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Torn Between Two Alphas

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A young girl was determined to find her mate after her 18th birthday. On the night of the full moon, she meets her mate who happens to be In love with another she wolf and there, she suffers rejection from her mate which left her heart broken. In other to get revenge on her mate, she decides to make a deal with another powerful alpha from a different pack by asking him to mark her as his mate in exchange for sexual pleasure. Things become more complicated when both Herself and the powerful alpha find out that they were in love with each other. What happens when her mate suddenly decides to make her his? What happens when she finds herself in the middle of the two powerful Alphas?

Chapter 1 Her Birthday

Daphne look around the room happily, it was finally her birthday and here she was waking up from the bed she stand up happily walking to her room window she look at the sky dreamily

"Happy birthday Daphne "Her wolf greeted happily

"Thank Anny, I finally get to talk to you "she beams with happiness

." it is finally my birthday, happy Big eighteen to me I can finally get to meet my prince charming ''she said dreamily closing her two eyes

This has always been her wish, she wanted this for a very long time, and she can finally go out and do whatever she wants without her mum reprimanding her, or shouting at her like she used to.

"Happy Birthday besties "Gaelly shouted bringing her back to reality

"You startled me "she fires at her friend angrily

"Is that a thank you I get for coming early to wish you a happy birthday, you f*ck*ng dreamer "Gaelly shouted at her bestie.

She turn to leave forming anger, Daphne rushed to her hugging her from behind.

"I am sorry bestie "she apologizes holding her tight to herself

"Never shout at me you dumb *ss" she warn drawing her ears, she whisked in pain, with Gaelly not taking it easy on her

"Happy birthday daughter "everyone wishes her happy birthday as she smiles widely

She was happy that she was receiving a lot of love from her family members

She hugged every one and her family members happily

"thank you everyone I love you all "she commented smiling widely at them

"Alright girlie, go shower and dress up, "her mum said patting her back, and off she went running to the bathroom.

An hour later both her Self and her best friend were seen taking a walk around their pack as they both talked happily.

"Good to be eighteen, now nobody can oppress me not even you or mum "she reprimanded her friend happily jumping around as the bird whisper a melodies

"I am still older than you by a year, make mistake and I will tell mum about it"Gaelly threaten her.

"No way, I wish to find my mate sooner than expected then boom, am free from mum's constant yelling, "she said spreading her arms to air dreamily as she hugged herself with eyes closed, only the moon goddess knows what is going through that dirty mind of hers

"No, .... .. ., no.,.......not again, you better wake up from your dream and face reality, "Gaelly said

"Joy killer "she fires at her walking away from her and deeper into the forest

Gaelly and Daphne are was known by the full pack, they have been friends for a very long time now that people consider them both to be sisters

Though they usually refer to each other as sisters from another mother

"But honestly I wish to have a nice mate, and I wish we live together happily thereafter in a land where only fairies exist it will be nice "she smile at the thought of living with her mate

The thought of finding her mate soon cloud her mind

"Always a dreamer "Gaelly said looking at her

"Whatever you know you are not interested in the mating thing how would you know how it feels when you are just a dumb *ss, "she said harshly to her

"Yeah whatever there is more to life than having a mate ''Gaelly noted

"Yeah sure there is, but I badly want to see my mate "she sigh

"Sure you will at the right time, now let's get going dude"Gaelly voiced out, tired of hearing her talk about her dream mate

Who knows maybe the moon goddess has paired her with an imaginary mate

Going back to her pack house she encounters her worst enemy or should I say her rival girl

"Hello Daphne, heard today is finally your birthday, "she asked irritating Gaelly and Daphne

"Yeah happy now" Daphne responded looking at the arrogant she-wolf in front of her disgustively.

"Happy birthday, glad you are finally growing up, hope your mind also grows up to responsibility "she commented looking at her angry face

"whatever dumb girl "she responded already p*ss*d at the little witch in front of her, everyone knows her to be the arrogant Alpha daughter of the shadow moon pack

"And I hope you work on your arrogant *ss to be a better version crazy idiot "Gaelly fires at her as she drags Daphne off they went

She was angry at the sudden turn of events, she never liked Daphne at All but she hate Gaelly more cause she seems to be very close to Daphne and always fight for her

"B*tch "she yelled, walking away with her minors who is always there with her

Gaelly and Daphne walk back to their pack house happily to see her parents waiting for their precious daughter with Alpha Grayson who was also there to wish her happy birthday

"Happy birthday damsel "Alpha Grayson said smiling widely at her

"Thanks, bestie "Daphne hugged him so tightly

"Let go of me, did you plan to shock me to death," he said jokingly as he smirk at her

"Then be ready to die dude" she draws his ears as he yelled in pain Everyone laughs at them

Alpha Grayson Williams is the son of Andrew Williams he is dark in color and he has a well-built body which make girls draw over him, he is also a player who is best at the game, he loves anything under a skirt and everyone knows that and also he is a friend to Daphne and Gaelly

Both were friends from childhood, and even though he loves everything under the skirt, he never for once thought of losing his friendship with these two.

"Hey piggy box, did you forget to hug me cause I am not the celebrant "Gaelly reprimand him, he hurriedly let go of Daphne rushing to Gaelly

"Sorry, chubby girl ''he was lost in the happy moment as he hugged her she smile widely

Chapter 2 Cheating Mate

It was the night of the full moon the whole pack members gathered together at the Alpha chambers to celebrate the coronation of the new Alpha

Alpha Grayson's father has given him half of their pack to rule, which makes him one of the Alpha now

Other noble blood from different packs were also invited to his coronation, everyone was happy, and the whole pack was Full of happiness

Some of the Wolf was there looking very happy, and many are there to find their mate, Daphne was not left out she hopes to see her mate among the gathering either sooner or later

Daphne and Gaelly walk to the Alpha. Chambers happily, with each taking a view of the environment and the wonderful design

They stop deadly on their track immediately they see Alpha Grayson

He looks so handsome more than the normal Grayson they normally see every day

"Wow, Piggy box, you are super cute "Gaelly complimented the young Alpha who smiles widely at her compliment


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