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The Forbidden Alpha

The Forbidden Alpha

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If loving him was forbidden, I am willing to turn every bitter things to be the sweetest mistake. I, Leticia Steve, love the Forbidden Alpha, and willing to sacrifice everything to be with him. . . I would love him in any form. He was my mate, my lover, my life, my everything. I would always be with his side, and no prophecy could stop me. I love him in dark, in secret; between the shadow and the soul. In ever war and peace. I will always choose him over and over, even the world keeps telling me to avoid him.

Chapter 1

Leticia Steve's POV

"I hope I can go out."

"You know, Leticia, the Alpha prevents you from going out until your wedding day."

After she said it, I simply folded my arms. I took a deep breath and flung open the window. From my vantage point, I observed the Golden Moon tribe's common citizens. Friends were laughing as children ran. A typical day for ordinary individuals.

Who else would want to fill my shoes? The only child of an Alpha. Should all moves be considered, a woman like myself. They controlled my every move from childhood until I was 18 years old. What I should dress, who I should talk to, and even what I should say.

Many people are envious of me. In my current living situation and specialty. But, their ideal life is a nightmare for me. Leticia Steve is the Alpha's only child. A woman who wishes to be free of the suffocating rule. I don't want this existence; I'd rather be a regular wolf's child. I don't want to marry a man I don't like only to get power.

"I know what you're thinking, Leticia; I know you, but you may love him as well," my friend said as she stroked my long hair. I shifted my weight to face her. Her domineering face, gentle smile, and the gray of her long hair all revealed themselves to me. Candice is the youngest daughter of one of the Golden Moon tribe's proud families.

"I want to be like them, a regular wolf," I said as I peered out the window again.

"But you're not like them; you were born into the ranks of wolves who should be looked up to; you won't be like them." Her voice was soothing, but what she said hurt me.

"Even the color of your fur isn't typical of wolves; you're different, and we're different."

I knew I couldn't win no matter how hard I tried. I remained in my room as time passed. A recurring scenario in my life. A princess who must remain hidden from everyone. I couldn't hang out with regular wolves. I could only communicate with people in the ranks. I intend to cut everything they desire. I'd like to change the perception that the Alpha's daughter should always be inside the mansion. I want to go for a run outside. I'd like to speak with anyone.

"We have to leave home, Leticia; I'm not sure when I'll be returning," Candice said farewell.

Night descended. The lovely moon sparkled brightly. I looked out the window, enjoying the fresh air. When was the last time I could leave? When was I going to be able to live for myself? When do I get to decide what I want? I'm not sure what's going through my head. I rolled my eyes around to see if there were any guards.

I felt relieved after not seeing anyone. I swiftly made my way downstairs. My room is on the second story, and I'm not hard to flee. I was nervous, but my want to get out won out. I transformed when the clouds hid the moon. I dashed towards the bushes.

Because it was late at night, I figured no one would see me here. Even now, I would be able to roam. The lovely moon shined once more. It illuminates my path. Under the moonlight, even the gleaming hue of my fur sparkles.

I returned to my mortal appearance a few moments later. I'm currently dressed in my white nightgown. Perhaps no one will notice what I'm doing. I'll just return to my room before the sun rises.

I hum as if I were a free bird. My gray hair flutters in the breeze. It feels good to be free; this life is enjoyable. Despite the fact that it was merely stolen time and I had broken the Alpha's commandment.

"Hello, Miss!" I was interrupted by a call. My heart almost stopped beating from excitement. Gosh!

I was going to run when he spoke out.

"What are you doing here late at night?" I wasn't looking at him, but I could tell he was approaching me.

"I'm leaving right now," I said harshly.

"This is a dangerous spot, would be-"

When I shifted forms, he hadn't finished speaking. I turned to face him and whimpered, seeing the terror on his face. Because of its fall, he took a step back. His eyes trembled as he looked at mine. I couldn't see his face at first because the sky had cleared, but suddenly the light hit him. I hardly ceased nagging before slowly returning to my natural face for some unknown reason.

His face was perfectly sculpted, and his neck-length wavy hair complemented him. His nose is sharp, and his lips are lovely.

"Stand up," I instructed him as he followed. I looked up to see him because he was taller than me. His body posture is lovely, and despite the fact that the clothing he is wearing are worn, there is no disputing his nice looks.

This one appears to be unique. If he were a normal wolf, I'd say Trencian Haroux's life - the man Alpha wanted me to marry - suited him more. His physique has improved, as has his attractiveness.

"What are you doing here? You're from the high group based on the color of your fur," he said, his voice trembling. I was taken aback by what he said. This was what I expected him to say.

"I only want to see what's outside; don't tell anyone or I'll devour your heart!" There must have been a threat in my voice, but I couldn't figure out why I laughed. Yuck! I'd never eat wolf meat.

"I'm leaving now, just don't tell anyone what you witnessed."

"Wait! Are you Alpha's daughter?" I didn't respond to his query. I altered my posture once more. My white fur glistened, especially in the moonlight. I confronted him before eventually fleeing.

I couldn't put a smile on my face.

What about it? Is it because I managed to escape the mansion? Or is it because of that attractive man? What type of man is that in a regular family? He was more attractive than the son of a high-ranking official. What is the color of his fur? Will I see him if I return to the forest tomorrow? Hey! Leticia, who are you? He isn't for you. Ugh! Why am I acting this way? He is not like me, and we are not the same. What is his name?

Chapter 2

Leticia Steve's POV

"Leticia, get up."

I rolled over to lie rest before slowly opening my eyes. For a little while, I shook my head. What time is it exactly? It seemed as though I had just fallen asleep and they woke me up.

"Trencian is here; come down later."

"Okay, mom," I responded, and she kissed my forehead.

Trencian. Trencian. Trencian. Ugh! What exactly is that dude doing here? I'm not looking forward to seeing him. Why, with so many guys who could marry me, do they want to be Trencian?

What about the man I noticed in the woods? Hmmmp… where has he gone? When I remembered that man, a beautiful smile returned to my lips. He was very unique. Why don't I simply marry him?

That's even more impressive. His body posture is stunning, and his grace is unrivaled.

I need to get up, like my mother said. I was dressed in a silver knee-length gown. I also adjusted my long hair and applied a l


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