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Uncle Vincent: Spoiled By My Alpha Professor

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"I know you do not want me, so just reject me now!" “It’s against college policy for us to be together anyway,” I muttered. Uncle Vincent looked at me with one eyebrow raised, giving me a questioning look. “Why would you think I would want to reject you, little girl?” He asked quizzically. I wanted to say I wasn’t little, but I held it back. I mean, I really do look tiny compared to Uncle Vincent's muscular body. And for some reason, I don’t know why, that really turned me on. “You don’t realize how long I have waited for you, my little mate. And now that you’re finally here, you think I’ll let you out of my sight,” he snickered. The look on his face made it obvious he thought I was being ridiculous. “I need you, princess.” Being an omega and also an orphan offered Elara a front-row seat to being the target of bullying. After witnessing her boyfriend Alpha Danta’s sexual betrayal with her best friend Kate on their anniversary, she decides to flee from her troubles. She joins a new pack, hoping for a fresh start, one away from trouble or getting noticed. Yet, her life takes an unexpected turn when she realizes her college professor, the powerful Alpha Vincent who is her uncle's age, is her second chance mate.

Chapter 1: Betrayal On Our Anniversary

Kylie’s POV

Today marks my three-month anniversary with my boyfriend Dante. 

Dante had been my hero, the only reason I survived high school. He was my very own prince in shining armour.

It all happened one random morning when my day had followed its usual process of getting body-shamed for being too skinny and getting insults thrown at me. When I had attempted to defend myself the queen bees of Fangs Academy, Layla and Deliah took it upon themselves to dump their unfinished soda on me, ruining my white top.

I had run out of the hall heading to the bathroom when I bumped into Dante, the hottest and most popular guy at Fangs Academy. The moment our bodies touched, I knew. From the look in his eyes, it was obvious he felt it too.

We were mates!

Although it’s been three months I still haven’t fully wrapped my head around the fact that I’m dating Dante! The popular Alpha son could pull any girl he wanted, partly because of his insanely good looks and also because he was a very powerful Alpha.

When I had found out I was mated to him I was prepared to accept getting rejected by him. Because how could it be possible that a man like him would want to be with a girl like me? Aka the pack’s eye sore.

Being an omega and also an orphan offered me a front-seat ticket to being the target of bullying. Life had been beyond terrible until the night when Dante accepted me as his mate. 

This had left the entire pack in shock, including me. To say I was excited would be an understatement. Since then the constant bullying had ceased except for the few insults and warnings I got about my relationship with Dante when he wasn’t around.


My lips stretched to form a wide smile as I closed the handwritten love note I had prepared for Dante for our anniversary. It wasn’t much but I could barely afford to get him something better. I didn’t mind though because I knew Dante would accept it.

The sound of my giggle filled my small bedroom room as I daydreamed about what his reaction would be.

I glanced at my phone screen again, wondering why Dante hadn’t texted yet. He had never failed to text good morning but now I was staring back at my texts which were marked as delivered still without a response from him.

I had been expecting a happy anniversary text and a cute love message he sent every morning. 

Maybe he’s busy, I wondered and brushed off my unnecessary worries. 

I quickly removed my hair band from my long brunette hair when I remembered how much Dante preferred when I let my hair down. He always took off my hairband anytime I had it up. Eventually, I learned to like it that way too.

After checking myself out in my tiny mirror and making sure I looked presentable, I hurried out of my small apartment ready to take a long walk to the prestigious neighborhood in our town.

I heard a familiar voice say, ‘Isn’t that Dante’s charity case?

I turned towards their direction to see Deliah and Layla staring at me in disgust. Those twins lived just next to the pack house where Dante lived. They were the daughters of the pack’s Beta and were the self-acclaimed queen bees. As usual, they weren’t even bothered about keeping their voices down. They wanted to make sure I heard every bit of their insults.

This was something I had to deal with every single time I visited Dante.

“Seriously, when would you stop showing your ugly face here?” Layla sneered at me, annoyance written all over her face.

“I can’t believe you think Dante would like someone like you. Don’t forget you’re just his new plaything” Deliah added.

“Yeah right! Why can’t you guys just be happy for me and keep your unwanted opinions to yourself? You said this long ago and guess what? It’s already me and Dante's three-month anniversary. Last I checked he hasn’t been with anyone for that long” I said with a smug smirk.

“Should we tell her?” Layla snickered and shared a mocking look with her twin.

“Actually… I think it’s better she finds out for herself” Deliah replied proudly.

I rolled my eyes in annoyance, already fed up with their unnecessary drama. I didn’t want to dwell on whatever rubbish they were spitting out so it didn’t ruin my mood on my anniversary.

I brushed past them and carried on to Dante's home. Like the rest of the other mansions located in the prestigious neighborhood exclusively for all the high-ranking werewolves. Dante’s home stood proudly and significantly more luxurious than any other building. “His home was a stark contrast to mine.

When I knocked on his door I received no response. I rang the doorbell but still no response. Well, that was odd because I knew Dante was home. Luckily his spare key was still with me so I opened the door and welcomed myself in.

After all, Dante wouldn’t mind.

I froze in place upon hearing a female voice. Not just a female voice talking, rather it sounded like she was moaning.

“Huh?” I whispered and took quiet steps towards Dante’s room. I was praying that my thoughts weren’t true, I mean he wouldn't be doing that right? But the sounds of the moans increasing as I drew nearer slowly quenched the hope I had left.

After taking a deep breath, I tried to muster all the courage I possibly could. I finally pushed his bedroom door open.

My mouth dropped in shock as I stared wide-eyed at my naked best friend riding Dante’s dick.

Dante was fucking my best friend on our anniversary!

Chapter 2: Escape As An Omega

Kylie’s POV

My best friend Kate and Dante continued fucking, completely unaware that I had just entered the room.

“Dante” I yelled, my voice breaking as I felt my throat choked with unshed tears.

Dante turned to look at me in shock but his face quickly changed to that of annoyance.

“Give me a minute” he replied nonchalantly.

Gasping in shock, I watched as Dante focused elsewhere. After a final, forceful stroke, he finished inside Kate. He got up and threw the used condom inside his trash bin.

They were both so comfortable being in this situation in front of me, it was unbelievable. They took their time dressing up, not paying any mind to me being there.

I wanted to leave—to run back to my small condo and cry myself to sleep. But I couldn’t move even when I tried. It was like my limbs were frozen and unable to make any movement.

“Excuse me” Kate finally uttered, she wanted me to leave my place at the door so she could exit the bedroom.


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