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The Spurned Heir

The Spurned Heir

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Layla Kellen was hated and spurned from birth. She is the daughter of the most powerful and well known Alpha of the Shadow Pack, but then she was termed a demon. Why? Her birth caused the death of her mother through the most painful labour ever recorded. Also, she was born with differently coloured eyes; Red and blue. Everyone, including her father spurned her and she was treated like a slave. It all got worse when her father got a new Luna who gave him a son and daughter. It became worse when she found out her mate was the son of her father's greatest enemy. Would he kill her or reject her instantly? Layla was left in the realm of pain. No one knew the kind of hybrid she was. All that was not known till the day her pack was almost entirely wiped out by the demon clan, shockingly headed by the new Luna, a demon in disguise.

Chapter 1

I was spurned. Everyone in the Shadow Pack treats me like a slave all because I was born causing pain instead of joy which other pups bring when born. It was terrible being hated from birth for something you know nothing about, I grew up to find out what I did and how strange I am. I woke up before the sun could rise and quickly stepped out of my bed feeling weak but yet I dare not lay back or I would have my bones broken, I will be beaten like a non-living thing! I can just call myself, a slave, an omega or maybe lower than all this. Dad had been hating me and always gets enraged each time he sees me, he keeps telling me how he regrets being my father, he won't stop threatening to kill or banish me away. All this was because I killed my mother, but was that the truth?? I have no right to justify, that's what everyone concluded, my mother passed away after going through very painful labour, She made sure I never die and risked her life to give birth to me, the pain of labour which she passed through that night was still lingering on everyone's lips, I heard she was convulsing, I heard her legs were full of blood, I heard many things that were so painful, I can't help but wonder how she could have felt, how she must have cursed me for making her pass through such an excruciating pain... What do you expect from a wolf who is awkward, strange and demon alike?. It was said that when her scream became so much intense, Dad who was also feeling the pain of his mate had left the waiting room and barge into the labour room to check on her, He saw how painful the labour was and ordered them to kill me to save his beloved wife, but then right in his eyes she made the last attempt to give birth to me which she succeeded, I finally came out but at the same time, she fell into a coma, Later the next two days, mom died, my mother died and that was the same time my strange appearance came in. My different coloured eyes and the burning power In me, I knew I was a wolf but at the same time, I am something else, it was like my body was divided into two, I could feel another strange power in me but I can't use it and I'm even weak all the time!! Dad had mated with another werewolf and they had gotten two children, a boy and a girl, 14and 13 respectively, they are an addition to my pain. Walking out of the room, my eyes caught my reflection in the mirror and I shut my eyes not wanting to see more of my miserable self. My name is Layla, I got the surname Kellen but I don't tell it to people because no one would believe except those who knew when I was born. Like, who would believe I am the daughter of the Alpha King Kellen, a name feared by other packs around us, my father Dolph Kellen had rose to great power after he conquered two packs and took over it, this made other packs respects him like a god because he was so powerful and his wolf is one of the most furious. I opened my eyes and moved back the fringe of my dirty black hair which was crying to be washed and perm to look straight and beautiful like it should be, My eyes were still heavy and I wished to sleep more, after having a late sleep last night, I needed more sleep but I dare not go back to bed or would miss my daily chores which gonna lead to another round of beating... Today, I would finally be sneaking to school, yes, I have made up my mind to have a glimpse of that great school were different wolf from other pack gathers for learning, I know I am bound from stepping out but my curiosity won't let me be, I already found a secret passway, my father and his luna alongside the beta would be visiting a neighbouring pack, Today is my only opportunity and I just can't lose it, the only people who had eyes on me are leaving so I should go over and have a glance before running back. Dolph my father kept me bound in the house out of shame as he believed I would disgrace his lineage if people sees me, I was his first heir but came with nothing but sadness, taking his beloved wife made me his sadness and for sure, his hatred for me would never go away till death, I'm spurned by him, his heart rejects everything about me and that makes me a slave instantly instead of a royal princess, well, he doesn't even regard me as his daughter. I'm 17 years old and yesterday had been my first day of shifting, it was so painful, the pain is so excruciating, I was in my room all alone as I first successfully turned into a wolf, I had thought I would die as my whole bone crack and heat filled me up... I cried as it all happened, my skin was on fire, my inner energy seemed to be seeping away, all my muscles enlarged and reform, you can't tell how glad I was, how glad my wolf Daciana was after I succeeded, it kept leaping as it was free finally. I was also happy and knew soon, it would be easy to shift without any pain, but something was strange after that shift, I felt another animal in me, I felt something else in me like another kind of beast but I can't just tell, each time I try talking to it, there would be no reply, it seems to be sleeping... Well, I don't care much about it, at least I'm not pregnant and it isn't affecting my wolf. I got not have much time to enjoy my wolf being as I turned back to my human nature to complete my endless chores... I looked back to the mirror and hissed reciting my daily prayer, "can this different coloured eyeball be removed please..." I pleaded to the moon goddess in my mind. "Kayla, you have wasted much time, be quick and let's head to school, I can't wait to see other handsome wolves, who knows my mate would be there!" Daciana my inner wolf said to me and I smiled at it, "With these blue and red eyes and the fact that my birth killed the Luna, do you think we have a hope of having a mate??" I shrugged feeling another wave of rejection. "Oh, God!!..

Layla, she is coming!" My wolf screamed and I knew who it was already. Scarlett, my stepmom... Gosh!! I quickly ran to the kitchen with an extreme speed, arranging the plates by sizes, I started washing... "Oh, it lie made you begin your chores quickly...".

Daciana chuckled making me laugh too. She is just my reason to be happy, she is the only living being who hasn't rejected me... After some minutes, I was done, I picked the broom and began to sweep the whole sitting room and hallways... I was bent over sweeping the last hallway feeling very tired but can't even rest, today is different, a little mistake, Dad would shatter my little joy of going to school so I need to please him all the much even if he can't notice it... My legs quivered as more waves of weakness rushed through me... I was even feeling so sleepy and dizzy... Just then the broomstick hit someone on the head as I raised it awkwardly out of tiredness... I looked up weakly and shock swept through me... There was Scarlett the new Luna, the second wife to my father, my second mother, there is no need to call her my mother because she isn't, her hatred for me can't be measured. " I'm...sorry...I..." My voice was cut short with a heavy slap that sent me on the ground, "You can never kill me like you killed your mother, you little devil!!!" She yelled angrily, her face pure red as she gave me another kick on my belly making me yelp... She picked the broom and slammed my back sending a rush of pains all over me and just then, so strangely I felt the urge to shift and devour her, It wasn't to shift into a wolf but to something else that seemed to be that sleeping beast in me....

Chapter 2

"Layla, I feel some strange presence in here..." I heard my wolf said making me bite my lower lips, I swallowed the lump in my throat shutting my eyes so tight, the feeling was so strange and unusual, it has never happened and I feared what would be the result. I don't know what I would turn into, my greatest fear was to become something that would take the life of the second Luna, the beast in me seemed to be a furious one. A kick landed on my belly again in a way that I almost vomit out blood, I opened my eyes to plead for mercy, I was wrong to hit her, I was wrong not to see her coming, there was no way I would be expecting someone to come over at that time of the day... "Please, I'm..very sorry.." I pleaded to the hot-tempered Luna making her stare at me breathing heavily like she wants to eat me. "Can you just tell me why the alpha king is still keeping you alive?? are a demon, a killer!!! have no right to live in this world!!!&qu


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