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The Omega's fate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: E.S.Q
  • Chapters: 120
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 15.4K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 7


Born as a werewolf in the royal family was everybody's dream, but for Lyne, it was like living in hell because she had no wolf or so she thought. After the death of her mother, she is left in the cruel world of being an outcast and a freak among her half-siblings. But fate had other plans for her through a mutual contract, she is forced to marry a handsome vampire named Zeidan and she believes her hell had just begun. She is wrong as she has to deal with Luana, a ruthless female vampire who's in love with Zeidan and as will prove her worth by helping him defeat the Werecats, their core enemies.


"Where the hell is she?"

Lyne resisted the urge to curse as she heard her step-sister's voice in the corridor.

She packed her bags with force, lips pouted as she detests the family trip to the South Jungle. The jungle is a heritage passed down to their Father as the royal family and that is where they spend their vacation.

Living with eight siblings which all are her steps has been a living hell for her as she has had to live with discrimination and bullying for years. And for what? Simply because she doesn't have a wolf. Turning 21 next year without a mate, she cared less but it only made her a laughing stock the more.

She has been told stories about her mother and father several times by Akeila, an old seer in the pack. She knew her mother was very beautiful with golden hair like hers. Slender body and red lips. She was told her mother was a great warrior even though she wasn't a wolf. That was one reason why Styx, her father had chosen to keep her as one of his wives. When her mother, Gillian was pregnant, Akeila said she foresaw that her baby was going to be a savior to the whole pack and was going to be very powerful. The packs and other royal household members were awaiting a baby with a huge powerful wolf inside of her until they were told she was pure human just like her mother. She became a disappointment to everyone asides from her mother who didn't have the opportunity to see her grow as she died on the battlefield when she was barely a month old.

With tears in her eyes, she replayed the words of her sisters in her head.

'You mean nothing to us. You mean nothing to everyone.'

Korba, her most hated stepsister who was preparing for her marriage soon with Azrael, stepped into her room.

Azrael, the chief warrior who is also a leader of the wolf army has been Lyne's biggest crush since she was eight. When she was a kid, she would often run towards the field to watch him train others without his shirt on. She has always fantasized about herself in his arms and she knew if Azrael had lured her to his bed, she wouldn't think twice before giving in.

All her dreams shattered when she overheard her Father talking with him.

"I'd love to arrange the wedding between your daughter and I soon. I would want to marry her after this month." She heard his deep voice as she was on her way to the King's chamber to report her sisters to him.

Her heart skipped a beat as she wondered who it could be. Who was Azrael's mate amongst the King's daughters? Could it be her? But her face fell when she heard him say next.

"Korba has grown into a beautiful young woman. It won't be nice to keep her waiting after all these years."

She should have known. Who would want to mate with a mixed breed? Her mother was human and her father a wolverine, and she doesn't have a wolf. Slowly, her dreams crashed and she forgot about trying to fit in the boxes of her family.

"Looks like someone's mood has been ruined." A wry voice sounded behind Lyne, and she was snapped back to reality.

Korba Rook, twenty-one years old with thick black hair that sits on her head like wool. Her skin as pale as a ghost and her lips always cracked. Her eyes sunk into their sockets. Her cheekbones are protruded and her tall lanky body makes her look like she can break anytime.

Her full profile can make anyone think she's always sick.

So this was the woman Azrael, the most powerful and handsome man she knows has chosen to marry. Although Lyne was also slim, she had a good shape that could pass for a model. Her long golden colored hair brought out her soft pink colored skin. This color matches her red tiny lips, long lashes, and blue eyes that looked like the ocean. She wondered if Azrael is suffering from any eye problem.

"No one's mood is ruined," Lyne replied to her sister as she kept packing her bags. "I'm just doing what I'm meant to do. Follow everybody's rules since I don't matter to anyone."

"What a fool," Korba spat, her face crumpled in disdain. "How do you expect to matter to anyone if you are not one of us? Why you don't even have talent."

"Of course, I do. What would you say about my dreams that come true?" She inquired mildly.

"Oh my God! Baby, that's a coincidence," her sister placed a hand on her shoulder.

"And it's nonsense—"

"Nonsense? How?" Lyne dropped the cloth she was holding before turning to her sister. "I can't believe you're saying this. My dream saved our Father, remember?"

"You mean, almost killed him? You lured the werecats with your nonsense!" They were both standing, faces inches apart. The hatred between them grew as usual.

Lyne raised a brow, "I wasn't the one wearing a scent strong enough to bring them to our pride. You were supposed to protect Father as a wolf that you claim to be, why weren't you there?"

There was silence for a while as Korba looked away defeated.

"This isn't over yet, freak!" With that, she turned and left the room.


Zeidan Bran stood in front of the long window in his office, overlooking the city. A glass of scotch in hand, he dipped his left hand in his pocket.

He is a good six inches tall, has dark brows, and his hair a rich dark brown, matching the color of his eyes, brown. His broad stature gives him a handsome profile. He is every girl's dream man but he knows that he can only marry one of his kind.

Someone bold enough to carry on with him. A woman with enough wisdom to run his Kingdom in the underworld. And he knew that person is no other than Luana, the beautiful but ruthless fighter.

Zeidan is very well aware of the rumors about her in the Vampire city about how tough and wicked she is. She was even nicknamed the ' terror Queen'. He had sent her a message for them to talk over dinner at a fancy restaurant.

The elevator bell chimed and he believed Luana has arrived. However, he was wrong for as he turned, he barely escaped a knife that swiped past his nose. Thank God for vampire speed.

"Who do we have here? The werecats?" He called out with scorn as the three men in grey and black long coats stepped into his office. They were all wearing hats.

Despite their uniformed dresses, Zeidan could still make out who they are.

"Gorge, Tate, Reyns. To whom do I owe this visit?"

"You do know why we are here, Zeidan," Tate called, his hoarse voice barely audible.

"If you're talking about the Onyx, till you die and reincarnate in a million years, you will never have your hands on it. Not while it's still in my possession." He made to walk past them when the trio drew out their weapons and started fighting him.

His speed was making it hard for others to tame him. While Tate and Reyns kept fighting him, Gorge was looking for the Onyx.

Looking around the big office, he was wondering where to start searching when he noticed a tiny light shining out of a room.

With a smile on his face, he stepped toward the room.

"Come here treasure," he chuckled and made to enter but was met with a kick on the face making him fall flat.

Looking up, his face turned into one who's in despair. Long brown and curly hair, black eyes, seductive lips, and body. Swaying her hips towards Gorge, the others saw her from afar and vanished.

"Well, I do always fancy a fight before enjoyment." Her thick long eyelashes batted her cheeks as she looked up at Zeidan who looked rough already, but still good-looking.

"These werecats are known to be quite rogues, if I remember correctly, my father has waged war against them times without number for overstepping their boundaries." A speculative smile played on her beautiful lips.

"It's a shame you Cats won't learn at all from your past experiences."

Gorge cleared his throat before rising to his feet. "The Onyx is our heritage, we won't rest until we have it."

With that, he vanished into thin air as well. Leaving her alone with Zeidan.

"Pests they are!" She sighed before sitting on one of the executive chairs. Dressed in black pants and a flower-printed top that did little to conceal her breast.

"Who are you?" Zeidan asked as he moved towards her.

"I'm Luana," she crossed her legs.


"How did you get in?" He inquired, brows furrowing. He looked at the elevator and back.

"You didn't walk in through that, did you?"

Luana's laughter filled the room before standing up to the long window, where the Werecats knife had been through. She ran her fingers across the damage before replying.

"I guess you weren't told that I'm not some random girl. I'm nothing like the ones you relate to within your world," her lips twitched as she said the last two words.

"Why did you choose here anyway?" She walked back to where Zeidan was seated.

"It's my way of relaxing. Living here is okay to me because for a few moments, I forget I'm a vampire King."

"Trying to neglect duties, isn't it?" He felt her breath behind him. Her hands were running over his chest. He checked the wall clock and realized it was 10:00 pm already.

He stood up and held Luana between his arms, allowing his lips to crush hers.

"You do know why I called you here, don't y


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