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The Rejected Blind Luna

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It's a command and not a request, look me in the eyes," he let out. "I said look me in the eyes," he yelled louder that I couldn't help but shiver. "She's blind," someone let out in the crowd. I could feel my legs go weak. "Are you blind?" he asked but I kept mute. "Don't let me repeat myself, are you blind?" he yelled in frustration. "Yes," I said with a teary and shaky voice. "A blind Mate," he yelled out for everyone to hear. "The moon Goddess must be great to have given me a blind mate, a useless and weak one! What can a blind person do? They are of no use," he let out as those words hit me hard. "You would never be good enough for me and therefore it would be a waste to have you as my mate," he said as my legs went weak, I couldn't help it as I fell to the floor. I wished that he could stop because all his words were assassinating to the heart. "I, Alpha Ace-King reject you for a mate."



Review after the novel completion

This story was okay,but it lacked details and it was confusing,we didn't know what happened after Ray kidnapped her from kai's pack and how she gave birth,how she escaped and how she lived in ray's pack before escaping,the story was nice but it was really confusing..also I don't get how she was pregnant for ray but after mating with khai,she also became pregnant with both her 1st mate and second chance mate kids and gave birth to twins,while one was ray's son and the other was khai's son,this was the first time I read a werewolf story that something like this happened and it was really weird knowing that she gave birth to twins but they had different fathers..also Simon was just so lovely and amazing,he was such a patient and caring mate,he wasn't like Sabrina's first mate"ray"who rejected her because of what his blind ex lover did to him,and then he had to pass his anger and hatred onto Sabrina who was innocent just because she was also blind,he was such a piece of shit,and he had to kidnapp her just because he heard the moon goodess cursed him and his pack for humiliating&rejecting his mate&he could break the curse if he got his mate and kid back,such an asshole..while Kai was good&also loving&caring,but he wasn't able to do anything when Tiana and his mom tortured and humiliated Sabrina,he was kindof a coward,he didn't consider her feelings,if he really loved and cared for her he would have let her go when she insisted,because of what she went through being his mate but he was greedy and kept prioritizing himself saying she was his,and he was acting so possesive,but Simon was always there,and supported her even after she ignored him,and she couldn't feel the mate bond at first❤️he always supported🙃her

June 7, 2024

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