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When a prophecy came about an Alpha and his mate, all supernaturals awaited their arrival. It was said that his mate would be a vessel to an unknown power so great it could wipe out a specie. The Alpha is meant to be with his mate where together they would protect their kind and ensure that they don't go extinct. But what happens when king of the cold bloods knows of this prophecy and wants the girl for himself? How will the mates defeat the power obsessed king? What also happens when the moon goddess makes a mistake that almost costs the Alpha his mate? Read to find out! PS: Not your regular werewolf story.

Chapter 1

The witches of the Celestial underground city concluded their incantations for a spell they had been working on, a spell to notify them of when the prophesied Alpha and his mate would be born. This was the best they could do, they had no way to know from which family precisely they would come from.

“Have you been able to decipher and get the complete prophecy?” Alpha Nigel asked the head witch.

“Not yet Alpha, just the little you know of, were still trying to get in touch with other witches from other underground cities” the head witch replied.

“Just to be clear, we only know he will come from a human family, right?” Alpha Nigel asked.

“That’s correct”

“Okay, notify your sister witches from other clans, I shall have a meeting with their Alphas to think of a way to identify the humans” he stated and stood up to leave.

He soon set out to meet the Alphas at a chosen location. Each Alpha arrived with an elder witch from their cities.

Werewolves and witches have had an alliance for generations now, they discovered they were safer if they not only stayed together but also, they coexisted better together. Knowing how werewolves had mates bestowed to them, witches were sure not to meddle with their bonds.

The moon goddess has made them brothers and sisters of each other where a bond can only be created with a witch present as a witness to recite the bond spell. The moon goddess and her sister, the goddess of the witches saw that from the beginning of witches and werewolves existing, they would need each other to survive. So instead of having a were meet his mate and mark each other, then mate to complete their bond, they would instead need witches to activate the bond.

“Alpha Andrew” Alpha Nigel called and they shook hands.

“Thank you all for agreeing to this meeting on such short notice, we have matters arising that are of utmost importance” Alpha Nigel announced.

“What is this about? Is it rogues?” one asked.

“We haven’t had any of those in centuries since we built underground cities and left our pack houses” one said.

“Calm down everyone” Alpha Nigel called and gestured for an elder witch from his city to speak.

“Dear Alphas and Sister witches, we have an urgent matter that has come to our attention and we must all work together to know of its truth. My sister got a vision from the witch goddess and moon goddess, she’s a seer, they informed her of a message for us. A prophecy.” Aeldra said “They directed her to an old scroll where a legend had been foretold. We followed the directions as much as we could and found only a few pieces of the scroll and a few spells. The legend speaks of an Alpha to be born from human parents and would serve as a vessel of great power. He shall be able to shift from infancy and his mate shall be the carrier of said power. After they complete the mating process, he shall be the strongest Alpha to ever exist, he shall be king, he shall be the one true Alpha.”

“An Alpha to be born from humans would be the strongest? This is ridiculous” an arrogant alpha said.

“Take it as no joke Alpha Edwin, your individual elder witches know we speak the truth” she confidently said.

“It’s true Alpha Edwin, as she spoke I saw images of the scroll and where they had found it” an elder witch from Edwin’s city said.

“She could have made a spell to make you see it in order to deceive us” Edwin said again.

“The one true Alpha is the key to our survival from the Vampires, you all know how much they have terrorised us and have forced us into hiding and be rest assured if they find out about this prophecy, they will find a way to either kill the Alpha or his mate” Aeldra spoke in hopes that they would listen to her.

“Let’s see the scroll” one shouted from a distance.

Aeldra looked at her sister Thea and motioned for her to present the scroll. As she did, everyone saw that it had been ripped in half, a part of it missing.

“It is possible that the missing half could have had information on where and how to find the Alpha, but my sisters and I have found an incomplete spell that will need all witches to gather and recite it together, the witch goddess has said that the rest of the words will come to us as we recite it together” Thea announced.

At this time Alpha Nigel stood and said “Now you see why we all need to work together, we also need doctors stationed across human hospitals to monitor any strange births, they are to announce immediately so that we can get the Alpha and his mate to safety. I also think it is best to have a specific spell, one that summons an elder witch to their location and the said witch can mindlink their Alphas about it”

The meeting ended with the agreement that the true alpha to be born must be protected. They travelled back to their various cities using their claws to create an opening through the barrier that protected the city.

Witches of old had to learn the art of concealing themselves and their surroundings and so taught their people from generations to generations. With vampires being immortal, it was the best way to stay protected from their attacks.

The prophecy is a symbol of hope to all werewolves. In less than a week, the news about the foretold prophecy no longer was a legend but a prophecy. Many looked forward to the birth of the Alpha, many also hoped they would birth the Alpha’s mate.

Alpha Nigel and his mate who had no children of their own waited for the True Alpha. The prayed to the moon goddess for the child to be raised in their city. They would raise him as their own.

Their prayers came true one day after ten years of waiting. One would think they had lost hope, or that the werewolves began to doubt the prophecy, but no, as the years went by, their hopes increased and they somehow didn’t doubt his coming. Every werewolf was ready to fight as his side when the time came.

Aeldra while in a meeting with Alpha Nigel about their city matters heard a voice summoning her, it was the voice of the werewolf doctor from their pack. As she looked at Alpha Nigel, he understood and with a nod Aeldra vanished and appeared to the young doctor.

The human mother was bleeding and the young lad had felt that her child was no human, he knew for a fact it was the True Alpha’s presence, he felt the power the baby held.

Aeldra watched by the side as the woman fought for her life. The woman looked at Aeldra and for some reason she knew who Aeldra was.

“You’re here for him aren’t you” she asked tiredly as pushed.

“You know about the prophecy” Aeldra stated.

“I had a vision, two women appeared to me and told me about him” she said weakly.

She screamed in agony as she pushed her last and the baby popped out of her. There was blood everywhere. Aeldra and the doctor gasped at the sight of the child, it was not a human baby she gave birth to but a pup.

Aeldra gave the child to its mother and he shifted into a human baby. Just then a realization dawned on Aeldra, she heard the moon goddess. The child is able to shift at will without having to wait until he grew to the age of eighteen years.

The child’s mother smiled at her child and her eyes grew weak. “Take care of my boy” she told Aeldra.

Aeldra nodded knowing there was nothing she could do to save the woman.

The young mother looked at her baby one more time before weakly handing it over to Aerlda.

Aerlda took the child in her arms and made a simple spell that made a feeding bottle appear in her hand. She cooed the baby in her arms as she fed him.

Soon she sensed the presence of another creature, one that was not a werewolf. The creature was light weighted and she knew for a fact it was a cold blood.

The presence she felt became greater that made her restless, the child in her arms could feel it as well and began to wail. This could only mean one thing.

“Quick” she told the young doctor. “Take the child to the city, go! , hurry!”. She handed the child over and created a portal. Just as the doctor stepped into it, cold blood appeared, about five of them, they snarled and tried to catch the doct or but he had vanished.

Aerlda looked at them and with a smirk disappeared as well.

Chapter 2

"Alpha Nigel, where is the child” Aerlda asked as she stepped into the council chamber.

“He’s here, sleeping” said Luna Daisy. She had comforted the restless child and she rocked him as he slept.

“The doctor told us you were ambushed by cold bloods”

“They know of the prophecy; they came to kill him” Aerlda stated.

“What about the boy’s mother?” he asked.

“Dead, I threw some spells in the building, it should clean up everything” Aerlda said.

As they spoke, they felt someone seeking permission to enter their barrier. Only a witch could do so, Aerlda vanished and appeared at the border.

Witches from other cities had arrived. They had also felt the immense power from the birth of the child.

Aerlda allowed them into the city and closed the barrier back. They went back to Alpha Nigel’s Council chamber.

“It is time, we must find the missing pieces of the legend” Aerlda voiced.

For hours they chanted not giving up until they s


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