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Who's Afraid of Big Bad

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After a childhood accident leaves her ostracized Aria is more than happy to move away. But the new town is strange. Her parents disappear and she and her siblings end up as fugitives. While being kept hidden by witches whose intentions are unknown she is given the task of defeating an old evil and saving the world. A few weeks till turning 18 Sam's greatest fear is closer than he'd hoped with the early arrival of his mate. A mate whose presence will bring to light a decade-old secret, the fact that the Alpha's 'son' is in fact a daughter. When a Witch gives birth to twins. One absorbs all the power while the other is a Norm. Norms can't use magic they can't be affected by magic either, in battle they're treated as shields. But Ivy is special she can use magic, a small portion, but magic nonetheless, this makes her valuable. So she's in hiding as her core can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Bound together by a greater power they're forced to work together to stop an evil that will put the world into darkness while protecting their lives and the secrets they hold dear.

Moving (Pov-Aria)


My time in the city will soon end. Why? Because in a week my dad is moving our whole family to a small town located in the middle of no-freaking-where. About two days ago my dad came home in a good mood. The big surprise was that he bought two buckets of ice cream! My dad, he was a dentist and as all dentist dads do, he doesn't hesitate to tell us that "eating sweet things will wreck your teeth faster than the Titanic at the age of thirty"

Sometimes I always wondered if he meant that the Titanic was thirty years old or us?

Later that evening my twin sister, Sue, and I were curled up in a pile of blankets in the living room in front of the television. And by our side was a bowl of caramel popcorn with extra sugar, which Dad for some reason didn't nag us about, and several scoops of Dad's surprise ice cream. I already had my turn for a fantasy show yesterday so we were watching one of Sue's favourite horror shows. As yet another female character was slowly and dramatically murdered amidst screams. The telly suddenly went off

Sue swiftly turned and threw her ice cream spoon in the direction of the telly's plug. Dad sidestepped and the spoon harmlessly bounced off the wall.

Sue pouted "sorry Dad I thought you were a ra...someone else"

Dad glared at her. I picked up Sue's abandoned bowl of ice cream and dug in. The telly might be off but a live performance was about to start. Okay so Sue was often impulsive and dad rarely had the patience for her dramatics. He dropped the plug and walked upstairs yelling for our brother to come down for a family meeting. My hands paused. Dad didn't yell. Or even make a mean face. What the heck was going on.

Our baby bro, Jerry, by a year and half came down the stairs. Messy haired, pale-skinned and coughing pitifully into a blue handkerchief. He had dark circles around his eyes. But I could tell he'd just been messing with my eyeshadow. Thanks to mum's indulgence, a little cough and bam Sue and I had to do all his house chores while he 'recovered'. If not for the rule the three of us set about not ratting each other out I would have used a baby wipe to expose him. 

He plopped down on the couch behind us.

" that ice cream?" His voice was deliberately low and quivering. I almost thought he was actually sick. Almost

"No, it's frozen baby powder in a bowl" Sue rolled her eyes, she was still glaring at the dark telly.

Jerry yelled, "Dad the DTs are eating ice cream!" 

DT meaning double trouble is the nickname Jerry gave Sue and me on the first Halloween we decided that he was old enough to be pranked. It wasn't funny...for him anyway. I sighed in my mind 'so much for not tattling.

Sue threw the remote in her hand at him "Dummy, dad bought it for us"

Jerry looked momentarily surprised then he said: "okay first...rude and second..." he lunged for our bowl "gimme some of that"

I raised my leg and kicked him back unto the couch. "No ice cream for you young man you're sick and delirious with fever you should have some scalding hot broccoli soup instead" I tried to imitate mum's doctor voice.

"Okay first eww second double eww"

Sue placed her feet on the t.v screen "will you stop with the lists already"

Jerry didn't reply. While we were talking he had somehow snuck the ice cream bowl into his lap and was stuffing himself silly.

Dad returned and sat on the single settee

"Let's start," he said

Sue interrupted "aren't we waiting for mom?"

Dad shook his head his ponytail swished along "no she already knows and she agrees with my decision"

I stared at him suspiciously "what decision?"

He smiled at us "I just got a new job as the head of a clinic, and I'm gonna take it"

The three of us cheered

Me: "Fantastic"

Jerry: " Cool"

Sue: "more moneeeeyy"

Dad chuckled nervously "I'm glad you're happy, but that's only one part of the good news"

"What else?"

"Well...we...are moving!...yay" he grinned sheepishly 

Sue said a bad word.


Despite our protests we still found ourselves in a moving truck on our way to the new town. Sue and I stayed with the moving truck while Jerry and dad followed in dad's car.

"Maybe it's a good thing we're moving"

Sue didn't reply she continued looking out the window. Trees flashed past in a green blur. The driver turned down the radio.

"We're still a long way out" he began "you can lower the chair and catch a little nap"

I nodded "Oh thank you"

But I didn't want to sleep. I looked at the road. Although I was upset we were moving I am still happy somewhat. For a fresh start.

I turned my phone on for a quick Google search. Then I paused. I still didn't know the name of our new town. So I looked at the driver.

"Where are we going, sir?"

"Huh?" He frowned in confusion but didn't take his eyes off the road.

"I said where are we going?"

"Clearwater ridge" he finally replied "it's a nice small town"

"Thanks" I murmured.

I typed in Clearwater ridge and pressed the search icon. It loaded for a bit and stopped.


Sue finally turned and leaned over to glance at my phone.

I questioned the driver.

"There are wolves around Clearwater?"

"Ah, well I ain't never seen one but people say there are" he shrugged.

What the hell?

Making a bad first impression (Pov-Aria)


Sue and I stood under a tree a few feet away from the car, watching as dad tried to drag Jerry out. After several failed attempts to skip the first day of school Jerry decided that he was going to stick to the car even if it kills him...or if dad kills him, whichever one comes first. I moved further back and whistled while studying my nails.

Note to all passers-by, I do not know these people.

After failing to drag him out of the car dad resorted to threats.

"Jerry" he began calmly "get your lazy ass out of that car or so help me you will be grounded for a month!"

Jerry was unfazed and tilted his head at dad "does that mean I'm not allowed to go to school?"

Dad lost his calm "Get Down Now" he roared.

Jerry puffed his cheeks in a pout. This trick could have softened mum's heart but to dad, he probably looked like a gassy blowfish.

Sue walked towards them with


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