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The Rejected Alpha's mate Reviews



Review after the novel completion

Still making an opinion but I really hope she doesn't accept Liam. I never understand why these women go back to men who treat them like shit. I mean he tortured and imprisoned her for God sake. Also, if the Moon goddess knows all, she should punish Liam and take the mate bond from him. He doesn't deserve his mate. Lily showed up and saved him and the pack. Is that not enough proof of her innocence? I'm on team Danny!!

December 10, 2023

AfaKasi Suga

Review after half of the novel

I am really enjoying this book. The suspense is perfect timing. And so far it has everything… love, betrayal, truth and friendship. Now I am just waiting for justice. I will say that it is a little heartbreaking that the characters don’t talk to their wolves but all in all it’s been a great read so far and I just can’t put it down. One thing for me was that the hierarchy seemed a little off… there is a prince but no king and I thought that the king/prince was higher than the alpha… but it don’t matter, great storyline.

December 9, 2023


Review after the novel completion

Amazing plot. The love-hate emotions are so clear, makes the story exited and so easy to read. Found a couple of misspellings that need to be worked on, and some parts are consume in regards as the relationships. A couple of loose ends on many chapters that could be easily resolved with some proofreading. Other than that, love Lily’s character, and I wished she had given more fight against the Alpha. A very enjoyable story, I ‘ll definitely will read more stories of this author.

November 28, 2023