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The Damphir

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Anita was an orphanage living a normal life until she was adopted by the Smith's family. A family of Demons, introducing Anita to the dark part of the Greenville City, a city filled with different supernaturals, the Witches, the werewolves, the Vampires, the hunters and the demons. All fighting to clear out each other, the Demons were falling back and so they needed someone who could help, this led them to Anita. Anita was shown why she was born and who she really is, it was hard for Anita to accept that but she ended up living with the day to day bloodshed in Greenville City. Anita never knew she had a twin brother, with whom they were chosen to clear out all supernatural race. Anita's love for the first son of the Smith's family, Jed was unknown until the whole Smith's family turned against her. Anita was left with no choice but to clear out the Smith's family. Will Anita bring herself to doing that?

Chapter 1

Episode 1

The day dawned crisp and clear. The sun poured through Jed's window. Another day had dawned, bringing with it new hopes and aspirations. The light of dawn seeped into his room. There was a pearly glow in the sky. The first rays of sunlight lit up Jed's small room which has a clean white walls and a twin bed at the center of the room beside it is a desk with a black blotter on it, a sliding closet opposite the bed and thin and green shag carpet

Velvet drapes framed the windows, the lace inner curtains remained drawn, allowing daylight to enter while rendering the heart-stopping view over the city a blur. The dawn chorus of melodic birdsong drifted in. The rising sun cast a rosy hue across the morning sky. Golden fingers of sunlight lit up the scene.

"Hey!, Wake up"

Jed expected the shrill voice to interrupt his sleep. It was something he should have gotten used to. He hid his face with one of the fluffy pillows lying on his bed and groaned.

"Not again Carla", he muttered into his pillow. Soon enough, the bedcover was yanked off his body, "Hey!", he shouted

"Don't raise your voice butler, you're 30minutes late for breakfast", Carla said

"I don't wanna have breakfast. I had a long day yesterday, I need to rest", Jed groaned louder and pulled the cover over himself.

"We have a meeting this morning and dad insisted I drag you out of this bed", Carla said yanking the bedcover off him again.

"Meeting?, What meeting?", he asked

"With Allen"

"Allen?", Jed asked, "That one thousand years old wretched Vampire?. He can go to hell for all I care", he added

"Dad wants you down in 10", Carla furrowed and turned to leave but Jed pulled her back

"By the way, why do you look so pretty this morning", he asked and smirked naughtily, "From your Kohl black hair to your beautiful brown eyes, your short red gown suit you perfectly and you seem a bit tall", he said playfully then looked down to her feet, "Oh!, you have your heels on", he added and smiled, "Don't tell me you did all this for Allen", he said covering his mouth with his right hand and the other on Carla's hand, "You have a crush on Allen?",. he asked

"Oh!, cut the crap", Carla yelled, "A crush on Allen?", she asked but didn't wait for an answer before she walked out.

Jed smiled as she watched her close the door behind her, he rushed into the bathroom and freshened up as fast as he could, starting with taming his shiny black hair. Many would say that was his most striking feature after his sea blue, piercing eyes.

Minutes later, he was out, fully dressed in his dark green suit.

He emerged from his room and walked down the stairs and on to the dining room. 

The Smiths house was a fair sized house built of red Lyon sandstone and a picket fence. Outside was white plastered with a brown tile roof and castillian wrought iron over the windows. The yard was abandoned, it had a mailbox entirely hidden by tall grasses. it's driveway was overgrown, it had bushed and brampbles up against the door and the windows, It had weeks in the gutters and green slime on the walls and a cracked foundation pierced by creeper tendrils.

It had a front door that would accommodate a family of elephant, a polished wood floors and a graceful banister that curved up towards a soaring second floor library. Prints of gentleman riding to hounds decorate the wall and sheer laced curtains bordered by heavy burgundy drapes matching.

He realized how disappointed his tardiness as made the other members of the family.

"I'm sorry. I woke up late", he said as fast as he could

"We've been waiting for you", Ted said rolling his eyes at him. He had a white shirt on and a black trousers, "We almost had breakfast without you", he added combing his smooth, spade shaped beards with his fingers, he had a hawkish nose and a concrete Jaw, he was the second to Jed.

"I'm sorry, I had a long day yesterday", Jed defended

"We all know that", Floyd said from the other side of the table, his eyes were a dazzle with wonder over a quick smile, he looked older than Jed but he wasn't, he was the third of the family.

"We're still waiting for Dad though", Nigel who was sitting right beside Floyd said as he brushed the stray strands of hair off his face, it was obvious that he was the youngest of the family.

"And here he comes", Kirk said, looking cute in his Mohican cuts and sythe shaped eyebrows, Kirk was the Fourth of the Smith's family.

And there he came, Roy Smith, the father of all, his eyes were sparkling blue and it seems to see everything.

"Good morning", he said as he came down the little stairs leading to the dining room, supporting himself with his black walking stick.

"Morning Dad", Carla, the only girl in the family and the Fith of the six children, greeted

The all set to have their breakfast but they were disturbed when they heard a loud bang on their door.

"What's that?", Roy asked

"I'll go check", Nigel said walking towards the door and then he came shouting in air as he was hit with a great force

"You dare come into our house", Jed said referring to the pack of werewolves in his front with a wicked smirk, his eyes turning red

"Finish them off", Roy commanded pointing his walking stick to the werewolves who were growling.

"Let's get to business", Jed said and laughed scornfully

The whole family formed a circle around the werewolves except Roy who was patiently waiting for them to finish them off, believing in the ability of his children.

"They are omegas", Ted muttered

"F*ck that!, they are nothing but a f*ck*ng pack of dogs", Nigel shouted

"Just finish them off", Jed said again and now they started moving in circles, keeping their eyes on each of the werewolves.

Floyd slammed the head of one and pierced through the chest of the other, holding the gently beating heart in his hands, he squashed it and laughed scornfully.

"Common now", he said to them, using his blood covered fingers as a gesture

The werewolves were getting tired as it was hard to keep up with the speed of the Demons, they kept growling angrily.

Ted grabbed the head of another and brought his knee up, he banged the head against his knee then released him making him fall, blood gushing through his nose and ears, the next minute his heart was on his hands, he had pierced through the wolf's body.

After some minutes, they were left with one wolf, growling, his flashing mint green eyes looking hungry.

Jed started moving toward him but was pulled back.

"Leave this to me", Carla said

"You can have him to yourself", Jed replied and stepped back

"You're just a piece of cake for me", the wolf said, now growling louder and joyously.

"Come get your last piece of cake", Carla said landing a punch on the wolf, without waiting she spun and landed a flying kick on the wolf.

The next minute, his heart was on her hands.

"How did you do that", Nigel asked, his eyes looking like it might fall with the surprise at Bella's speed

"I just did it", she replied, walking back to the dining room.

"Jed, clear this off", Roy said pointing to the lifeless bodies of the wolves. Jed snapped his fingers and they all turned into dust and disappeared. "Great job kids", Roy added

"We aren't kids", Nigel argued

"Let's just eat, I'm so hungry", Jed said settling down to eat.

They ate silently, the only thing making noise was their cutleries

"Dad?", Floyd called out

"Yeah son"

"I've got something to say", he said

"Okay go on"

"Uhmm... Dad.. I .. we", Nigel stammered

"Will you just spit it out", Ted commanded

"Dad.. I ", he was interrupted by a loud bang on the table.  They looked up and roof was wide open, the blue sky smiling at them.

"Watch out!", Nigel shouted pulling Drake from where he was standing before the sound.

And then came Allen jumping down from the top of the roof.

"What an entry", Carla commented and clapped

"A big entry indeed", Jed replied giving Bella a naughty smirk

"You don't have to do that", Roy said, "The gates are widely open with no guards, you could have walked in easily", he added

"I do things my own way", Allen said, his loud deep voice echoed in the house

"You just destroyed my house", Roy said looking up to the broken roof, "Have a seat", he added pointing to the seat next to him

"So what are you doing in Greenville?", Roy asked

"Nothing", Allen said tearing up the chicken wing in his hands, "For fun I guess", he added

"Fun you say. Greenville is more than fun", Jed said

"Oh!, that sounds more fun", Allen said, "Why did you call me here?", he asked

"Well, I need you to help us", Roy started

"Help you?", Allen asked, his eyebrows raised as he was surprised to hear a demon asking for his help, "What help?"

"We need you to help us in our mission", Roy replied

"And what mission Roy?"

"I want you to help with the vampires"

"Help with the Vampires?", Allen asked, his eyes widened, "What is it with the Vampires"

"There's been complaint from the humans and they're growing in numbers and becoming a threat to us so we need to clear them up"

"What!", Allen exclaimed, "Clear them up?", he asked

"Yes Allen"

"F*ck that. Do you want to eradicate my race?!" Allen yelled, this time louder. His rage kept building up. "Have you forgotten I'm one of them, I'm a Vampire too"

"Yes I am eradicating your kind. Just because the two of us are on good terms, doesn't mean we are with the rest. Seems you have forgotten how things goes down in Greenville!!" Roy shouted this time, frustrated for being viewed as the bad guy.

"It's either we are the top of the food chain, or the werewolves are. Or the vampires come get us. Or the hunters and witches who have joined forces do!"

"Wait what?, the hunters and witches joined forces?", Allen asked surprisingly

"Yeah, you heard me right. They joined forces and that's a bigger threat to us", Roy responded

"I don't give a f*ck about that. I won't give you the chance to eradicate my race. Never", Allen yelled

"Things are no longer the same as before when we were United against the Hunters. We are at war against each other. And in war, everything is fair!" Roy ranted on, slamming his walking stick on the ground.

"Oh!", Allen exclaimed clapping his hands, making a loud weird sound, "So you called me here for this?, you called me here to say this?", Allen asked

"I told you he would not listen", Carla mumbled but was heard by Abel

"What did you say?", he asked moving towards Carla, his eyes burning with rage

"Dad stop him", Carla shouted

"Hey, wretched Vampire, don't you dare touch her", Ted defended, coming in between Allen and Carla

Without thinking twice, Allen landed a punch on his chest but he refused to move.

Ted, with all his might returned back the punch but it was dodged by Allen, the force causing Ted to stagger

"Get the hell out of my house", Roy shouted pointing his walking stick towards the exit.

Allen looked at the door and laughed wickedly, "I can kill you all right now and right here", he said and laughed again, his hands at his back, "But I won't do that, I love fun, it will be fun to kill you one after the other", he added

"You are no match for us you wretched Vampire", Jed yelled

"Oh!, the butler", Allen said scornfully, "You're just a f*ck*ng butler", he added

"Butler", Jed repeated and smiled

"I'm gonna start with you", Allen said

"Dad!!", Nigel screamed.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2


"Dad!!", Nigel shouted but Jed was quick to stop the dagger Allen threw towards Ray

"Are you okay dad?", Nigel asked, panicking

"I'm okay son", Roy replied

"You seem to be faster now", Allen said chuckling

Infuriated by what just happened to Roy, Nigel rushed towards Allen, but got stopped a few inches away by Jed, who pulled him back by the collar.

"You would not want to mess with him." Jed told Nigel. The latter refused to listen, tearing of his shirt from his body, allowing the collar Jed held unto rendered useless in preventing from reaching Allen.

"You just don't come into the Smith's family house, and do that to a family member you fucking Vampire!", Nigel yelled, throwing a punch at Allen. The latter stood still, staring angrily at Roy, paying no attention to Nigel's attack. Nigel's fist landed on Allen's jaw, the next thing happening was Nigel's fists cracking. His joints dislocated all the way to his wrist. Hi


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