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The Lost Alpha

The Lost Alpha

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Fred
  • Chapters: 11
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 15
  • 3.0
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A certain war between the paranormal gets Max struggling to protect his only heir. Lucian is taken to the human realm, in order to flee away from his father's enemies, the werewolves. Lucian, however, gets lost and is searched for by both the vampires and werewolves. Lucian losing his identity gradually as he fell in love with a human decided to be one, but however, the human world falls under attack of the paranormal and requires Lucian's power to save it. What would both paranormal do when it is discovered that Lucian's sole purpose for being searched for was bestowed on a human girl?

Chapter 1

“There she is, get her!!! Don't let her leave” soldiers could be seen chasing a woman who was wounded badly and petrified. This woman seemed to be protecting something, but what?

“At last we caught her” the men yelled, encircling her and beating the woman to death as she bid a being who hide beside a tree close to the road.

“At last she's dead” one of the soldiers declared, raising his hands as the rest soldiers praised themselves while furthering in their search for the kid she was holding.

“There he is” someone pointed at the tree and gun shots followed the directions.


“Your Majesty the queen is in labor” The kings man informed as the king could be seen standing up from his throne. He seemed worried in looks as he whispered to the man who brought the news

I would like to speak to you in private”. Luca which was the name of this man, swallowed hard while drawing near to the king to listen to what he had to say.

“Shut the boarders and have every maid and guard present in the palace killed”. Luca trembled in fear to the king's command.

“Your Majesty…” he tried to voice but was cut short by the king, who looked more anxious than ever. Luca bowed with respect and took his leave because he couldn't object to the king's rules besides, his duty was to obey orders and not to initiate actions.

“I must save my child” The king kept muttering to himself, pulling out an old knife from a hidden crest, he dashed out of his chambers.


“My Lord, the kingdom of vamparina now has an heir.” A messenger proposed to a king who seemed to be making love to a woman, he terminated the kiss as he stood up to listen to what this messages was passing across. The woman wrapped her nude body with the blanket and hasten out in order not to interrupt.

“An heir?” What are you still waiting for to attack I want the kingdom teared apart, no one should survive, kill them all for the prophecy must not be fulfilled” he ordered

“My lord what about the queen?” The messenger asked. The king gave a frown and instructed her to be brought alive.

For years now, the wolf and vampire's kingdom had dispute between each other. Had they ever lived together? Young generations asked, but no one could really answer that.

Max, the king of vamparina entered the labor room and behold his wife trembling to the sight of her husband. There laid dead servants on the floor that made the place looked more like a battlefield.

“My dear” the king called out to her as he sat beside her, with tears covered in his eyes he held his baby.

“Do it max, the queen said to the king after pointing to the knife he hid, she was aware of what he intended to do.

“No, there has to be another way”

“There's no other way Max, save our child please”. She closed her eyes, lame on the bed she laid, sweat and tears on her face. She could see the king wasn't willing to fulfill the prophecy as his hands were trembling, The queen struggled the knife with the king until she unexpectedly gave up the ghost.

“Imelda!!!” Yelled the king loudly, lifting his wife's head and giving her a kiss. It was hard to get by that he lost his wife, but then he found an arrow which pierced her lower abdomen, and he let out a loud scream, an enemy had just shot his wife.

The sound of swords clashes outside gave Max a sign of trouble, just then Luca ran in trembling. His eyes gave all the message. The king quickly carried his son out to escape. The wolves were everywhere there was no chance of escaping, but he fought against those who were on his path, he watched as the werewolves devoured his people, there was no chance of winning and all that flooded his mind was saving his child. The king looked at his child with pity even though he would be the only one to survive

“let's fulfill the prophecy” he declared, pacing for the secret tunnel as some vampire covered him up from being attacked on his way. There came a noise from the bush close to the tunnel they were to enter.

“Come out” the king said with a calm voice. The being came out with great fear she appeared to be a woman covered in mud, she begged for mercy, possibly this woman might have hidden herself for safety. The king was left with no option, she was one of his servants who he knew could trust.

“Take this child to safety and bring him back once his twenty, promise to keep him safe”. He ordered as tears brewed up in his eyes. Luca was right behind him, and he instructed, saying,

“Luca, you and your men should see her to safety”.

There was great war in the kingdom of vamparina as they seem to be losing the only way out was to sacrifice a person who shared the blood of both kingdoms.

“We can't lose” Max said to himself while running towards his chambers, he used his knife to rub some of his wife blood and went back to the war field.


“We have heard news that the vampire killed today had a kid running with her, and that you missed the target of the kid” The general complained to the soldiers who took part in the mission earlier on. They stood at attention, mute as they were lacking words to say. The last time they failed a mission they were given suspension from duty and this could be worse knowing fully well their enemy wasn't human. It had become alarming that the enemies of the humans were actually paranormal being living among them.

“Sir please we will make it up to you, just give us a week” A soldier begged on their behalf, waiting for a reply, but a slap landed on his cheeks.

“You think it's funny the whole news has it that a little kid slipped our hands” the general snarled, boiling with rage.

"Something has to be done" the general muttered to himself as he gave a terrific look at the soldiers.

Chapter 2

It's so shocking people still found the news unbelieving, for many believed that vampires were only from the movies, and now in the country. What feared people the most was the fact that these creatures have no different look with that of a human. For the first time in Washington, many stayed in door, fearing that vampires are roaming around looking for meals. They never failed to report any lonely kid on the street, who knows, he could be the lost vampire.


General Fidel returned home late at night. His wife and daughter were still awake waiting for his arrival, he looked so weary and tired. His appearance was not so good.

“You look like someone who had lost a war” his wife teased to spill the beans.

“We saw the news, it's not your fault” she added after realizing his mood.

“I feel as though I have endangered the community, letting that monster roam about will only bring trouble for us all” Fidel poured out with rage as though it were h


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