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The Wolf's Legacy

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"You didn't ask for the bite but you got it anyways, now you are one of us" A female voice entered Alexander's ears. After so many years of being hidden the supernatural world slowly emerges to the real world. All due to the hunt for power, the hunt for the Wolf's Legacy. During this hunt some teenagers are caught in the cross fire and drawn to the battle. One of them his Alexander Marshall a teenager beaten by the Primordial Alpha who possesses the Wolf's Legacy. Alexander is gifted with the Wolf's Legacy via the bite now danger lurks around him while he struggles for his survival, trying to protect his loved ones same time trying to live a normal life Protagonists of the story with a little description: (Name, age, background, personality, occupation and their relationship) Alexander Marshall, he is 18 years, he is from a wealthy family from another city, he has a very cool and calm personality, smart and funny, he is a student who takes a part time job as a shop keeper, Alexander is regarded as a rascal in his school and he doesn't seem to mind which puts him in a conflict with Douglas his rival/enemy. Alexander gets bitten by an Alpha werewolf so his life changes and becomes more difficult to balance between the supernatural world and normal life

Chapter 1: Back in Star Field High School


With numerous attempts of Night hunt for the Primordial Alpha Wolf not a single one was successful.

Although powerful injuries were delivered to the Primordial Alpha but in exchange, casualties of Alpha Wolf falling to their demise.

Not one or two but about a dozens of Alpha killed under the fangs and claws of the Primordial Alpha recently over the past few months. To further explain the power and strength of the Primordial Alpha the death count of Alphas, betas and omegas over the years weren't included in the aforementioned.

However not a single one of them was innocent, they all had blood on their hands before their death all due to ignorance and for the sake of power.

What power do they seek for? The Wolf's Legacy. The Primordial Alpha Wolf was the first ever created, Aged over a thousand years.  A legend among the history of werewolves.

Rumours had it he possessed the Wolf's Legacy, an unspeakable power which could be only be taken by killing the Primordial Alpha. But no one ever confirmed it.

The temptation of the Wolf's Legacy resulted to the countless non ending hunt attracting other Wolf's packs. However things are about to change.

Chapter 1: Back in Star Field High School

The dazzling light from above shone down penetrating into the room of the teenager and smashed down on his face. Apart from waking him up, he was unharmed.

Alexander yawned and slowly opened his eyes and the light hit his eyes making him groan and turn to the other side of the bed completely avoiding the light.

He went back to sleep. Just when he was enjoying the sleep peacefully a loud sound echoed in his eyes from the alarm which wiped out any traces of sleep from Alexander's eyes and then he gave up on the sleep.

"F*ck!" He exclaimed and grabbed the clock with his hand to smash down the alarm clock but he thought about his promise not to break another alarm clock to his aunt, he slowed dropped it back and stopped the annoying sound.

He was going to postpone the destruction of the alarm clock till when the shore had restocked so he could destroy this and buy a new one.

He shot a last glance at the alarm clock giving it a 'We shall meet again' look and then he forced himself to stand up using his two hands but a deep sharp pain struck him by surprise.

"Arrgh" He sounded grabbing his left hand then he used his right hand fingers to feel the area he felt pain.

He looked at the deep animal bite marks area and then a flash of last night incident replayed in his head and he thought about the animal that bit him but it was blurry. He had no idea but he would surely try to figure it out.

Alexander cleared his thoughts and went to bathe. Ten minutes later he was out and it took another ten minutes to get set for school. He spent most of his time battling with his mirror and wardrobe on what to wear moving to and fro.

After so many rounds of battle he finally emerged a winner. Looking into the mirror he was an handsome boy doned in a light blue T shirt with a blue leather jacket and a fitted black jean. His footwear was an ankle cover black designed shoe with a fabric of different colours attacked by the side bringing the quality of black out in a good outfit.

Alexander combed his hair with his left hand and the pain hit him again.

"Sh*t!" He muttered going to his first aid box, he took our spirit and used it in cleaning the wound. Enduring the pain he bit his lip and sealed the wound with a plaster and then covering it up with the bandage wraping if around the hand.

After that he rolled his sleeve down and took a good look at himself again. After confirming his appearance portrait his bad boy character he nodded in his mind and headed downstairs to the dinning room.

He scanned the dinning and saw two figures already sitting.

"Hey Alex" A young boy the age of 10 with a blond short hair and a cute face.  He was Maximus, Alexander's little cousin.

"Hey Max, hmm...looking good for the girls right?" He greeted back and commented on his looks after a quick look.

"As always" They did their signature handshake before he heard a sound.

" if he has any" a low voice was heard. While Max didn't heard because ran upstairs Alexander did hear so he tilted his head and locked eye with the owner of the voice.

"You came back late last night" The same female voice spoke again. Alexander gave a dull look at Abigail and then he frowned and ignored her but she continued.

"Why was that?"

"Hmm and I should tell you because?.." Alexander finally replied but it seemed she wasn't satisfied with the answer so her face became hard but the good part was that he managed to silent her.

Abigail was also his cousin, Max's elder sister but she was a pain in the *ss to Alexander. She was quite a beauty with her blonde hair packed as a ponytail behind her while some strands of hair fell to her side. She had a light red lipstick which brighten her face and which it smile it enhances the effect

Well they were both 17 but Alex was older by 6 months.

They had been at each other’s neck for years so it wasn't a new thing in the house anymore.

At that moment an older female figure walked in from the kitchen with two flat plates. She was in her early forties yet she was very young and still had her beauty maintained on her and most important she was Alex Favorite Aunt. And that was the reason he was staying with her but from his rich parent's view they sent him to stay with her as a punishment.

What a cool punishment. Why was he being punished? For being a rascal!

He made sure to always be most annoying and most troublesome student creating a ruckus in school. If it wasn't that his father way very wealthy and influential he would have been sent out of school.

So, his father made a decision to send him off to his aunt to continue his study, stripping of some of his benefits of his father's wealth. His allowance was cut very short and his assess to some asset were restricted but Alex cared less.

"Good Morning Miss Laurel" Alex's mood brightened up once again as he collected the plates and placed them on the table. He looked at the scrambled eggs on the table while digesting the scent of the food.

The scent alone could explain how delicious the food was. Although it was a simple plain meal but in the hands of his Aunty just her touch changes the story of the meal.

She prepared it perfectly, we'll set and more appetizing and very delicious. An example was the meal on the table by the side of the plate scrambled eggs, sliced tomato and onion garnished with mashed fish which were boiled beforehand. The other side had about 3-4 slices of bread depending on the owner of the plate.

Just staring at it almost made Alex drool.

"Good Morning Alex, you were out late last night hope you slept well?" She calmly asked in a concerned way. With her tone Alexander could detect she had been a bit worried last night but it had eased up.

"Yeah am so sorry I worried you, I was out with Raymond for Archery practice, by the time I was back I was so tired I went to bed straight" Alex said hiding the fact that he could barely remember how he got to bed last night and how he woke up with an animal bite mark on his hand which hurt like hell.

"Oh, the usual practice, just be careful I wouldn't want to start worrying" Miss Laurel gave a concerned look at him before moving to get her coffee to sip.

"Alright ma" After assuring her he shut all other voices and sound down to focus on the delicacy on his table.

"Oh d*mn" He moaned inwardly with pleasure as his teeth tore through the bread and crushed the eggs together with the fish, tomato and onion forcing out a juicy liquid which his tongue enjoyed before pushing it down his throat.

He craved for more! Alexander eat faster and finished everything.

He Gulped down the chilled drink and exhaled in satisfaction. Although he just finished his meal he was anticipating dinner meal already.

"The meal is amazing Ms. Laurel, I almost bit my tongue" Alex muttered.

When it's about a delicious meal Alexander wasn't stingy with comments.

"Awwn it's just a plain breakfast but at least someone knows how to appreciate a nice meal when they see one unlike some people" Ms. Laurel giggled and joked.

"Oh, c'mon Mom" Max and Abigail said in unison which led to another round of laughter.

Alex cleared out his plates to the kitchen when he came back the door bell sounded and got the attraction of everyone.

Silence filled the air for a moment because everyone had the same thought.

Who was there?

Chapter 2: Wait, we don't have that rule

Alex went to open the door and clear his curiosity. To his surprise he saw someone familiar.

"Hi Ms. Laurel, hey Max, hey Abby" Ray stuck his head out and greeted before entering. He moved towards them while Alexander went to his room to get his bag.

They greeted Ray back but for a reason he felt uncomfortable by the gaze of his Principal. Yeah, his Principal! Ms. Laurel was Alex's Aunty and also their High School Principal and well as expected she was nice but also very strict. I mean very that she made Ray afraid because he never knew what of her he would meet each them the see.

Whether it was the nice part of her of the very strict one.

Under the heavy gaze his eye shifted and connected to the delicacy on the table in front of Max and his eyes glowed like he had seen a treasure.

His mood brightened and switched to his agile self in an instant.

"Hold up is that scrambled eggs garnished with tomatoes and onions with... oh da


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