeup on her face.

"Del, Del..." I called, but no response, guess she's not around, I thought. I cried when I stood up, wore my slippers, and went downstairs sluggishly.

Hi guys, I am Viven, Viven Moira, daughter of one of the top five wealthiest in Boston. I'm a cute, hot girl with a killer shape, a very sassy girl, and arrogant. If you can put it there, everyone knows I'm a badass b*tch who does not take nonsense, step on my toes and you are done for. I live with my friends or sometimes with them.

Back to reality, I opened the door to check who the hell was disturbing my peace, Ho and behold right in front of my dazzling eyes is a godass s*xy idol that could make a girl drool for life, he is a tall light skin guy with a curly blonde hair, his crystal blue eyes are so deep and magical that I fell lost in it, his long lashes are so alluring that I felt I would wet my panties, my perverted eyes roamed down to his built body, I could see his perfect f*ck*ng s*xy abs that makes me wanna get in bed with him. This guy was designed to perfection and this is the first time I got myself attracted to a guy like this.

Oh, what a beauty!

"Miss, Miss,” He said in his beautiful voice bringing me back to reality "Hey, handsome,” I said, obviously flirting, I would be a fool to let this guy go like that, all thanks to Del, I am a pervert, that girl is going to freak out when I tell her all these.

"Your delivery" he handed me pizza.

'Delivery?' I thought.

I didn't order anything today, maybe Emily did,"Emily, did you order pizza?" I asked her to be quiet enough to hear.

"Yes, I did, could you help me collect it" she replied, "Alright.” I replied and collected the pizza, I winked at him after I had finished signing. I made sure that my hand brushed his hand when I signed, hoping to get a reaction from him, too bad.

He's playing hard to get. No worries, you can't hold on for too long, pretty boy.

He gathered his papers, got on his bike, and left. I stared into the void and laughed. This guy was already full of dirty thoughts in my head, oh! Please don't criticize here. He's too hot to be a delivery guy. I closed the door and went upstairs to meet my girl, how can I keep this to myself

No Way!

"My morning was bliss," I whooped as I sat down on my comfy pink bed and dropped the pizza beside me, a smile could be seen on my face, why won't I smile when I saw something good this morning.

“Thought you were still mad at your Dad," Emily said as she chewed on the pizza.

“Of course I am still mad at him, but that's not the issue here, well my morning was blissful because I saw something good” I avowed rather forcefully, noticing my expression when she faced me with all concentration, she looked quite interested in what I wanted to say.

"So what good things did you see this morning?" she asked curiously.

"Today I met a bloody idol," I praised with a shy smile.

"Don't tell me you saw Justin Bieber," she squeaked.

"Justin Bieber ain't a delivery guy dude, that guy is So s*xy" I purred, already fantasizing about my dreams with him.

"Cuter than the JB boys" Emily asked with scrutinized eyes.

"Tch, those guys aren't cute at all, just some goddamn fools calling themselves dumb names” I gibed as I rolled my eyes. I wonder why she would want to ruin my day by bringing up the topic of those gullible fools.

"Plusssh, Brian is cute” She defended as she hugged nothing, I threw a pillow at her.

"Stop day-dreaming babe, I don't know why you have this poor taste when it comes to guys, be like Del and stop daydreaming about making him yours, just focus on your dream of becoming a model, that is the best thing you can do" I advised and she frowned.

Oh! Yh I know she has a crush on one of the guys I hate, so?

What can I do?

Nothing, it's just a crush that would soon die down, she can have a crush on whoever she wants to.

It's her life. Who am I to hold her?

Of course, I could try and talk things out with her but I am at ease because with the way their relationship is I am not sure they would end up together, he's a sulker. Hehehe.

"I never said I wanted him to be mine” She pursed her lips childishly and I laughed

"It's written all over your face that you like him,” I teased, grabbing a pizza, and eating it.

The JB boys, Jerald, Brian, and James, those three are on my blacklist. I so much hate those boys, hate the way they are hyped, especially that Jerald of a guy who thinks too highly of himself. We have a very long history of hate and I can't just say them out not now, maybe later. Remember the word maybe.....

"Think whatever you want I don't care” She spat out, causing me to jolt in laughter, whenever she's caught in an act like this, she behaves so childish and cute in an I don't care way. That's why I love her. XOXO

[Late at night... In the kitchen]

"Waddup baby gurlssss" Del greeted swaying her hips, dropping her bag on the chair

"Where have you been all afternoon?"

"Been with a guy I met online, he's cool but nay, he ain't my type” she replied with a sigh, her words made me remember the guy I met this morning, didn't even know when a smile formed on my face till she said so.

"Just wasted my precious time, wasn't so bad after all, and gurrlllll... What's with the smile, met a guy? " She mused. One thing I like about Del is that she's f*ck*ng real, I did not mean that Emily is not real, however, Lindel ( Del for short) doesn't hold back like she doesn't give a f*ck about what others say about her.

"Yes I did, he's so f*ck*ng s*xy, I know you would wet your pants when you see the guy " I answered in a slutty manner.

"Hmmmm, seems that guy's interesting, I can't help but imagine how he is. Tell me more about him, his name, where he lives, and what he does. I think I might be a little fast asking what he does” She prattled, of course, she's crazy, lol but what she said actually clicked in my head.

I Don't Even Know His F*ck*ng Name Or Where he lives. Apparently, I know nothing about him, d*mn what a stupid me.

`How can I get in touch with him again` I thought

`Pizza, the pizza box` my subconscious said, I need to check where he works, I rushed to the trash can and brought it out.

"What the heck are you doing?” Emily questioned with a shocked expression, well from their reaction they both think I'm crazy.

"I need to know where he works” I responded nonchalantly.

"He's a f*ck*ng delivery guy” Emily sprouted out.

"A delivery guy?” Del said, looking confused.

"And so.. you can't forget the fact that he is hot " I voiced, my eyes still fixed on where the address is. So he's working at McGregor. Quite fascinating.

"I thought you don't like low class” Del reminded as she raised her eyebrows.

"He is an exception,” I said and went upstairs.

Am not gonna let you go, Baby......


This is not the first time a girl is flirting with me, on a normal day I always wear a nose mask, but today I forgot to do so. I got off my bike and entered the cafe. This is my main job, I work at McGregor as a part-time delivery guy.

"Hey buddy" Lucy greeted me as soon as she saw me.

"H-h-hi Lu-lucy” I stammered because I was nervous, anytime I want to talk to Lucy my heart beats faster and sometimes I am out of words or I always become nervous any time I set my eyes on her, that's because she's my first crush or let put it this way my first love, the one I love with all my heart. It was love at first sight and it cranks me up because I am still trying hard to talk to her without stammering. I have not told her my feelings yet, because she has a crush in school and his name is Jerald.

His name is installed in my head, why? because she always speaks about him here and there, not giving me a chance and so I had to bottle up my feelings for the time being, trying hard but slow to win her heart and make her forget about him.

"Why are you stammering?" She asked

"Nothing” I replied

"You look happier and more beautiful tonight, what's the good news, Lulu?" I said with a smile written on my face.

"Is it that obvious?" She asked innocently and I nodded in affirmation

"Very, so tell me the good news, I wish to hear it," I said and she bent her head (obviously) blushing, she coughed and then said.

"Ahem, ahem, well... I got a job at the JB's house and the sad news is, I would have to stop working at the cafe" she announced with a sad expression, the plates I held dropped making a loud clattering noise, thank goodness there was no customer in here.

This was good news for her and bad for me. An unknown feeling crept inside me, making me feel so miserable and unlucky, she held my hands and squeezed them softly.

"I know that we will not be seeing each other frequently, but don't worry I'll be creating time for the both of us to meet, " She reassured and hugged me, how I wish that time could stop now.

"It's not that I am going away for life" Lucy teased, trying to make the environment more lively.

" Now smile for me” She requested and I smiled.

" That's way better,” She said

" Lucy, I want to tell you something "

"What is-" Before she could complete her words, a message popped up on her phone, she checked it and sighed.

" I totally forgot," she whined.

" I need to go right now Kieran, Mom sent me an errand, I need to go get them, see you later " she explained, giving me a quick hug and then putting off her apron before running off. I stared at the empty exit for a while, before packing the broken plates. Sad enough today is not my day. I closed the cafe early as I went home all sulky.

Chapter 2: Popular Model Afraid of Being Rejected

♠Jerald ♠

"Lucy is coming tomorrow, I need you guys to comport yourself," I said ushering the boys

"Hey, calm down, lover boy, we are going to do that once you get me the stuff I asked you to, "James said, I knew he was going to ask for something, dick head.

"Can't you get it with your money, dumbass"I murmured underneath

"Did you say something? "He cocked his brow

"I said I'll get it, "I answered in a lame tone

"That does not sound serious, "James uttered in his crazy fucked up signature lace tone.

"I said I would get it "I repeated in a frustrated tone, louder than before.

"That's more like it, but wait, it's kind of confusing explaining your problem, I mean, you have had a crush on her since the very first day you met her at the ice cream shop yet you haven't told her your feelings and 3 years had passed and you are still sulking it


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