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The Rejected Blind Luna

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It's a command and not a request, look me in the eyes," he let out. "I said look me in the eyes," he yelled louder that I couldn't help but shiver. "She's blind," someone let out in the crowd. I could feel my legs go weak. "Are you blind?" he asked but I kept mute. "Don't let me repeat myself, are you blind?" he yelled in frustration. "Yes," I said with a teary and shaky voice. "A blind Mate," he yelled out for everyone to hear. "The moon Goddess must be great to have given me a blind mate, a useless and weak one! What can a blind person do? They are of no use," he let out as those words hit me hard. "You would never be good enough for me and therefore it would be a waste to have you as my mate," he said as my legs went weak, I couldn't help it as I fell to the floor. I wished that he could stop because all his words were assassinating to the heart. "I, Alpha Ace-King reject you for a mate."


Zapharai Maayeh

Review after half of the novel

Well the author kind of skipped some story lines but you can sort of sort it out from the context of subsequent chapters I do like the story so far but I have not gotten in the book very far I hope things work out for the blind she wolf it is cool that her twins have different fathers but I really do not like that the one who saved her married the one who almost killed her hope it’s better

January 15, 2024

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