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The Rejected Mate

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"She was shy. She was kind. She was quiet. She went unheeded. He was merciless. He was cruel. He was captivating. He was the storm. The first time he set his eyes on her he regarded her with a blank look, and the second time he uttered the words that would crush her world. " "I Damien Blackwood, Future Alpha of Midnight Moon Pack Reject you Serenity Martins as my mate and future Luna", he says with a blank look. Serenity Martins is a young she-wolf, who had a crush on her future Alpha Damien Blackwood when she finds out that he is her mate but loves someone else her human best friend. So what happens when Serenity goes back after 3 years for her best friend's wedding, her past is catching up to her.. something she has never told anyone, a bit of jealousy, rage, and a surprise in the form of a little bundle of joy. "

Chapter 1 homecoming


*ring ring*

Waking up to the sound of the annoying ringing of her phone, which was threatening to ruin her blissful sleep, wasn't an ideal way to start a new day. Groaning in her sleep, she tries to reach for her phone and when she got a hold of it, she presses the answer button blindly, and she hears the person on the other side talking like a car that was travelling at 100 km per hour.

Her sleep induced mind couldn't comprehend their rushed and excited words. She was tempted to just cut the call, since she was already dozing off. Half conscious, it takes her a good few seconds to understand two things, that :-

1) The caller is her best friend of 4 years.

2) She is screaming.

She looks at the alarm clock, that she keeps on her nightstand, and her eyes widen incredulously when she sees what time it was.

"Jesus Christ woman! Why are you screaming? It is four freaking am in the morning." Serenity ask Courtney, her best friend, with disbelief lacing her tone.

They have known each other ever since we were fourteen. Courtney being the Beta's daughter and Serenity, being the adopted daughter of the Gamma's, their fathers were all close friends along with the Alpha's Family.

"I need you to come back" she answered.

"What? Why??" Serenity couldn't understand why Courtney would ask her such a thing after what happened. Courtney knew why Serenity left in the first place. She was the one who helped her to leave.

"Well, first, because I'm getting married and secondly, you're the maid of honor, sweetie. So of course I need you to come back and everyone here misses you so bad.

Honestly, it's been what? Like three years now? I think it's about time you come back home, I miss my best friend." She whispers the last part. Sadness laces her voice, making Serenity feel guilty.

Inhaling in a deep breath, knowing that leaving the pack hurt not only herself, but Courtney and the rest of her family. It would've hurt more, if she had stayed and watched her own downfall take place in front of her two eyes. She clear her throat, trying to push away the guilt and the sudden pang she felt forming in her chest away.

"I don't know Court, it's been too long, and I don't think I can handle-" she's cut off by Courtney.

"You know d*mn well that you're one of the strongest she-wolf I've ever seen in my life, Serenity. You could just ignore him, and you can also bring Matthew with you." She could picture Courtney wiggling her perfectly arched eyebrows suggestively at her while speaking the last part.

Honestly speaking, Serenity didn't know what she would've done if Courtney hadn't come into her life. Courtney knew when Serenity started doubting herself and took it upon herself to remind Serenity that worth so much more that she thought.

She releases a sigh in defeat and says "Okay".

Regretting saying yes instantly when she hears Courtney squealing and scream on the other line, she pulls the phone away from her ears before Courtney decides to scream like a banshee again.

That girl had too much energy, that to this early in the morning.

"Oh God, I hope I don't burst my ear drums", Serenity thinks to myself.

Her wandering thoughts are cut-off by Courtney saying, "Well it's fixed then. You should be here by Wednesday, and the wedding is in two weeks. We have a lot of preparations left to do, and you better not be late." She threatens.

She gulps hearing the warning in her words. Courtney might look like an angel, but she's a little firecracker. No wonder why her brother was whipped.

"Okay, I'll be there, bridezilla." She mock Courtney.

She hears voices in the background. Someone was talking and Courtney saying "Okay. I've got to go. Bye. Love you".

"I love you too Court." she's met with the beeping sound, reminding her that Courtney had hung up. It seems like she's already busy with the preparations.

Serenity sighs. It's been a long time since last she had spoken to Courtney and her family back home. Talking to them brings back memories of him and what she would've had. It's useless thinking about it now.

Serenity had been there to see it all and endure the pain of seeing her mate getting married to her other best friend. She was angry and sad for the most part, but she couldn't blame Emily. She was oblivious to the fact that he was Serenity's mate and since she is a human, she will never have a mate of her own.

The worst feeling was when she had to give up on her mate even though she didn't want to, but she had to.

She left soon after they announced their wedding. She could not handle the pain of seeing them both together. She had not been in touch with the pack ever since, and it's been three years since then.

Emily Christy was a human among their pack of werewolves. She was found abandoned in a small basket near the pack border by some patrol guards twenty years ago while they were on patrol.

The Alpha and Luna, being the kind people that they were, took her in instantly. They made her a member of the pack, not caring that she was a human, and Serenity respected them for rescuing her instead of abandoning her like most would do.

It was uncommon to find humans among werewolves, since they are supernaturals and like their peace.

Humans in between them meant trouble, for the most part. You never know who would snitch about their existence.

Emily, Courtney and Serenity have been best friends since they were fourteen and they were all inseparable ever since. Emily was loved by everyone and was what you call 'A Social Butterfly'. She was in a relationship with Damien Blackwood, which made her even more popular among the pack members. Damien was the future Alpha of Midnight Moon Pack and Serenity's long time crush.

Although Serenity had a huge crush on Damien, cue word "had', at least that's what she liked to tell herself, but she knows she was lying to herself and if she happens to see him again...all those bottled up feelings are ought to come out once again, all those feelings she tried to bury deep down inside of her would stir back up.

She had never acted upon her feelings for him because he was their future Alpha and plus, he was scary and intimidating, and it's against girl code to steal your best friend's boyfriend.

'Even if he turns out to be your mate' Serenity's wolf, Selene speaks up, causing her to scoff at her own line of thoughts.

Serenity was sure that someone like Damien would never even notice someone like her, a female with boring chocolate-brown hair and hazel brown eyes, when he has someone like Emily. She had golden blonde hair and blue eyes, and of course she was his girlfriend.

Serenity was self-conscious of herself back then and used to hide herself in baggy clothes because they made her feel comfortable.

She had grown out of her shyness since then.

She didn't want to ruin their perfect relationship. Furthermore, she had admired their relationship for a while too, even envied it.

Damien was cruel and cold most of the time. While Emily was an angel. They were polar opposites. Maybe that was the reason they got together in the first place. As the saying goes, 'opposites attract'.

Like some cliché story where the good girl changes the bad boy.

She pushes all the past memories away and smiles when her thoughts trail to a certain dirty blond-haired male.

She suddenly realizes that today is Monday and Courtney expects her to be there by Wednesday, she groans and realizes she had to call Matthew and let him know.

Dialing Matthew's number, he picks up on the third ring.

"Hey Sera, what's up?"...she doesn't answer him right away, which makes him realize his mistake, causing him to huff dramatically. "Okay, I won't call you that anymore, Serenity".

'He's so sassy for a guy' Selene, her wolf, thinks.

He takes notice of her heavy breathing and her silence, making him alert and ask her in a voice of concern.

"Serenity? Are you okay? What happ-?" she cuts him off by saying, "We have to go back home." She says it all in one go, so she wouldn't have to repeat herself.

"Why? Did anything happen with your family? Are they okay? Is it because of him?" He asks her, causing her to draw in a deep breath and tell him how Courtney was getting married and that being the maid of honor, she would have to be there by Wednesday.

"So, will you come with me as my date?" She waits hesitantly for his reply. "Serenity" he says.

"Yes-ss" she stutters, and curses under her breath for feeling so nervous all of a sudden. Her stuttering causes Matthew to chuckle at her adorableness. She waits for his answer, fearing that he would say no.

"I would love to, but would you be okay?" He asks while emphasizing the word love, causing Serenity to smile at his words of concern.

"Yes, of course. I will have you by my side. Okay, I got to go. This girl needs her beauty sleep." She replies with a bye and they hang up.

Honestly, this is the third time in the past two years that she had felt herself feel this way. Feel vulnerable.

She realizes that this was going to be her first time going back home, and seeing her family and the whole pack after three whole years of no contact with them, also including him after his marriage with Emily.

She sighs as a rollercoaster of emotions surges through her. Furthermore, she felt excited for Courtney and anxious and scared for herself.

One thing that she definitely was that this was going to be one hell of a ride.

Chapter 2 homecoming

*3 Years Ago*

Almost taking a tumble-down from her bed when she hears the shrill sound of her alarm clock going off. Serenity groans and stuffs her face into her pillow and try to get a few more minutes of sleep, while reaching to turn off the alarm.

Right when she was about to doze off again into her own dream world, her bedroom door burst open and hears a voice shout. "Wakey! Wakey!" Really? What age did Courtney think she was? Four years old?.

"Go away and get your annoying ass out of my room and let me sleep peacefully for another 5 minutes." Serenity mumbles sleepily.

She hears silence for the next few moments, so she assumes that Courtney might've really listened to her request this once. Huh? That's a first. Her surprise is short-lived when someone jumps and lands on her back, causing Serenity to groan in pain.

"No way! You are going to wake up right now or else I'm going to pour cold water all over you like last time." Courtney replies evilly.


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