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The Luna's second mate

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Melanie is a a friendly but strong werewolf. With a smile of gold and heart of diamond. First child of Alpha Lucas of Ivory pack. People look up to her as a Luna but she's a Luna without a mate. Which leaves her devastated and weak. Constantly enduring the insults of her cousins and her tormenting half sister. The moon goddess decides to shine her luck on her but her mate refuses to be with her. After her rejection she acknowledges the fact that she will remain mateless and she decides to explore herself more and she leaves her city. During her journey she ends in a one night stand with a stranger. Melanie did not believe the tale of the second mate but she found herself one. Things go well with her new mate but when she finds out he is a vampire and he finds out she's a werewolf their friendship weakened. But connection they feel is strong and they fall deeper in love Destiny takes a turn on them as her first mate comes back to reclaim her but she is already in love with another person........

Chapter 1

Chapter one

"Here comes Princess Melanie." A blonde girl said with a plummy voice.

Melanie scoffed as she ignored her cousin's remark, she groaned inwardly and made a mental note to not give the rude girl a reply which she knew would be impossible but she had other things to worry about that moment so she walked past her.

Carly snickered as Melanie tried to walk away from her, to her, the girl was rude and needed to be taught a lesson so she grabbed her hand and forced her to stand right in front of her.

"It's bad to walk out on someone while they are still talking, did your mother forget to teach you this?" Carly asked to provoke Melanie.

Melanie felt her blood boil but she kept her cool, she knew Carly was just trying to get under her skin and annoy her, the greatest revenge of hers was to ignore her.

"It's too early Carly, it's way too early for all these, let go of my hand." Melanie said surprisingly rather calmly.

"Else what?" A girly voice dared and Carly turned her head to see who it was.

Melanie didn't bother to look the girls way, she knew it was no other than her overbearing other cousin; Layla, sister to Carly and accomplice to making her life miserable.

"Layla." Carly drawled.

Layla swung her hips as she walked towards them, she always did this to show off her perfectly round figure and shape.

"What do we have here uh?" Layla said as she eyed Melanie.

"Our little princess here is complaining about me." Carly said spitefully.

Layla smirked.

"Dear cousin, you do know we care about you right?" Layla said as she began to gently Pat Melanie's hair.

Melanie snickered.

"You? I'd rather believe a snake than you." Melanie said.

"Snakes don't talk dummy!" Carly retorted.

"That's the point Carly, if only you had listened more in class and not going out with irresponsible boys in school, you would have known what sarcasm means." Melanie said with a fake smile.

Carly got angered by Melanie's words immediately, Layla saw this and smiled, this cousin of her didn't know what was in store for her.

"Layla! Did you hear what she said about me? Take that back right now!" Carly ordered.

"And if I don't?" Melanie dared.

"I will..." Carly began but was abruptly cut short by Layla.

"Little sister, pay no attention to her, boys swoon over you from a young age and you have a mate, unlike someone here who is twenty-five and has none." Layla said loudly.

Melanie gasped, Layla had hit the nail where it pained, her whole life, she had been searching for love, as werewolves they were supposed to find their mates by age eighteen, some found theirs earlier than that and her cousins weren't exempted, at first everyone thought Melanie was just late in finding hers after the first mating ceremony.

Melanie didn't find hers at the normal age and then it proceeded until she was twenty then her father began to panic and the pack began to murmur, wolves younger than her had found their respective mates and she had desperately attended many parties and balls in hope of meeting her mate there but it proved abortive, now she was twenty-five and was still unmated.

Some elders of the pack had told her father she was either cursed or was a witch because it had never occurred in their history that a female werewolf remained unmated for years and this was her rabid cousin's triumph card, it was an open secret that they hated each other and would fight at any given opportunity but them reminding her of her singleness manages to hurt her every time.

"What's wrong Melanie? About to cry?" Layla mocked and Carly burst into laughter.

"You two are shameless." Melanie said, trying to hold back her tears.

"Shameless? Yes, mateless? No, but you? You're both shameless and mateless." Carly taunted.

"You're both despicable!" Melanie yelled and hurriedly wiped off the tears that threatened to roll down her cheeks.

"Awwn, look Layla, you've made poor Melanie cry, who's going to console her now? She's got no mate and no mother, just her poor helpless father." Carly jeered.

Melanie couldn't bear to hear all their insultive words and yanked her hands off Carly's, Layla held her back and tried to make her stay, she growled lowly at her and Layla let her go, they knew better than angering her wolf which was impossible to control and subdue, Melanie walked briskly back to her room and banged the door, she cried a bit and wiped away her tears.

Remembering there was a party in the pack that same day, Melanie decided to go so as to avoid her overbearing cousins else she might just kill them there, she had attended several parties and was well known already, besides; her father had tried to convince her to attend this one so she thought it would be better to feast her eyes on something other than her cousins.

Melanie went down to the kitchen, made some breakfast, ate to her satisfaction and cleaned up, she set an alarm to an hour before the party starts and slept off, as the alarm blared, it woke her up, she took her bath, wore a light makeup and a fancy dress, picked up her favorite car keys and ignored her cousins before driving off to the party.

Immediately she stepped into the venue, heads turned towards her direction, she knew that she was beautiful hence she caught people's attention, she ignored their curious stares and drools and went for the wine cellar, the best she could do was drink away the night and return home lonely as usual.

As she gingerly sipped her favorite wine, her nose caught a heavenly scent, one she had never smelt before, it smelt like lavender mixed with roses which was unusual and then her wolf suddenly stirred within her.

Chapter 2

Chapter two

Melanie inhaled deeply as she enjoyed the scent she was smelling, she loved adventures and nature but given the places she had been, she had never came across something which smiled that nice, she wondered if there was a garden there and asked one of those who served drinks at the party.

The server looked at her in confusion, and told her there was no garden anywhere around the party venue and muttered something about her been weird and all, Melanie was puzzled by this response and it then struck her that she might have accidentally found her mate, Stephanie; her wolf, growled once more inside of her, she was excited.

She couldn't believe her luck and was undoubtedly happy, she sighted her father amongst the crowd and contemplated telling but decided against it as she felt it would be better she spoke to her mate first before jumping into conclusions, there were several fine young men at the party and she knew she couldn't jump on one of them


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