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The Half-breed’s Revenge

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Nehly
  • Chapters: 14
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 8
  • 5.0
  • 💬 12


Life had been unfair to Brea. From being a halfbreed to losing her family members because of the Royals. Brea is forced to go away and she plots her revenge. The chance finally comes for her to take her revenge back on the royal household and she takes it. But when a new truth reveals that all she and known to be a lie, she is no longer sure about the path to take. Love or Revenge.

Chapter 1

I dragged my bag, resting it properly on my shoulder for the tenth time in two minutes. My arms arched terribly and I wanted to drop everything and just rest for a second but the sight of the castle just laying ahead caused me to move faster. 

I waited so many years for a chance to finally be here. So many trials and failures. My muscles burned from the fatigue but I didn't care. 

I wanted to be at the castle and I was going to be there before nightfall. I dragged myself through the forest until I entered into the village. 

The village was bustling as the people moved about minding their business. 

A few looked at me as I carried my bags but they looked away quickly when I glared in their direction. 

The castle was now a little distance away. I stopped by under a little stall to take some rest. Since I was in the village I could make it to the castle before nightfall. 

A woman came from behind the stall. And when I saw her I could tell she was the person who owns the stall. 

"Would you like something to drink?" 

"Some beer" and she looked at me for a few seconds and then walked away.  She returned a few minutes later with the beer and I dropped two silver coins into her palm. She looked down at her palm and then opened her mouth to say something but closed it as fast as she opened it. She walked away leaving me to drink my beer. 

I drank the beer slowly and looked around. 

A small smile crept on my face as the memories from the past filled my head. 

"Brea" her voice called from behind. 

A giggle escaped me and I jumped over a small log of wood at the center. Her voice was drawing closer. I pushed as fast as I could and ducked under the fallen stall. It hid me perfectly and I knew she would not find me easily. 

"Brea" she called louder

I put my hand over my mouth to stifle my laughter. She was very close, probably standing just behind where I hid. 

"Brea. I know you're here. Come out"  she called but I didn't respond. 

"It's time to go home anyways" but I still didn't move. I knew that trick. She wanted me to come out so she could end the game. I knew her trick and I was not going to play into it. 

"Brea" she called again 

Her voice became lower and she sounded like she was close to tears. My heart softened and I came out from under the shed. 

"Gotcha" she shouted with a loud laugh. 

"You cheated. Again"

“No, I didn't" I rolled my eyes and moved past her. 

"Do not be upset Brea" 

"I'm not upset Verona" and I truly wasn't 

I knew she was tricking me but I still came out because I didn't like to see her cry even if it was only a joke. 

She linked our arms together and we walked past and Verona's arms tightened around mine. 

"Freaks" one of them shouted. His voice was overly familiar and I could tell who it was instantly. 

I could always tell his voice even when my eyes were tightly closed. 

We ignored them and continued moving but it didn't stop them. 

"Dirty freaks," he said again and I felt something wet hit my skin. I wanted to turn and look at them but Verona didn't let me. 

"Just ignore them" 

It pained me a lot to do so but I listened to her and continued going. 

We stopped at the stream close to the house and washed the dung off. 

"I wish they weren't so mean," Verona said as she waited for me to put on my clothes.

"They don't know how to be anything else" I snorted 

They were wolves, feeling on top of the world like everything was beneath them. I hated them so very much including their very existence. It was only Verona who admired them and wanted to be friends with them.

It only brought her humiliation and it made me so upset. 

"Forget about them we have each other"

"Forever" she cocked her head 

"Forever," I said and smiled at her and we hugged each other tightly. 

The memory faded and a bitter feeling spread through me. My feelings towards wolves had not changed the slightest. I still hated them with everything I had within me. They were vile, disgusting creatures. The bottle snapped in my hand and the beer poured away. 

Blood dripped from the cut caused by the broken bottle. I stood up quickly from my spot ignoring the looks of the people nearby. 

I slung my bags over my shoulders and continued my journey toward the castle again. 

A group of wolves gathered around. They had formed a circle. Their laughter and mumbling could be heard. 

"200 iron coins"

"350 iron coins" another man shouted 

"The whore isn't worth an iron coin" the crowd erupted in loud laughter. 

My fists tightened in anger. I should ignore them just as Verona would advise but I couldn't bring myself to. 

I pushed through the crowd and stood at the front of the circle. A woman was chained to the floor naked. 

Her body was filled with bruises and her head bowed to the ground. From the number of unhealed bruises on her body, I could tell she was human. 

I thought I had it hard as a halfbreed sometimes. The humans went through the worst pain, humiliation, and embarrassment.

"500 iron coins"

"Sell the whore already" another man shouted.

The anger coursing through me could make me hurt the man but I held back. 

"200 silver coins," I said and all eyes snapped at me. 

Whispers broke out behind me but I paid no attention. 

"Are you sure?" The auctioneer cocked his head staring at me. 

"She is it worth a silver coin. You're being ridiculous" another man said 

"Since when did half-breeds purchase slaves? You should be sold too" I ignored them all. I didn't stand a chance against them. 

"200 silver coins. Any higher bid?"

"That bitch isn't worth it. Let's get the fuck out of here" the man spat. Others in the crowd agreed and they dispersed.

Chapter 2

There was no longer any source of entertainment. 

"I hope you were serious. You chased all the customers"

"I am"

I brought out a purse with silver coins  and tossed it to him. He counted them and smiled at me. 

"Complete. She is yours" he handed the chains and paper of ownership to me and moved away. 

I unlocked her chains with key he slipped into my hand. I reached into my bag for another bag of coins and tossed it to her. 

"You're free now"

"Why did you buy me?" She asked in a small voice.

"I don't know" I moved away from where she was. Once upon a time, half breed were also paraded as slaves to be sold. 

But then we were saved, leaving the human to suffer. 

"Wait for me" she walked quickly behind me 

"Stop following me"

"You're my master now" 

I didn't even think about that. 

"Not anymore. You're free" I tossed the papers of ownership to her and continued. 

"I'll probably be captured again a


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