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The Third Alpha Mate

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I shouldn't have rejected you Then maybe we'd be happy together But you were never really meant for me either For once, the Moon Goddess was wrong in pairing us up When Blue discovers that her sister's long-time boyfriend is her fated mate, she rejects him at the same time. Devastated after this loss, the Alpha female finds solace in the arms of the son of the Alpha King of the Blue Blood Pack. With Joe, she has a close friendship; they are inseparable and happy. Blue even leaves her father's pack to move in with her best friend. But just when she thinks of having her life back on track, Alpha Michael of the Crystal Blood Pack steps forward and claims her as his destined mate. According to the Alpha, he has been waiting for her for ages and has no intention of giving her up. Her second chance mate. Joe, the protective friend or Michael the ruthless Alpha who dared to kidnap her to his packhouse. One of them will have to let her go….

My Sister

Three pairs of angry eyes hold me in their sight while the thundering sound of wolf paws warns that they are getting closer. Their aggressive growling does not bode well for me if they manage to get their hands on me. These wolves are targeting me, they were waiting for me in the woods and I just foolishly fell into their trap. What exactly they want from me and what I have done wrong to incur their wrath is still a mystery to me. I am not sure if I will live long enough to get the answer to this question.

They are gaining ground, getting closer by every second.

My breath runs short, my fate is sealed. I force Era, my wolf, to go faster, but I know she is already at the end of her strength. And then there is a ravine in front of us, we fail to reduce speed in time. We've been here before, know this part of the wood but fear now has us in its grip. We slide down first until a protruding bush breaks our fall, but it cannot prevent us from rolling further until we land with a hard blow in the valley.

Era snorted in pain, the crash knocked the remaining air out of her lungs. Looking up, we see those three pairs of eyes staring down at us fiercely.

The largest of them goes on its hind legs to announce their victory, a deep growl echoes through the forest. If only I hadn't been so emotional to tear myself away from Josh and foolishly flee into the woods! If I had reacted more maturely and said the right words to destroy the remaining bond with my ex-mate forever, I would not be lying here, at the mercy of these three scary wolves.

Slowly they descend, their eyes fixed on me.

I am their prey, my fate is in their hands. I just need one more attempt to get myself to safety. Era tries to roll onto her side to get back on her feet. She partially succeeds. But the pain shooting through her side is almost unbearable. We have to get out of here before the three reach us. And when she tries to get on her legs we notice that two were broken during the fall. Maybe they were already injured by our fast run and we hadn't felt it in our haste.

Era shrieks of misery.

We are not yet ready to die, there are still many who love us. And then they reach us, those three devils. They circle around us, licking their lips and eyes blood red. The big black wolf shifts and I see an unknown, large-built man standing in front of me. His face is as if carved from stone, his aura promises nothing more than evil.

"Shift!" he orders, his sharp fangs intimidatingly exposed. I hesitate. Under no circumstances do I want to stand naked in front of three male wolves who clearly have nothing good in mind.

When his order is not carried out quickly enough, he growls again menacingly and snaps his jaws in Era's face.

"Shift, little wolf," he growls angrily. "Don't make me repeat myself. Patience is not my strong suit". Era rolls away from our attackers and then shifts. I try to hide behind a bush, but one devil steps forward and pulls me out of my hiding place. Standing in my birth attire before the preying eyes, they take me in from head to toe, staring emphatically at my boobs and the triangle between my legs.

"What do you want from me? Who are you?" I ask shakily.

The other two shift, their features identical, they could pass for triplets. The three look at each other and burst out laughing.

"She has a voice," mocks one. "I'd like to hear more of that. Why don't we enjoy her first before we finish the job?" he suggests to the other two. "Then we kill two birds with one stone. Money and pleasure. This is the best work assignment I've ever received. Look at that mouth, we can do nice things with that," he taunts me when he notices I'm shocked by his words.

"Hey, the woman didn't say we could each only have a single turn either. We can keep her as long as we want. She just has to be alive when we're done with her," the giant wolf, who is clearly the leader brings in. "Guys, the mission is clear. She must stay alive".

Now everything has become clear to me.

Someone wants to harm me, these men are bribed to r*p* me. So, the person paying them just wants to teach me a lesson. And by the Moon Goddess, I know no one but my sister, Alexis, who is capable of this. Everybody in the pack loves me, I don't have issues with anybody. And this happens just when she and my ex-mate are back in the pack.

'Moon Goddess, don't let this be true. Let it be someone else but not Alexis,' I pray with my eyes closed. And then I feel a hand go over my boobs and another on my butt. "Hmmm, you sure smell good," one of my assailants growls softly with his face on my neck. I cry as I feel a finger inserted into my core and a tongue licking my n*ppl*s. I am now sure this is my last day on earth; these three have no intention of sparing me.

"She's still a virgin!" one suddenly exclaims in surprise.

Fear grips me, stiffened I stand in my place with my eyes closed, praying to Selene. Tears fall down my cheeks, my teeth chatter with fear. "Little one, don't worry. We're going easy on you. Just a little while longer and you will tremble with pleasure," the leader taunts. His finger in my p*ssy thrusts faster and deeper, I can barely stand the pain. "Please, let me go. I don't know what I did wrong, but let me go," I beg in a whisper.

And without notice, a lethal howl raises all heads. Even I forget my distress for a second.

Open-mouthed, I look into the eyes of the biggest wolf I have ever seen.

This is no Beta or Gamma, no ordinary Alpha either. The authority he exudes makes the three of them fall to their knees...

He Arrives

Three days earlier

Here I sit, high on the hillside, watching them drive into the pack land in their expensive latest model Maserati. My sister and my fated mate. Or rather, my ex fated whom I gave up for the sake of my sister's happiness. Josh, the Alpha of the Paxton Pack, my sister's childhood boyfriend, turned out to be my fated mate at eighteen.

They just visit Storm Forest by necessity.

It's been about two years since Josh left here and took my sister with him to be the Luna of his pack. The couple never visited my parents after that day. No doubt that was Alexis' decision; she goes to great lengths to avoid an encounter between her mate and me. But now that my pack has decided to make their Alpha’s birthday the most memorable event of all time, the two cannot fabricate any acceptable excuse for their absence. So Alexis has no choice but to face me again; her little sister and the one she considers her most risky rival.

For about two


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