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Trapped Between The Alpha And The Lycan King

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" You will get married to the Lycan King in place of your sister." I stopped breathing as father spat those words out of his mouth. I turned to him with teary eyes. " Father, please you can't do this to me. There must be a way out of this." The Lycan King was one I never wanted to be found a hundred meters around. " You should have thought of that when you did what you did to your sister." Mother said. I sniffed. They keep forgetting that I am also their daughter. To them, I am and will always be nothing but a mistake. ****** " You dare play me for a fool, mate. I promise to break every single wings you have left until you can fly no more." ****** " I will give you what no one else has given to you. I will show you what it is to be loved again. That is my promise to you, Enchanted one."

Chapter 1

You will get married to the Lycan King in place of your sister, Cassidy." Alpha Xarold said and Cassidy's eyes opened wide in shock. The Lycan King was a beast that no one would want to associate themselves with. What's more, he was way older than her."No father, you can't do that to me." She begged with horror-filled eyes. She didn't want to be found a hundred miles close to him and now she was supposed to get married to him? How would she cope?"You should have thought of that before taking my daughter away from me!" Daisy screamed and Cassidy winced. They always seemed to forget that she was also their daughter."We have no choice, Cassidy." Alpha Xarold pinched the bridge of his nose. Surely, there must be a way. Her parents just didn't care about her."What do you mean?" Cassidy whispered her legs were already weak and her knees were a few meters away from kissing the ground. She was used to her parents torturing her as a means of punishing her for every mistake she made but at least, she was always released from them. This was a lifetime punishment."You know that your sister was betrothed to the Lycan King to save our pack don't you?" Alpha Xarold's eyes went soft as he tried to explain everything to his daughter. This was the only way or else everyone would be smelling burnt before noon tomorrow."Of course I know, Elara told me." She bit her lips as the name of her sister escaped her lips. "Well, your sister ran away to protect her unborn pup but what about the pack? Do you know what would happen if he comes tomorrow and his bride isn't here?" Tears filled her face as she tried hard not to think of what she had done. She was too blinded by the unborn pup and the love that she had for her sister and she forgot to think of everyone. They were all in danger because of her decision."He will burn this pack to the ground with the people inside. Do you want to be the cause of the tears of thousands of the pack members?" Cassidy shook her head violently. The scene was already playing in her head and she wasn't enjoying it. Her father was right, this was her mistake so she had to do everything in her power to fix it. She can't be the cause of the death of thousands of innocent souls."What if he finds out?" Her voice came out in a whisper."He wouldn't unless you tell him. No one outside this pack knows you exist. The pack members barely know you. You are the infamous daughter of the Towers household and besides, you are the replica of your sister. You can do it." Daisy said. She was glad that they had found a way to turn everything in their favor. She couldn't imagine what the devil would do if he found out that his bride had run away a few hours before their wedding. He would surely take out his anger on them."But what if someone tells him?"" No one will if you don't! No one knows you exist. If they do, I could simply tell them that you had gone to stay with a long-distance relative. It's not as if anyone would come looking for you anyway." Her mother was right. She was the infamous daughter of the Towers family. Her pack members barely knew of her existence. She knew that but hearing it from her mother, squeezed her heart painfully. She could do it, she tried to assure herself."Just do this one thing for us will you? You have brought nothing but shame to this family, this is the only opportunity you have to show us that you have changed for the better." Cassidy looked at her father and he nodded at her with pleading eyes."Fine, I will do it." She said and Daisy pulled her into a bone-crushing hug for the first time. Her hands wrapped around her mother as she took in her mother's scent. She wished that every day would be like this but she would always be the unwanted child of her parents."Thank you for thinking about the safety of the pack." Her father patted her back and she nodded. She had never had this close contact with her parents before. They had always kept their distance as though she were a plaque."You should sleep early so you won't have black eyes. Everything is set. Your mother will make a few adjustments to your sister's wedding dress and it will fit you properly. Goodnight." For the first time in her life, her father kissed her head.She watched as they both left for their room and she sunk into her bed. She couldn't help but feel that their plan would be a disaster. She had heard about Lycan King and he wasn't someone that could easily be fooled. He was a hybrid who had lived for centuries so he was like her ancestor. How can one fool their ancestor?"Oh moon goddess, please help me do this for the safety of my family and pack." She whispered. She tried so hard to sleep but each time she tried to close her eyes, she came face to face with the devil himself. It didn't help that she would be getting married to him a few hours from now. She grabbed her water bottle and drank its contents but it didn't help calm her nerves.All the talks about him came to her mind. She had heard that he killed his mate because she talked to his brother. His rage wasn't matched. She tried not to think of what he would do to her parents and pack if he found out the truth. She knew he would eventually find out the truth because he was the devil and nothing could be hidden from the devil but she prayed that they would be in his place when he figured it out.She stared at the picture she took with Elara when she was six."I hope that you and Damon are safe wherever you are. I promise I will do everything to keep everything normal till you come back. I promise you." She whispered and finally closed her eyes."You need to get up." The voice sounded in her ear and she tried to cover her ear but that didn't stop the voice from talking to her. She opened her eyes slowly to see Elara's maid."What are you doing here?""You need to get up so you can get ready for your wedding ma'am." The omega bowed. Cassidy tried to say something but she looked around her and noticed that she wasn't in her room, she was in Elara's room. Her parents weren't joking when they said they wanted her to take her sister's place."What time is it?" The omega widened her eyes. Wasn't her mistress aware that today was her wedding day and she couldn't be late?"It's six, thirty minutes earlier than your usual waking up time." The omega said with a smile.Cassidy groaned. She couldn't believe that her sister was living so seriously. No one bothered to wake her up. She could go to school if she wanted no one to force her, not even her parents. "Just a minute," Cassidy said and covered her face with a pillow."Please ma'am you have to get up or the Luna will have me stripped of this job. I have nowhere to go ma'am." Cassidy groaned as she got up from the bed."Where are you going ma'am?""To the bathroom, to get ready," Cassidy replied wondering why the omega was being nosy."All by yourself?" The omega gasped. Something was wrong with her mistress.Cassidy realized her mistake and cursed herself inwardly. Elara was the princess of the pack and was treated as one. She was playing Elara so she must make sure that she played her part well or their cover would be blown. There must be no leakage.The omega opened the door and three other omegas walked in."Good morning ma'am." They greeted her robotically and she nodded. She stood as they undressed her and took her to the bathroom. Was this how Elara lived daily? They didn't let her lift a finger. They washed, dried her, and finally dressed her in Elara's robe. It was more comfortable than hers."There is my perfect daughter." Cassidy turned around to see her mother standing at the doorway, her face filled with smiles. She walked into the room and kissed both her cheeks. The omegas bowed down in respect and walked out of the room shutting the door beside them."The make-up artist will be here anytime soon. She will try her best to make sure that you look as beautiful as my daughter. Do not mess this up or I will never forgive you." Her mother's words continued to play in her mind even after she stepped into the gown.The gown was a beauty to behold and it was of no doubt made of the finest material. It was her dream wedding gown. She would have been genuinely happy if she wasn't walking to her grave.Suddenly, the air in the room changed and the air at the back of her neck stood. 'Mate' she heard her wolf whisper and she turned around in fear. She couldn't find her mate not now that she was being sold to the Lycan King at the expense of the life and safety of her family and pack.Her mouth hung open as she stared at the figure in front of her. 'Mate' her wolf whispered again and she felt her heart sink into her belly. He was her mate? Was this a joke? What crime had she committed to be thrown into this kind of misery? Even her wolf dared not move close to him though it kept whimpering.What was he doing here? Her head warned her to stay far away from him but her heart wanted to be close to him. It didn't help that her wolf was squirming.She felt lost in the orbs of her eyes and suddenly, she felt her legs moving. She tried to stop but they wouldn't listen to her. It was as though they had a mind of their own.They finally stopped when she was standing an inch away from him. She breathed in his scent and she shivered at the effect it had on her wolf."Mate." She said before she could stop herself. He raised his hand. She could feel his hand on her skin but yet he wasn't touching her.His eyes were filled with something she saw in her father's eyes each time he looked at her mother, Elara told her that it was love then all of a sudden, it was all gone like a flash. What was left was hate and disgust, feelings that she was accustomed to.Suddenly, she felt hands wrapped around her throat. She fought for her life. She tried to hold the door frame but one look at her hand, it was back to her side, refusing the voice of its owner. Tears filled her eyes as she fought for air. She looked at him silently begging for her life but he didn't flinch. He watched as she dropped to his feet where she belonged and he looked down on her. She coughed violently as she tried to catch her breath. He squatted to her level and pulled her hair backward forcing her to look into his eyes."Hello mate, nice to meet you too but you can't die yet. Your nightmare has just begun." He said with hate and disgust dripping off every single word he meted out.She felt her heart skip a beat and she swallowed nothing. D*mn! He had found out already. She felt the wetness of her face. Her hands moved slowly to her face and she discovered that she was crying.

Chapter 2

"You look beautiful my love." Her father whispered into her ears he offered her his hand. The door would open in any moment from now and she hoped that the moon goddess would change her father's mind.

"Father please help me I-I can't, he is my mate." She whispered to him keeping the anxiety in her voice hoping that it would make her father change his mind about this. They could still back out now that there's still time.

"Then you have no problem at all Cassidy, he won't hurt you." Instead, happiness filled his eyes. She wondered if he wasn't listening to her. She tried harder again.

"But he is the Lycan king, father" She whispered to the white-haired man beside her. Her face was already white with fear. The fear of the unknown.

"I know baby girl, but there's no two ways about this. I have to do this. You are a strong girl, Cassidy, you will survive." He whispered back. The hairs


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