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The Lycan's Werewolf Mate

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Skylar Starlight. You are sentenced to death for having consorted with a member of our worst enemies clan... The lycans. And this sentence is irrevocable." said the wise old man as a final verdict. so here is the fate that destiny has in store for Skylar, In a world where destiny dictates every move. Skylar, a heartbroken werewolf is suddenly overtaken by the cruel law of their world when she was just beginning to believe in love again thanks to a handsome lycan. However, their love is not without its challenges as their packs forbid their union. Although the differences in their beliefs and behaviors seem insurmountable, Skylar is determined to make it work. Will Skylar and her Lycan lover defy the odds and prove that love knows no boundaries? Or will their love story come to a tragic end? Join Skylar on her journey of love, acceptance, and the power of destiny amidst cruelty, hatred, defiance and thirst for power, in a thrilling tale that will leave you breathless until the very end.

Chapter 1: a tragic love triangle

Skylar stood in the shadows, watching as her crush danced with his destined mate at prom. She had been secretly in love with him for years, but she knew it was foolish to think he would ever notice her. As the night wore on, she felt her heart shatter into a million pieces as she watched them leave the dance floor, hand in hand.She couldn't bear to watch any longer. She turned and ran out of the ballroom, tears streaming down her face. She stumbled down the hallway and out the door, gasping for breath. She collapsed onto a bench outside, her mind racing with thoughts of what could have been.As she sat there, lost in her own thoughts, she heard footsteps approaching. She looked up and saw her crush, Celeste, standing in front of her."Sky, are you okay?" he asked, concern etched on his face.Skylar couldn't speak. She just stared at him, her heart racing."Skylar, please say something," Celeste pleaded."I-I'm fine," she stammered, trying to compose herself."Are you sure? You ran out of the dance pretty quickly," he said, sitting down next to her."I just needed some air," she replied, avoiding his gaze."Skylar, I know we've been friends for a long time, but there's something I need to tell you," he said, taking her hand.Skylar's heart skipped a beat. Could this be it? Was he finally going to tell her he felt the same way?"I know you have feelings for me, Skylar," Celeste said, his voice soft. "And I want you to know that I care about you deeply. But there's something you need to know."Skylar's heart sank. She knew what was coming next."I'm destined to be with someone else," he said, his eyes filled with sadness.Skylar felt like she had been punched in the gut. She had always known about the werewolf mating bond, but she had allowed herself to hope that he would choose her."Who?" Skylar asked, trying to keep her voice steady."It's Sarah," Celeste said, his voice barely above a whisper.Skylar felt like she had been stabbed in the heart. Sarah had always been her biggest rival, but now she was going to lose Celeste to her forever."I'm sorry, Sky," Celeste said, standing up. "I hope we can still be friends."She nodded numbly, unable to speak. Celeste walked away, leaving her alone and heartbroken.As the night wore on, she tried to distract herself by talking to her friends and dancing with other guys, but her eyes kept straying back to Celeste. She couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy every time she saw him with his date.As the night drew to a close, she realized that her dreams of being with him would never come true. She watched as he and his date left the dance floor, their fingers entwined, and felt her heart shatter into a million pieces.Suddenly, she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around to see her best friend, Lily, looking at her with concern."Sky, are you okay?" Lily asked, her brow furrowed.Skylar forced a smile. "Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little tired, I guess."Lily didn't look convinced. "Come on, let's go get some fresh air."Skylar followed Lily out onto the balcony, where they leaned against the railing and looked out at the night sky. After a few minutes of silence, Lily spoke up."You know, Sky, I've been watching you all night. And I can tell that something's bothering you."Skylar sighed, leaning her head against the cool metal railing. "It's just Celeste. I've had a crush on him forever, and seeing him with someone else just...hurts."Lily nodded sympathetically. "I know it hurts, Skylar. But you can't keep holding onto something that's not meant to be. Maybe it's time to move on and find someone who will appreciate you for who you are."Skylar nodded, grateful for Lily's words of wisdom. "You're right, Lily. I need to start living my life for me, not for someone else."As they made their way back into the ballroom, Skylar felt a renewed sense of confidence. She spotted Celeste across the room, but this time, she didn't feel the same sense of longing. Instead, she felt a sense of freedom, knowing that she was finally ready to let go of the past and embrace her future.But just as she was starting to enjoy the night, she heard a commotion near the entrance of the ballroom. People were gasping and shouting, and Skylar pushed her way through the crowd to see what was happening.As she got closer, she saw Sarah lying motionless on the ground, surrounded by a group of concerned students. Celeste was kneeling beside her, cradling her head in his lap and looking absolutely terrified."What happened?"she asked, her heart racing.Celeste looked up at her, his eyes wide with fear. "I don't know. We were dancing, and then she just collapsed."Skylar felt a lump form in her throat. "Is she okay?"He shook his head, tears welling up in his eyes. "I don't know. Someone call an ambulance!"Skylar watched in horror as the paramedics rushed into the ballroom, carrying a stretcher. Sarah was whisked away, and Celeste looked at Skylar with a haunted expression."I don't know what to do," he said, his voice shaking.She put a comforting hand on his shoulder. "It's going to be okay, Tyler. We'll get through this together."As they waited for news on Sarah, Skylar couldn't help but wonder what would happen next. Would she finally have a chance with him, now that his current relationship was in jeopardy? Or would she be forced to watch from the sidelines once again? The thought left her feeling anxious and uncertain,for now, focusing instead on supporting him.After what felt like an eternity, a doctor finally emerged from the emergency room. Skylar and Celeste rushed over to him, both of them looking anxious and worried."How is she?" Celeste asked, his voice trembling.The doctor looked at them both with a serious expression. "She's stable, but it was a close call. She's going to need some rest and recovery time, but she should be okay."Skylar breathed a sigh of relief, feeling the tension in her body release. "Thank goodness," she said, smiling at Celeste. "I'm so glad she's going to be okay."Celeste nodded, looking grateful and relieved. "Thank you so much for being here, Skylar. I don't know what I would have done without you."Skylar smiled, feeling her heart flutter at his words. "Of course, Celeste. I'm here for you. Whatever you need."Celeste looked at her with a deep sense of gratitude, and for a moment, Skylar felt like everything might be okay. Maybe this was the start of something new between them, a chance for her to finally be with the man she had been secretly in love with for years.At that moment, Celeste came into Sarah's room to see her. As Celeste entered the room, Sarah's face lit up with a smile. "Hey, Sarah! How are you feeling?" he asked.Celeste smiled back at Sarah. "I'm feeling better now that I'm here with you," she said.He walked over to the bed to sit down next to her.Skylar watched as Celeste's eyes lingered on Sarah, and she couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy. She had always known that Celeste was not in love with her, but seeing him look at Sarah with such tenderness made her heart ache.Suddenly, Celeste stood up from his chair and walked over where Sarah was . "I'm so glad you're okay, Sarah," he said, leaning down to kiss her on the forehead.Skylar felt a sharp pain in her chest as she watched Celeste kiss Sarah. She knew that she shouldn't be jealous, but she couldn't help it. She had always wanted Celeste to look at her the way he was looking at Sarah.Skylar watched him , feeling a sense of hopelessness wash over her. She knew now that she could never be with Celeste, not when he was so clearly in love with someone else.As she walked out of the hospital, Skylar made a decision. She was done with love. It was too painful, too complicated. From now on, she would focus on her career and her friends. Love was not for her, and she was okay with that.She didn't know that the future held many surprises for her.

Chapter 2: The magical encounter

It was 8 p.m.. Skylar walked home from her part-time job, lost in thought. She had been trying to move on from her unrequited love with Celeste for weeks, but it seemed impossible. As she walked, she couldn't help but think about the one person who had captured her heart and refused to let go.Lost in her thoughts, she didn't notice the figure walking towards her until she was almost upon him. She looked up and saw a tall, handsome man with chiseled features that seemed to have been carved by the gods themselves. He had piercing blue eyes that seemed to look right through her, and for a moment, Skylar was lost in them."Excuse me," the man said, breaking her trance. "Are you okay?"Skylar shook her head, realizing she had been staring. "Yes, sorry. I'm fine," she replied.The man smiled at her, and Skylar felt her heart skip


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