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The Dark

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Hood
  • Chapters: 4
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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The unity between all the clans broke lose when they heard the shadows returned, they panicked and showed their real characters. The bond had never been built on trust and love but fake love. During the attack of the shadows, some set of teenagers took it on their self to protect the clans no matter what happened and defend the the shadows from bringing back their leader. The journey became hard when Kate found out that her worst nightmare was going this become real, her twin sister was working with the shadows and she was ready to help the shadows.


When it all happened, the darkness inside was allowed to take over. The darkness gave power, hope, dream, and the light had faded. The darkness ruled the entire world, some humans still believed that one day the light was going to rise again and everyone will be out of the spell of the darkness. Some people thought the darkness was a curse, while some thought it was time for the dark to shine.

As we walked along the road in broad daylight, I had a weird feeling about the guys who were approaching us, I could sense they were born lairs. I stood aside, observing as James was discussing with them, it looked like he was losing the gentleman's interest in helping us, and they were not telling James the whole story. I was becoming uncomfortable with the way the guys were talking to James.

They were replying to him like he was only trying to save his life. I took a few steps forward and backwards. I was nervous because I knew two things;

First, we really needed these guy's help and two, if they didn't start talking politely I can rip off their head and nobody would question my authority. Not in this present earth because everyone is busy trying to save their lives from the outbreak of the night creatures.

She walked a few steps forward as James noticed her eyes were very red and if she was not calm, heads would roll.

The closer I got, the more I could no longer hide my range, I could feel the atmosphere changing then suddenly I felt a cold hand like ice.

Her eyes were back to normal as she felt relaxed, then she said,

“you all are very self-centered, you think the shadows will leave your city alone when It is next to Oz era city, nothing can save anyone here except we all work together to end the war”.

The whole team just listened in silence as she was given the room to speak.

The only thing she could think of was, were they even listening as they all kept quiet, or were they waiting for her to finish her nonsense and shut her up.

I was not sure where the courage came from, but I knew I had it since the time my parents were murdered right in front of me, but the silence made me feel awkward. I took a glance at my friends and I noticed they were also listening to what I was saying.

Just then Steve, the man James had been trying to get on our side, agreed to partner with us just to defeat the shadows.

“We have friends who can supply us with gold and diamonds, but we need people who can craft them into dangerous and great weapons that can be used to slay the shadows once they are attacked”.

James said as he was explaining to Steve and his crew members. Steve was the minister of power, he was responsible for all the weapons created and sold out to other countries.

The city of Asteria was good at making weapons. Being the minister of power made him wealthy and respected around the entire cities in the country. The first in command was the king of Asteria and the second was the Queen, followed by the minister of power; he is entitled to make or give orders when the royal families are not on-site.

This was a massive opportunity that was given to him because the royal family of Asteria were very great for the numbers of wars they have won and the diamonds they found under their city.

Mr. Steve was our source of weapons, but we knew that we couldn't rely on them alone, so James and I journeyed deep into the southwest to the city of Peoria, also known as the home of fish. Here we meet the Queen of the city, she was very young, but she had wise counsel. We were summoned into the court, we stood in the middle of the room and bowed before her majesty,

“Your royal majesty, we are here to tell you about the upcoming war of the shadows, we need you to stock food and supply us when we call out to you.”

As her majesty was about to give her say about what we were offering, we sited a shadow. Immediately, James and Kiara drew their swords and walked gently and slowly out of the courtroom. A man was putting on a black coat with a black hat, he was walking faster than everyone else, which made him a suspect. James chased him, but he lost him to the crowd. Now we had proof that the shadows existed, and we had a witness, she agreed to be our witness to the other nations who are yet to believe that the shadows existed. But our proof was not solid because the shadow had escaped, but James was able to shoot it by its leg. Trying to run on one foot made it saint the whole floor with drops of blood. It was easy tracking until it suddenly disappeared without a trace. We told the young queen and her counsel to please write to every nation they know, we need more nations if we really want to win this war against the shadows. Now we were certain that the shadows were around the corner, and they were stalking us. They decided to separate, so they could cover more ground since they were three now, Kate was to stay in the city of fish while James will journey to meet Peter at the gate of hell.

The people could no longer bear the pain, suffering and the heartbreak of losing their loved ones, a lot of People died . James best friend was abandoned just because because he was one of the night creatures, then even the little and the innocent of the night creatures were considered dangerous and a killing machine

Broken Tiles

Kia was humiliated in the presence of his classmates when they found out he was one of the night creatures. The humans had a strong restriction on the night creatures ever since they found out what could harm them. Some creatures were not fully bad, some good ones had mixed up with humans, and we're more like them now. Kia still had hope when he looked at his best friend Sam. After a few weeks, Sam started avoiding Kia, he tried to talk, but Sam was perfect at avoiding. Here he thought hope was lost, but he had a little hope, which was since they were friends. Since when they were little, Sam would not just cut their friendship like that, or would he walk up to him and tell him he wanted to avoid their friendship? Kia thought maybe his friend was just going through a hard time. Later that day, Kia and Sam met in the school Hall. Kia called out to him as he wanted to run. He stopped and yelled, we cannot talk now, hurrying out of the hall like he was uncomfortable in my presence


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