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The Playboy Alpha Is My Mate

The Playboy Alpha Is My Mate

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What would you do when your mate says you were just a mere one night stand sl*t!?. Althea was embarrassed, broken and betrayed by her Elijah, the soon to be alpha of the crescent moon pack, they had a one night stand and he didn't just call her a one night stand sl*t but he also uploaded her n*de pictures to the school website. She fled on her 16th birthday, 2 years later, she came back to Crescent moon high school to take revenge on Elijah. But she discovered something, Elijah was her mate!. But that wasn't going to stop her from having her revenge for whatever he had done to her, she was going to get her revenge on Elijah then she noticed that she had a vampire mate named devyn. What was she going to tell her newly appeared Vampire mate about her two years old daughter. Was war going to break out between the vampires and werewolves as a result of the fact that neither devyn nor Elijah was going to let go of her so easily...

Chapter 1


I fought the urge to bit my lower lip hard as I felt the never ending burn inside my tummy, everywhere felt hot, so hot that if I wasn't hand cuffed, I would be stripping off my clothes.

I could tell just by looking at these girls that they were fed aphrodisiac just like they fed me.


How did this happen?.

Then I felt a presence in front of me and before I could blink, I was pinned to the bed then a Grey Goose Vodka kiss came crashing down to mine.



A painful groan escaped my lips immediately I felt a hard head ache hit me hard, what was going on?.

My head spun as I looked around my surroundings, where am I?, This was clearly not my room!.

The strange room I found myself in was a beautiful sight to behold but at that moment, I couldn't appreciate the auspacious designs as I tried to figure out where the fuck I was!

All I could remember was that I had come to the Danna club which was the most famous club in U.S with my best friend Rhianna and I ended up drunk then....

I have no memory of coming to this room!

The alcohol which was burning deep inside my body was almost close to unquenchable. Groaning again, I turned a little and my eyes widened, my heart skipped a bit, my breathing was suspended, I laid there frozen as I stared at the guy laying next to me.

No, not just an ordinary guy, she didn't need anyone to tell her who this was!, How did Elijah...

I almost screamed in horror as I stared at him....

Elijah wasn't just an ordinary man, he was the most feared and dangerous soon-to-be alpha in the whole of U.S.A. How did this happen?!. This man was feared and worshipped by all the people, including his own father, they couldn't bring him down even if they tried.

My eyes drifted to the dried blood which stained the pure white sheets, tainting its pure appearance. I was completely naked under the sheets and ofcourse, he was too.

Slowly and quietly, I slid down from the bed and then I stood up but ended up slipping and landing on my butt.

"Ouch"A soft Yelp escaped my lips as I rubbed my b*tt to ease the pain, my v*gina was red and swollen sending pain around my waist to my leg, he never went easy on me huh?.

Standing up again with my shaky legs, I grabbed my clothes only for each piece of the clothes to fall down like water and that was when it occur to me....he tore my clothes into shreds!.

Hah!, This guy hates me so much, he didn't go easy on me and on top that, he also tore my clothes into shreds and now i was stranded, I don't want to  see the judgmental disgust on his face immediately he looks at her, he might probably think i was a cheap slut who would give my body to a total stranger on our first meeting.

Though I don't remember how i met him last night.

I dragged my foots slowly as a result of the undescribable pain in my V, when I was close enough to him, I grabbed his shirt which was just next  to him before putting it on.

Though it stopped at my mid thighs, at least it was better than walking out n*ked.

My cheeks reddened as his cologne which was lingering around his shirt hit my nose.

Turning around, I ran out of the door as quick as I could, fortunately for me, it was late morning so not much people were around to see me in this disgraceful state but also.... unfortunately for me, I bumped into a guy who I remembered to be Elijah's best buddy.

He was quite popular too and I think his name is Robert.

" so sorry"I muttered apologetically but instead he ignored my apology and grabbed my wrist, staring at me like he found me quite familiar.

"You were with Elijah right?, but I think I know you, your Alexa right??"Gary asked with a mischievous smirk on his face and I kept quiet.

"Excuse me, I am in a hurry"I said and ran passed him before he could say anything, hell!, I can't wait because before I left the room, Elijah was clearly waking up and he had find me there, I'd be screwed.

I should know one thing for sure..... it is a dangerous alpha I just f**ked with and that too Elijah, the worst and most dangerous one of all.


I walked passed the huge sign post which clearly wrote in a capital letter 'WELCOME TO CRESCENT MOON HIGH'.

Then a magnificent and auspacious building came to view, the atmosphere of the building screamed life as students walked in pairs, talking and laughing.

I, who was actually the weirdo who never had even a smidge of friend nor have I ever associated with any of them, upon passing them, people threw their attention at him, whispering unknown words and throwing hateful glares at my direction, not like it bothered me anyways.

I was used to it or should I say?, I was used to things more worse than this.

"Hello alexa, or should I call you, grade A f**ker!?"

Upon hearing the little but Angelic voice, I froze for a second, ofcourse, I recognized this voice very well, hell!, I don't think I will ever forget this voice even in thirty years more to come.

Turning around, my icy blue eyes met forest green orbs, her blonde hair was packed in a high pony.

Her red lips tilted up into a mischievous smirk, it was no other person but Melissa, the gamma's daughter and also the school's queen bee.

"Congratulations in getting popular over night, by the ways, isn't that what you had always wanted"Melissa said, her voice menacing.

"I didn't have a problem in you getting popular but what is making me mad right now is.....why is it Elijah of all people?, why is it Elijah you decided to use as a bait to get the fame"She added, her canines emerging which showed that her wolf was at the surface, about to take over.

I move back a little, fear enveloping my whole body as I thought of an available escape route.

"Melissa, let her be, the fame she'd get..... don't you think is very good for a person like her"One of her minions spat out with a sly smirk on her face while Marissa joined.

Adverting my gaze towards the crowd of people gathered, probably to see the little show that was too entertaining to miss.

But except from that, I noticed something, people were glaring ferociously at me like they'd eat me up if they were given the chance.

But the question is, what did I do?.

~I didn't have a problem in you getting popular but what is making me mad right now is.....why is it Elijah of all people?, why is it Elijah you decided to use as a bait to get the fame~

The voice rang in my head and my eyes widened, that was when it occur to me that they had found out about the one night stand which occurred between I and their future Alpha.

Chapter 2

Alexa's pov~

""I stuttered not knowing what to say, even if I was to defend myself, the students wouldn't believe me no matter what!

Melissa grabbed my hair roughly and started dragging me while I struggled, I kicked, I thrashed but it was completely useless because Melissa was like, the strongest she wolf in school, she was like an opposite version of me , I had dark hair, blue eyes and chocolate skin while she had golden sun kissed hair, forest green eyes and fair Beautiful skin.

She was a very strong and big brown wolf while I was a weird, nerdy but infamous girl without a wolf.

Before this incident, I was basically invincible but now I had something that I detest the most which was attention.

But this wasn't the *Admiring* type of attention but the opposite of it.

The way they glared at me was like I was an unwanted and most disgusting wrench in the world.

"let me go!, I said let me go!!"I yel


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