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The wounded luna

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Destiny weaves it’s Complex Fabric as Freya, the daughter of the pack's strongest beta, finds herself unexpectedly bound to Tobias, the brooding son of the Alpha. Their connection is anything but smooth sailing. Tobias, consumed by grief and resentment, holds Freya responsible for his sister's tragic loss. When Tobias had discovered the truth, he made a cruel decision. Instead of severing their bond outright, he chose to slowly unravel it, day by day, tearing apart each thread that bound them together. His sole aim was to make her suffer, to make her wish she never existed. On the day of her trial, Tobias planned to mock Freya and select another mate, pledging his life to someone else. But what happens when he learns that his sister, the very source of his anger, never actually died? Will Tobias' realize his mistakes? And how will Freya react to this shocking revelation?

Chapter 1

The past days had been dreadful for Freya, She really wished they'd just turn into a nightmare

she'd wake up from, but no, that wasn't possible because it was real, everything in that

happened was so real. Standing beside her Father the Beta, she was overcome with fear of

seeing him, the man that loathed and despised her with everything in him, Tobias, but avoiding

him would be inevitable as this was his father and mother's anniversary party.

She took in her surroundings, everything was decorated elegantly and beautifully. It was all

top-notch and perfect, nothing but the best for their Alpha and Luna.

Tobias stood there with a feeling of resentment, he didn't want to lay his eyes on her because he

might just kill her there and then, suddenly, he was hit with a tingling scent of vanilla that took

over his senses. It was so intoxicating that he wanted to know where it was coming from.

He followed the scent only to discover that his mate was the one who may have caused the

death of his beloved sister, Freya.

Both of their eyes locked, they felt a strong pull towards each other and their wolves

simultaneously said, 'Mate'

They both stood there frozen and in incredulity, how was this possible? Tobias' face morphed

into a more irritated and cold one as he walked away from her. A wave of pain and

disappointment enveloped Freya, there was this longing feeling deep inside her as her wolf


Moments passed and the party was in full swing, everyone seemed happy but something was

missing, rather someone, her death left a gap in many hearts.

Alpha Xavier stood up getting everyone's attention, he lifted his glass in the air and spoke up,

“Attention everyone, today as we celebrate my beautiful wife and my anniversary, but we also

remember our beloved daughter, Iris," As he said that everyone's eyes went to Freya and they

started murmuring, some looking at her with contempt and hate, others with disappointment.

She felt uncomfortable and wished for the ground to open up and swallow her right there.

"We remember her bravery and the joy she brought us, she was an amazing person to sum it all

up. " he halted his voice laced with so much emotion and teary-eyed, then continued, "To Iris. "

He toasted and everyone chorused the same.

Freya's POV.

After the party ended I was glad, I could finally sit in the comfort of my room where no one

would falsely accuse me of a crime I hadn't committed, even tho I would have a lot of trials to

attend, I wanted to keep the peace I had at this moment.

I sat by my window glancing at the woods where Iris and I loved to go for runs. unknowingly, I

drifted back to that moment when I lost her.


"Freya! Freya! " Iris called out interrupting my concentration, I looked up from the novel I was

reading and saw her figure approaching.

"Yes." I made a reply, putting the book onto my lap.

"I'm bored." She whined slumping next to me pouting.

I shot her an incredulous look, "Don't look at me like that, " She pouted, "Let's go for a run,

Annabelle and I need it." Annabelle was the name of her wolf and boy was she demanding, she

mostly wanted to be let out.

Knowing she'd persuade me anyway, I got up holding out my hand, "Let's go then. "

Her eyes lit up but she wasn't the only one happy, Alexa my wolf was elated too because I

hadn't let her out for a couple of days.

We both went to the woods and shifted into our wolves, Iris' wolf had light brown fur like the

Luna's, her mom, and had brown doe eyes, she was large and the same height as mine, while

mine had white fur like my Dad's but her eyes where piercing violet.

We both chased each other, as we always did, then had a running competition to see who was

the fastest and chased butterflies too, it was pleasant and rejuvenating. We finally decided on

going back but on our way, I suddenly had an ominous feeling, the hairs on my back suddenly

stood up and my senses heightened.

"Let's quickly get out of here. " I mind-linked Iris who was a bit behind me.

"Why? What's wrong?" She asked halting in her steps.

"I don't know, I've got an ominous feeling, let's hurry back. " I told her, then suddenly, I

sensed the presence of an unfamiliar wolf and before I knew, a black wolf launched at Iris, I

jumped at it and we got into a heated fight, Iris and I fought the wolf, biting and kicking but the

wolf was stronger and larger, he threw me away and my back collided with a tree. I groaned in

pain, as my sight obscured. We had no chance of winning and the black wolf had Iris in his

possession, I had to save her somehow, I needed to save her.

I picked myself up and ran to the pack house, I kept on going till I heard a howl followed by the

cracking of bones, he killed Iris. A howl left my lips, I returned to where I left them, and both the

unfamiliar wolf and Iris where no were to be seen, only a puddle of blood that scented like Iris'

remained. "Could he have eaten her? " I thought.

I immediately changed back grabbing some clothes and putting them on, tears started

streaming down my face as I realized that the wolf had killed her.

When everyone reached me, they pointed their fingers at me accusingly, "What have you done

to Iris?

"It wasn't me, there was a rogue, he's the one who did this," I tried defending myself but they

wouldn't listen.

"You're lying, they haven't been rogue in years and our protection is tight no outsider can breach

it. " They made their final verdict that I was the culprit.

I felt Tobias's strong arms around my neck choking me, I struggled gasping for air until my vision

started blurring and I blacked out.

End of Recap.

I shuddered at the horrible memory of losing my best friend. Maybe if I stayed I would have

saved her, maybe this wouldn't be happening now.

A lone tear escaped my eyes, why was all this happening to me, who was that black wolf and

why did he attack Iris? Many questions swarmed through my brain but I couldn't find any

answers to those questions. Sleeping was as scary as being awake because everywhere I was

haunted by either the people around me or my nightmares.

I gazed at a brightly lit sky filled with multiple stars, feeling exhausted but not ready to close my


Alas, I ended up falling asleep and the nightmares haunted me just like every night since she


Chapter 2

I awoke with a start, the cold sweat clinging to my skin as the echoes of Iris's agonizing howls

filled my ears. It was the same recurring nightmare, an unrelenting torment that haunted my

every moment of sleep.

The grief, guilt, and helplessness clawed at my chest, leaving me breathless in the darkness of

my room.

Blinking back the remnants of the dream, I noticed the soft rays of morning sunlight filtering

through the curtains.

Another day, another round of accusations. My body ached from the weight of the nightmares,

but there was no time for weakness. Today was the day of my trial, a day that could seal my fate

within the pack.

I pushed myself out of bed, the worn wooden floor feeling cool against my bare feet. The room,

once a sanctuary shared with Iris, now held only the echoes of our laughter and the unbearable

void left by her absence. A lump formed in my throat as I tried to shake off the memories


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