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Wolfe Moon Pack the Queen

Wolfe Moon Pack the Queen

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Piwi
  • Chapters: 8
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 3.0
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*Beaushae Knight* Her mother is dead. Her father is the Alpha King of all in the Werewolf Underworld. She has her life plan. *Pack-less. *Mate-less. *Not the Queen of Wolfe Moon Pack! Life is going good for her. Until she meets him. Alpha Thaddius Ratt-Cliff-Deane. Lycans, Vampires and humans. Where there are enemies and or foes. There is danger! Dedicated to my imagination, no limit when I am in the fantasy realm. Hello viewers & readers. First time author ✍️ Fast paced 1500+ words per chapter. 🐺🖤🐺🖤 **18+ rating for violence, abuse and sexual content** Feedback appreciated, hope you enjoy the novel. 📖 ...thanks in advance. Piwi 🙃

Chapter 1 My Plan

To live my best life, a perfect LIFE!.

I have a life plan, so wish me luck.

In all true seriousness of the word. Luck has nothing to do with it. I have visualised and I have dreamt of the ideal lifestyle for oneself. Haven’t we all?.

It has been part of my plan since I was knee high,

I was growing up fast. I would measure myself against my fathers hairy legs!. I was a wolf-pup those years ago.

His only cub.


I am the Princess daughter of Alpha King Mattikis Knight and Queen Beaushae Knight the 1st.

Our residence is in the beautiful wilderness, near the edge of the Northern Lights in England.

Their first, and only offspring. Princess, heir to the throne, future Queen. I made a grand entrance for a Princess, given I killed my mother in the process. I will never forgive myself, ever!.

I have natural waves going down to my waist, at the tips of my hair are three inch long, blue and white shiny silver streaks, scattered through my wavy locks. No need to purchase myself a straightener, these curls are on fire, naturally not literally!.

My hair is red, a blood red. I have the most captivating blue eyes, my eyebrows are on point 24/7. Perks of having a sister-twin as a beautician.

I have an hour glass curvy figure 5”8 and a booty too boot! No sweat. No booty!

…that is my moto!.

Besides, no rest for the Alpha King and his Princess daughter. Call me Princess and you may not like my response. Be warned I am civilised at first, your once and only chance.

Sounds bitchy I know!. I also know I am a Princess. Imagine hearing Princess over 3,000 times a day? Personally, no offence but no thank you. I do not request it and I also do not require it to be used. I actually hate the word, literally and with reason.

It makes me feel superior to everyone else when I already know that I am, especially considering, I do not want to be. Not that anyone has the choice which family they are born into, in all reality.

My birth name handed down to me by my mother, granted and blessed to me by my loving grandmother.

- Beaushae Knight.

Mother wanted that to be thy name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be Queen?.

Father knew her request would be fulfilled regardless of the outcome that was to be. Beaushae Knight to carry her mothers legacy, not only genetically but also as her namesake. I was honoured, with pride and with love.

All I ask, please call me by my given name, reminds me of my mother whom I never got to meet. I also love hearing the sound of it.

- Beaushae.

Our Pack, they understood where I was coming from, they made me feel equal and no different to them, it is displayed openly and throughout the Palace, except for one and a few in particular.

Our pack and their families, an extension to our family, all of us combined, as one and united. We all know the unity within our pack and it consists of solidarity and cohesion. We have a unique loyalty among us, it only resides within the Wolfe Moon Pack. A known fact among all creatures great and small.

The Alpha King will not allow for any harm or for conflict within our Kingdom walls or grounds without justification. He will command the reason if not given in advance or voluntarily.

He is the judge!

He is the jury!

He is the Executioner!

Non negotiable.

Our Kingdom has prospered for decades, we will continue to do so under his rule. Built from the foundations of our ancestors, we plan to keep it that way. He is not an Alpha King to be reckoned with.

As much as they respect him, everyone in the Werewolf Underworld that know, or knew him and his horror stories. They are either terrified, petrified or both of Alpha King Mattikis Knight of Wolfe Moon Pack.

His allies and acquaintances. His enemies or foes.

Many know of his outstanding strength and abilities. Many have witnessed his wrath. His abilities out number, out weigh his opponents, enemies or foes!.

To date Werewolves, Lycans and the Vampires obey his every command, without rejection.

Only I have seen him at his worst, as to my mother. No one is superior to the Alpha King and no one ever will be!.

He displays his respect for the Elders and vice versa. The Elders allow his reign over all without objection what so ever!.

From now until that day, he will remain, Alpha King of all in the Werewolf Underworld.

Beaushae Knight the 1st.

His mate, his Queen.

To Alpha King Mattikis Knight, she was his everything.

His reason for living!

His reason for breathing!

His life!.

Times of laughter, togetherness, joy, pain and sorrow. Memories they shared together. Moments in time full of love and adoration for one another.

I feel like I know her even though we did not get the chance, after my birth. In fact it was mere minutes that we shared.

A mother, a father, a daughter, as a family. It was very special. A loving moment, a loving memory as brief as it was for us all. It was only after those precious few minutes, then she passed away. Joining our ancestors in the heavens of Werewolf paradise, free to live for evermore.

I do not remember her, only what father has told me and memories of her, he and fellow pack members share with me. I am grateful, to this day as they continue to do so.

There are photos of her throughout the palace, multiple portraits in the halls and main living areas.

There is no denying her beauty, our Queen of Wolfe Moon Pack and of our Kingdom.

I feel loved by my mother even though I will not hear her say those meaningful words of love to me, personally. In return, I will not hear myself say those six letters to the beautiful Queen who gave birth to me.


I love her. I miss her.

Every single second, minute, hour, day, week, month, years that we have lost not being together as a family.

Not a day goes by that I do not think of her, my heart pines for her more so with age.

Red my nickname from my father, as an adult he prefers to say it, I will never live a day without being called, Red. I ponder to myself at times why he calls me Red?, other than stating the obvious, of course.

We all have that one special friend in our lives.

My BFF is simply the best friend of all friends!

A self appointed fact might I add. I love her to death. Literally, biological or not, we are the BFF sister-twins! Born at our pack hospital on the same day at the same time, we also shared the same hospital ward.

My BFF sister-twin is Zaylee.

Blonde and beautiful, her eyes are sharp and bright, like the sun, she has the most original coloured eyes I have ever seen.

They are yellow and brown. An ancestor trait from MaBelle’s lessons learnt of their past heritage lines.

You see a shimmering white flash go across her pupils when she gets herself excited. Her wolf is Vetta, an original, trust me she is like a vendetta.

DO NOT. I repeat do not pick a bone with her or you will be sorry! She takes no shit, from no one. I have been her Sensei on the training field since she was 10 years old.

You can never be to young to learn how to fight or to defend yourself.

She has interesting method to her fighting technique.

Zaylee prefers more offence and less defence.


Less defence! .



It actually works in her favour, but that is NOT how I try to train her and to this very day, she still does not fucken listen!

…as she chants, MORE OFFENCE during our training sessions.

I have seen her rip shit up, no holds bard and she makes a bloodied mess!

I am confident she can defend herself, in saying to the death if required, I do hope for her sake and mine, that does not happen?!.

Zaylee acquired a Husky, we were in the city, an afternoon at the beauty salon for the sister-twins.

That was prior to the tragedy that happened only a few days later.

That was when our Alpha King stopped all visits into the city, effective immediately. Only with an exemption pass are you allowed to travel out of the Kingdom. That exemption pass is at the Alpha King’s signed approval, it will be supplied for access past the guards at the gate.

NO exemption pass, NO EXIT!

All the best with that request, my advice do not apply as refusal often offends.


We pulled up to the Petrol Station in Zaylee’s Volkswagen Amarok, the colour a shiny Northern Blue Metallic.

She hopped out and giggled, jumping with excitement.

She looked at me through the drivers door open window.

“B, look a Husky she is gorgeous.”

Jumping on the spot and itching at the bit to go over there, she continues to speak.

“Can you please gas up the tank for me, you will find me over yonder.”

She was overly excited and spoke her words with speed. Her eyes were shimmering.

An older lady came out from inside, she drove the old pickup truck with rusted paint. Zaylee approached her vehicle, greeted her and with a warm smile. Zaylee gave her a compliment about the beautiful Husky, on the back of her truck.

“She is not mine!”

She snaps. Zaylee looks at her, right eyebrow cocked.

“An inconvenience if you ask me!”

She snaps again, the lady snorts then looks away.

Zaylee turns and looks at the Husky, both of their facial expressions said it all, they belonged together.

Their love shown was more than evident to anyone that may have been watching.

“She is beautiful, regardless.”

Zaylee snaps back, her civilised tone disappearing.

She turns away from the lady and smiles back at the Husky, she cuddles her around her Maine. The lady stood there watching, as she mentions to Zaylee.

“She wondered in one day, now she won’t bloody leave, take it will you? Do me the favour not her!”

I could not believe what I had heard, the audacity of that women. She did not need to tell Zaylee twice.

Without a word she left the lady standing there she looked, bewildered. Zaylee looked at the beautiful wolf. She put her head to the Huskies head, leaning into her and to the right towards her ear, whispering very quietly. I heard every word she said to that wolf, she turned and walked back to her vehicle, leaving the Husky behind. I saw her eyes narrow as she approached her truck.

Oh ohhh,…

Here comes Vetta.

Jumping in the drivers seat, she looked at me.

“Buckle up now Beaushae!”

That is definitely Vetta. Her tone was abrupt and Vetta does not use nicknames. Zaylee knew better than too show any sign her wolf has come forward.

She has complete control of Vetta as do I with Storm. Her dam eyebrows and tone of voice were enough of an indicator. Using her right hand, she put it outside of the drivers door window.

We looked in the mirrors, Zaylee raised her hand above the roof of her Amarok and just like that, with one click of her fingers.

The beautiful Husky jumped off the back of the pickup truck and onto Zaylee’s ute.

Vetta turned on the ignition and the ute sparked into life, with her foot on the gas pedal she skidded out of the Petrol Station…


Now, that was fucking COOL!.

We burst into laughter, Zaylee looks at me, then her eyes were back on the road. She is good behind the wheel, a natural like a rally driver.

“She is one batty old bag!. I could smell cats lots of dam CATS!”

Vetta snorts as we laugh at her remark.

“She is one of those bat crazed, crazy cat ladies.”

Another snort from her.

“Maple needs a fucking BATH she smells like them STINKING cats.”

She emphasises the words, bath and stink out loud. As Vetta disappears, Zaylee and I we both laugh at her passing comment.

“Her name is Maple, surname Leaf, I told you I will get a Husky one day B!”

Zaylee looks at me briefly, and then she stares ahead. She had the cheesiest of grins on her dial. Zaylee looks thrilled with her recently acquired Maple Leaf.

“I also know, you will not refuse me because you loveeee me.”

She dam well knew it to and using it to her advantage.

“Offence ZayTay, every dam time with a guaranteee”

I look at her, laughing.

“You know me too well B!

We chant.


Another laugh out loud moment. Zaylee and I look back for Maple, through the rear view mirrors. Maple looks like she is smiling, she was. We both look at each other briefly and we knew without saying a word.


Then Maple Leaf howled.

“Welcome to our family Maple.”

We say in unison, there is never a dull moment with ZayTay!

That is my nickname for her, she calls me ‘B’ in return and I am a.o.k with that. We both looked at one another, automatically and in unison.

“I love you Zay-Tay”

“I love you B.”

We know it for a fact 100%!.

We are the BFF, sister-twins of Wolfe Moon Pack!

If not for her mother MaBelle, I would not have had the nutrients I needed at birth. MaBelle gave me the colostrum I required, our connection is strong, I will be forever thankful to her.

I knew by her scent she was not my mother even though I was a newborn.

MaBelle, she looks like an Elf with her pointed ears. Auburn very straight hair to her waist, she has natural caramel streaks with yellow and brown eyes, she is of small frame, standing at 5” feet tall.

My father was offered an opportunity from MaBelle a good start to my life, given my entry into this world. She is my motherly figure the one I get to have, hold and love, physically.

MaBelle is how I refer to her as, to this day.

Zaylee and I are her twin daughters, I suggest you do not even try to tell her any differently or else,


She maybe small but in her Wolfe form Enya makes up for their size at 6” feet tall!.

She has an attitude for snapping limbs and breaking their fucking neck, afterwards you do not want to watch her as she tears their limbs from their body!

She will burn them and dance around their flames like she is in a ritual.

Do not fuck with MaBelle, seriously!

Our love for one another is special, only the 3 of us understand.

The first gathering for the year is upon us.

Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses. Alphas, Lunas, Betas, Warriors, Omegas and She-Wolves.

Lycans and Vampires.

Yes, you read it right!

For us wolves it means the first full moon of the year, opposite side of the earth from the hot sun.

Werewolves howl at the moon the most, especially at this time of the year, an increase in frequency of wolves howling at the moon.

In the month of January on the 23rd, New Year.

The Wolfe Moon is at its peak at the stroke of midnight.It is truely spectacular!

Our beautiful Kingdom is named after that eponym.

- Wolfe Moon Pack.

The Palay Convention is for good reason to continue our peace treaty between Werewolves, Lycans and Vampires.

- 30 years and counting.

During that war, a meeting was called between the Alpha King, Lycan King and Vampire King.

All the Elders from each side were expected as requested and were accounted for.

Alliances, friendships and mates have been found during these conventions, we have continued to build on these relationships over the decades.

Alpha King Mattikis Knight, given and surrendered the abilities from our ancestors the power to control the creatures after the war.

It was agreed upon without objection!

Trust worthy and honourable to lead, only Alpha King Mattikis Knight of Wolfe Moon Pack was chosen and crowned the KING of all in the Underworld!

Through knowledge and learnings I have obtained over my adolescent years. Knowingly I have lived I have breathed and I have loved my pack life for the past 21 years.

I know I am young but I also know I can lead, as the future Queen of Wolfe Moon Pack.

My ideal life plan does not include being Queen and living the pack life. I can honestly say right now my future my plan, does not include my mate.


Seeing my father, our Alpha King suffer, pack members, enemies and foes in pain emotionally and physically. It is definitely a suffering I do not want to endure. Personally on an emotional or physical level.

The loss of a mate, my mate, EVER!

The mate bond is a commitment for life until either mate dies. It is a bond, a pull a union between two beings. Not that I know what it actually feels like?.

It is thrusted upon you by the Moon Goddess and you do not have an option or choice, in the matter.

Do not even think for a point of a milli second you stand a chance against the Moon Goddess.

Disappoint her and you will pay the consequence. With your life!.

Hence that part of my plan, NO mate. Looks like I may lose my life in saying.

If I do not find him or meet him I am safe, well for my sake I hope I do not find him!

There is one last option, I do not recommended this choice for anyone.

Rejection and I have seen the side effects of that result!

Absolute torture for the mate left behind to grieve if not die themselves, my father survived that very pain, agony and torture for me.

Heartbreak and the loss is unbearable for many.

My plan, it looks simple in theory and on paper.

There are only 4 points:

1/ Do not find my mate.

2/ Do not be the Queen.

3/ Tell father about my Plan.



To live my life my way!

In peace and in harmony!

Chapter 2 Lessons Learnt Pt.1

Beaushae POV

No one not my father, my sister-twin or any of our pack members have asked me the question.

Do I want to be Queen?

I do not know the answer to that question right now, I truely don’t!.

In theory and on paper the answer is no, but my heart begs to differ with warmth and excitement at the very thought of leading our people in our Kingdom.

You are probably thinking how can I contemplate leaving my father, our people our Kingdom?.

Ask me the right question I will tell you no lie, I may not have the answer right that second, but I will eventually.

The thought of being the Queen, I feel as though I am at a stalemate.

Do my opinions or my emotions even matter in this situation, does anyone give a shit about that?.

I do, because it matters to me!.

Storm wants us be what we are destined for to be ‘Queen of Wolfe Moon Pack she has the courage I lack!.

To be the soul, in charge of thousands within our Palace walls


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