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Torn Between Both Worlds

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A simple human girl who didn't know her potential till she moved to a town. Avilla has always thought of herself as an ordinary human, but all that changed when she stumbled on her aunt's secret. It opened a lot of secrets and forced her to accept her nature. Being rejected means, you have to stop living in the werewolf world but not when you have a hybrid who finds her second chance in the arms of a vampire.

Chapter ONE

Rohan's POV

I ran through the woods as fast as my legs could carry me, my lungs were on fire, every breath I took was painful because of the harsh air I was taking in. I felt like I was running from a predator. I wanted to stop for air but I was far too gone, I did not want to risk them catching up to me, I pushed my legs to go faster as if my life depended on it, which it did for starters. I was one with the wind; I felt the tall grasses hit my bare legs, my legs bleeding from the scratches, the sharp edges of the grasses but no I could never stop.

I got scared when I heard someone behind me, were they catching up? I ran faster so I could lose them, I was getting tired but I had to keep going. I continued using my human strength to get ahead, I could see the finish line up ahead and that motivated me to push harder, I did not stop running until I could feel the tape against my chest. That was when I let out a laugh; well it was more like, I was wheezing because of the lack of air. I heard cheers from the spectators and I felt the happiness in my chest bubble to something more familiar, pride. I was d*mn proud of myself for finishing first.

I stood there as the others finished too, congratulating them on trying their best, I stood by the side of the fields drinking water, more like gulping it down.

My name is Rohan and I am a werewolf but once in a while my pack conducts a once-in-a-year race for us to run without any supernatural strength, they say it makes you not tap into your wolf strength till you need it. I shifted when I was six and I have been training ever since to be a warrior. This is my story.

I was born as a werewolf in a pack called stronghold pack, my family and I are all werewolves. I am the only son of my family and I am training to be a warrior, I am in high school and so is my sister Camilla. My alpha is one of the strongest in the werewolf kingdom and our pack is the most feared because both females and males were trained to fight. I have built my life here, my friends and family were happy here and I am too. Being a werewolf is exhilarating and stressful at the same, we get to run as fast as we can, our strength doubles as a wolf, our sight and sense of smell become heightened without emotions, not to mention our features. It is stressful because we have a hard time keeping our emotions in check, the more you control it, the more your wolf becomes aggressive. My Wolf's name is Ragnar, I named him that because he is aggressive and has major issues, he fights with me every time plus he is also snarky at times but I love him regardless. My parents raised Camilla and me to replace them as warriors when they are gone and that is why we train hard every day after school to become the best.

I got sidetracked when I felt a thump on my back, it was my friend Ben congratulating my victory while wheezing, I grinned at him making me thump my back harder for mocking him, and we participate in the race once a year to gain endurance and learn to fight without our wolves. I drank more water while waiting for the rest to catch up, I felt very proud of myself for coming first.

The results were called and I came in first place.

Ben, second place.

Camilla, third place.

David and the rest of the warriors coming last.

We congratulated ourselves and decided to hang out in a coffee shop, we hide our identities from humans because they are scared and dangerous to us, so we hide everything concerning our secrets and that is why we live in a gated community far away from humans but we go to human school so we don't look weird. We get to do a sort of things in our community like run fully shifted during the full moon, hunting, and pack training. The humans were not accepting of us and it made us wary and alert.

The thing about werewolves is that we hate silver and vampires but not as much as we hate rogues, they are the outlaws of Lycans, they operate without laws, and they are rash and always fight till death. The dirty alphas always use rogues to carry out their dirty deeds and killings. Rogues cannot be mind-linked nor do they have the bond other wolves in packs have, we can mind linking each other instead of just saying it out loud. It is the best and most effective way to communicate without other people hearing or even catching whatever we say.

I headed to the shower to take the stink from the races of my body, I thumped ben's back on my way before heading to the pack house, up to my room to have that shower, having spurts of cold water cascade down my back was bliss and I felt light for a minute. I danced a little in the shower, giving a full speech about how winning mattered to me. I turned off the water when Ben knocked on my room door announcing they were about to leave. I hurriedly rinsed off the soap from my body, rushing to my wardrobe to pick out something to wear and I was out the door like I had someone chasing me. The whole place was quiet as I wandered through the halls to the dining room already knowing that they have gone without me. The pack house is never quiet if we were all in it and that made me certain they left me.

I entered my car, checking the side mirrors before zooming off to the human land, I took my time because they already left without me, the least I could do is make them wait a long time for me, knowing Camilla she would be blowing her fuses now, she hates being late as much as she hates someone else being late. Imagining the look on her face brought a smile to mine and Ben wouldn't mind me being late, he is chill with whatever.

I drove below the speed limit because I wanted to piss them off the more. I knew Camilla was excited to meet this new boy in school, so she wanted me there to keep her in check when she is going overboard, she is quite a dramatic girl, the boy was human, and what she sees in him, I don't know but I knew she liked him.

I had no girlfriend, by choice anyway. I haven't found my mate yet but I didn't want to play around with a human regardless of how lonely it felt to not have a mate, they were emotionally fragile compared to us. And I didn’t want a weak human as a mate. Ben on the other hand loves the ladies, he has gained quite the reputation from our school as a passionate lover but what they don't know is that he is trying to keep himself from phasing and hurting them. He changes girls every week and he says it is because he has not yet found his mate but once he does, he will stop. I love Ben and he is my best friend but parading around with human girls is beginning to get tiring for him and everyone, not that he would ever admit it, I usually turn a blind eye to his shenanigans but it was getting too much seeing as they always left him for a human-like them. I have only dated one girl in my life and she was a warrior in our pack, we met during our hunting season and decided to give it a try since we were both eighteen and haven't found our mates yet, she found her mate later on and we broke it off, there were no hard feelings because we both knew it was a matter of time before each of us found our mates. After then I decided it was best if I stayed away from the relationship entirely, I was only interested in finding that one person the moon goddess created for me.

I finally got to the coffee shop, packing my car beside Ben's before strolling in like I owned the place, I almost laughed at the furious look on Camilla's face for coming late, I smiled to myself knowing it worked, that would show them for leaving without me. I got to the table...

"Why were you late?" She questioned haughtily.

"I was showering, something you would have known if you bothered to wait for me" I replied hotly.

"Whatever, he left a while ago so your presence is not needed here anymore" she added snidely

"Okay peach" I mocked her

She just rolled her eyes going back to press her phone, I was going to pay for that later, and I took a seat and faced Ben who has had a frown on his face ever since I got here. What gives?

"What did I miss?" I asked him

"Oh! Nothing, we already ordered without you" he replied distracted.

I looked over to where he was staring at but I saw nothing but Kenneth talking to Ben's recent girl, Melissa. I honestly saw nothing wrong with the pictures, it bothered Ben a lot because he kept staring at them.

"Can you believe this?" Ben asked me while staring at them.

Camilla looked up from her phone to answer him,

"Yeah, Melissa has been screwing Kenneth since last week.

“what?!!!" He shouted,

“I was training all through last week" he lowered his voice this time.

“Now you know why she switched men" Camilla replied before going back to her phone.

I told you, they always switch to humans like them leaving me to deal with Ben. He turned to me in outrage.

"I don't get women sometimes, I dedicated my time to making her happy and she cheats on me with a human?" He asked me.

I shrugged seeing as I couldn't get involved in another one of his girl’s problems, each time I get involved the matter escalates before ending badly and he blames me, I will let him sort this out himself.

"Sorry buddy, you are on your own this time" I thumped him on the back.

Camilla muttered “nice one” under her breath, smirking at me which Ben caught.

"What was that?" He asked Camilla

I gave her a subtle shake of my head but of course, she ignored it just like she ignores every other thing I say.

"Oh nothing, just that Rohan is trying to avoid your issues" she finished

Ben doubled back in shock staring at me she told him I just killed someone.

"Really?" He asked me

"No, no, no" I tried to defend myself sending Camilla a glare as she giggled, this was payback for coming late and making her crush go away.

"Is this why you always avoid me when I come to you with girl problems?" Ben asked me

"Look, each time I give you good advice, I end up making things worse and you keep blaming me" I opened up to him.

I continued explaining to him that he always does whatever is in his head after I am done advising him and when it doesn't work, he finds a way to blame me for letting him do as he pleased, it was tiring and also stressful for me. Ben finally realized what I was talking about, he rubbed the back of his neck as he apologized got being so selfish and oblivious.

Chapter TWO

Rohan's POV

He kept looking at the spot Melissa and Kenneth stood, watching her talk with him was bothering him because he looked crestfallen and I felt so sorry for him.

"You know what, forget about her. There are a lot of girls in school that would love to go out with you, pick any of them" I advised him

"No man, I really liked Melissa, I felt she like she got me. I don't think I can find anyone like her" he said still looking crestfallen.

"Come on man, you can't possibly think that, she didn't get you because she doesn't even know who you are or what you are, don't you think you are overselling her?" I asked him

“I am done with girls, for now, I rather wait for my mate, whoever she is," he said with a finality in his voice.

I looked over to Camilla and signaled her to help me out here but she ignored me as usual.

“I thought she was the one and now I will never find someone that can...".he trailed off staring at the door...



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