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The Runaway Alpha Queen

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"Why should I believe you?! You're not a human and we don't belong to each other. Go home, be the Alpha Queen that they want!" I'm not expecting that I have fallen in love with the creature I hate the most. I just can't accept that I tried owning the Alpha Queen. Rejecting mate with the Prince who was chosen by her father, Crystal Finn ran away from her Pack, and unexpectedly she arrived at the City where Zion Enrique lived. Zion is a goddammit billionaire who was obsessed with taking innocent things and that includes Crystal. Crystal was unfamiliar with human nature, her beauty captured Zion so he took advantage of that and made her his property. Little did he know that Crystal was just using him to hide her identity so that her peers would not find her. On every blue moon, Crystal changes to her full transformation. On every half moon, her eyes turn red, which means someone should die. On every quarter moon, she looks like an angel that captures human's eyes. And there is only one person she wanted, the one who owned her before and the man who changed her mind about the world. Will the Alpha Queen manage to get her love back that tamed her months ago?

CHAPTER 1 Prologue

Crystal Point Of View

Everyone is busy right now, planning for the upcoming hunt I'll be taking. It's really suffocating. The King has always been strict with my life and that sucks. I'll be turning legal age and let the King turn over all the responsibilities to me as their Alpha, but all I wanted is a different environment. I'm tired of hiding in the woods.

Now that I'm taking my father's place, I must hunt and find my mate for their sake. They didn't believe that I could manage myself alone and lead all the Packs.

What should I do now?! I'm trapped with this f*ck*ng tradition. I don't wanna be an Alpha.

"Crystal, are you ready?" I was shocked at the moment I heard the question from the King.

"The packs are waiting for you... it's time," He said.

Well I guess, I don't have a way out.

"Yeah, let's go," I forced myself to smile at him.

I followed the King on the way.

He lifted the curtain and greeted everyone.

"My fellow wolves and other creatures that all gather here in the woods. I'm very happy to introduce our new Alpha, my only daughter, Crystal Finn!"

All of them are screaming and celebrating. That's my sign to get out there and make a speech.

"Hello, everybody. I just wanna say thank you to all of you that are here to witness this... wow, amazing ceremony as I take the responsibilities as your new Alpha. I'll lead this kingdom with my best and don't let the other packs or kingdom try to execute even one of us," Most of what I said is true.

If I'm going to be an Alpha, I'll do my best to serve them. I love these packs even if I know there are some of them that are not into us.

After that, the party started. My father is really happy about it and proud to have me.

"I'm so proud of you, daughter. I know that you'll be a good leader and wife to your mate. As soon as you finally chose the candidates for the hunt," I froze at what he said.

He keeps bringing that up.

And the worst part is, all of the candidates are here also to enjoy the party and celebrate with us. That is what I know and I think I'm not wrong about that because I can see Blake Woods coming.

"Hey there, Alpha," he greeted me.

I turn to the King to give him a look for privacy. He seems to notice it.

"Uh, I'll go entertain the packs. See you around, daughter." He kissed my forehead first then gazed at Blake. "I'll leave my daughter to you, excuse me."

Once we are alone. I gave Blake a dead stare. "Who do you think you are?"


Tss, idiot.

"Oh, are you mad because I came to greet you in front of the King? Well then, I'm sorry about that. But I just want to congratulate you for being the next Alpha, we're going to be a good leader by the way," I was confused by what he said.

"What do you mean we?" I asked.

He answered my question full of confidence. "I mean, I'm the one you're gonna choose at the hunt, right? Why do we have to take it longer if we all know that I'm gonna be your mate." I laughed because of that.

"Tss. Didn't mean to stroke your ego but I'm not going to marry anyone. Especially you..." I remarked then to leave him alone.

Such a pain in the *ss. He's full of himself.

As I walked around, I unluckily saw my cousins grinning at me. Here we go again.

"Cousin!" Themedeus called me.

I just stop walking cause I know they are going to approach me like hell. D*mn.

"What's up?" I asked bored.

"I thought you don't want to be an Alpha, then why suddenly you are speaking nonsense earlier? Huh?" It's still Themedeus.

"Theme, stop. You're not respecting her, she's the Alpha," Chris reminded him, my other cousin, who had more sense in the family.

"So what? She's still the Crystal we know, Chris. Don't be scared of her, she can't beat us," Themedeus told him.

I let out a sigh. "Are you done? If you're not happy about what the King's decision is, maybe you should talk to him and not me."

"It's not my fault if he didn't want you to be the next Alpha," I added and his eyes are now on fire. I could tease him all the time.

"Why you... Little..."

"What?" I gave him a look.

"What's going on here?" We were stunned when we heard the King. He's in the back of my two beloved cousins.


"King Damian... we were just congratulating Crystal, right Themedeus?" Chris reasoned nervously.

The King looked at both of us.

"Ah yeah, I'm happy that the new Alpha happens to be Crystal," Theme is really something, he is using his blood to blind everyone with his lies.

I just nodded to give the King confirmation.

"I'll take a rest, father. Tomorrow is the last hunt, right?"

"Oh yes. I think you really need some rest," I was relieved when he agreed.

I didn't think twice to leave them there and decided to go to my room and take the rest that I wanted.

As I woke up in the morning, there were unfamiliar feelings inside me. My head is kinda spinning so when the door opens, I can't see the servants properly.

"Good morning, Alpha. The King wants to remind you to get ready for the hunt for today ..." I heard someone say.

I can't remember what I drank last night but why do I feel like I have a hangover?

As soon as I can see clearly, I look at them.

"Yeah, tell him that I'm just going to take my bath and eat then I'll meet him on the throne," I replied, bowing before leaving.

Minutes before they left, I finally decided to get out of my bed and get myself ready. Not for the hunt but to escape. I made my decision, I'm not mating with anyone.

I want to prove to my father that I can take care of the packs just by myself. I don't need someone to guide me with my leadership.

I pack all the things that I need and hide them inside the plants near my window. I'm sure that no one will find it here so I took my shower and dressed properly.

As soon as I go out, I meet the other waitress and they politely greet me. I just smiled back and quickly went to the dining area to have my breakfast. I found them preparing food and noticed that the King was not there.

"Have the King eaten?" I asked the waiters, then seated in my spot.

One of them nodded. "Yes, Alpha. He'll just leave to talk to the remaining candidates in the hunt," replied the one who placed the plate in front of me.

"Is that so? You can leave now, you've prepared enough for me, after all, I'm the only one who will eat," I stopped them even though they would have put some more.

"Alright, Alpha..."

I smiled thankfully and then started eating the meals.

Then I stood up to peek at those in the kitchen. They seemed surprised to see me.

"I'm done, I enjoyed the food. Thank you ..." I left them stunned there and then walked to the King's whereabouts.

Once I arrived, all of them turned in my direction and then showed respect as I just approached the King.

"Sorry for being late, I have just finished my breakfast ..." I started in a low voice.

"It's fine. Shall we start the hunt?"

I nodded as I answered and he just smiled.

"Okay, now that the Alpha is here. Let's start the last day of the Hunt. You have to show your skills and survive until the afternoon. When the night comes, it's time for the Alpha to choose one of you to be her mate and rule the packs together. The blue moon will help her to make some decisions. Good luck ... "

All of us stand up and then gather outside the Kingdom for us to officially begin the last Hunt. It will take time and I'm sure that they will try to tame me, as if they can, especially Blake. Tsk.

"Gentlemen, on your feet. Begin!" That's the signal, they will run into the woods to find each other and fight back.

The strongest who stay are the ones needed here and they can't come back until noon. And then the only one who can return safely is the one who can be with me to change form when the blue moon comes and that is the signal for me to choose one of them which I will not do.

CHAPTER 2 Runaway

Crystal Point Of View

By the time I finished my transformation I had little time to escape because I knew it would be dark around for a few minutes made of clouds. And that's my chance to run away.

I just hope I succeed and they don't find me. But I believe in myself. No one has beaten my speed yet so I am confident that they will not catch up with me even if it is the King.

What's the use of being the Alpha?

In a few minutes, the time will come to an end and they will be given a signal to return. It's only a matter of time before the sun goes down, and the moon will come out.

"Julio ... it's time," the King told his personal servant to give them a sign.

I looked at my cousins with wide smiles on their faces. I know that Themedeus' smile is just for show, he is waiting for what I will do.

A few moments later the remaining princes returned and there were only three of them including Blake who gave me a big smile. The strength of his self -con


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