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Death Before Roses

  • Genre: YA/Teen
  • Author: MLE
  • Chapters: 3
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 19
  • 3.0
  • 💬 2


A murder targets the Hellen family after their grandfather did something mysterious to the murder , Emilia’s parents gets killed , her sister gets kidnapped it’s up to Emilia to find where her sister is and save her. Emilia meets Jason for some help with her mission to find her sister. Emilia and her sister Lavender find out the murderer and decides to kill him. Jake and Emilia fall in love before saving Lavender from the murder , Emilia saves over five missing children before she gets stabbed by the murderer. Emilia fights the murder and wins but she dies knowing that Lavender will live a safe life

Chapter 1 The News

Laying on the bed with my hair almost to the ground with my earbuds in listening to music hearing a muffled call coming from the kitchen. I took my earbuds out and got out of my bed hearing my moms voice calling me down for dinner, walking down the stairs to the kitchen table as mom brings her famous stew for dinner.

“So girls I made my special recipe,” Mom would delightfully say.

The phone would ring , as Mom would rush to the phone after she put the stew on the table answering the phone she’d drop to the floor covering her mouth as Lavender runs to Moms care.

“Girls please just go to your room I’ll be up there in a second,” Mom said with tears. I’d pick up Lavender and walked up the stairs into Lavender’s bedroom.

”Emilia is mommy okay?” Lavender would look up to me with tears in her eyes.

“ Lavender i‘m sure everything is okay “ I lied. Hearing footsteps at Lavender’s door as Mom slowly opened her door wiping her tears , going to sit on the bed.

“Girls I know this is hard to comprehend ,but something terrible has happened to this household, your father has passed away.” Mom would sob as she would say those words. I’d stood up and scrunch my face with anger “ Well dad was an alcoholic and he would literally never be home!” I spatted. Mom would smack my face “ it’s not my fault he convinced me to stay!” Mom would scream at me while Lavender would just sit there. I'd storm out of Lavender's bedroom , covering my face as I would walk out. All evening mom would just weep

As I put in my earbuds ,my phone rang it was an unknown number so i would just ignore it as usual.Getting the call again I answered it to hear a scary voice saying, "you better be careful."

My hands started shaking as i would drop my phone out of fear. " I'll just sleep on it," I would say to myself knowing I wouldn't sleep on it.

As the next day came , waking up with over a hundred text messages. A week went by soon it was my fathers funeral ,my sister with her curly hair up into braids, along with my mom with a smirk on her face. I had my black dress that dad made me before he died , it fitted well except my mom walking into the room with a lot to say , " Your dress is not made for this event!"

Chapter 2 The funeral

After the funeral , mom was driving us home ,the silence was broken with Lavender saying, " Are we ever going to see daddy again, he was my friend."

" Sweetie he's in a better place now," Mom would say smiling softly.

I sighed " are we going to pretend that nothing happened," I snapped.

" If that attitude doesn't quit you're going to be grounded," Mom glared at me with her dark brown eyes.

"Fine i'll walk home, instead of being in this car with you."

As I got out of the car my mom grabbed my wrist and said, " you ungrateful brat!" she let go of me , and I started walking home. Then my phone rang again it was the same message , i was concerned at the moment as i looked around in fear.

Walking down the street seeing my mom's car in the driveway seeing some liquid on the windows ,"they got ice cream," I told myself. Walking towards the car checking to


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