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The Cursed Heart Series

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A witch and a werewolf's love was commonly heard. They were to be a family, but love between them was outgrown by his thirst for power, power from one who has been broken and shattered, and through this he allowed his fated mate to take the ultimate death, or lose their baby. She then swore to make his mate bond make the ultimate payment for her destroyed heart with a curse. The curse binds the next child born of the one loved by the witch Blaze, their bloodline to another doesn't truly matter as the creature that is not their fated mate will fall in love, it twists one's wolf into loving a creature till they eventually come to an end, however, can all hearts truly love?


Susie's POV

My name is Susie Brown, I'm from Small Moon Pack and every year there is a small party that all pack members have to attend to celebrate everyone's first shift. "You are going to be the cutest she wolf at the Pack House party and that will make me the most s*xy Alpha alive" say's Mykel, he is to be Alpha of Moon Pack. A tall built hunk, with cute brown eyes and shoulder length hair that's light brown, like any other Alpha he is six feet and three inches tall, square face with the sweetest smile and button nose, always in a long cotton shirt with baggy pants, bennie and sneakers.

This year I turn 18, others that share my birthday month are also going to be there and I am so happy to finally have my wolf. I am wearing a high sl*t satin dress, with my jet black hair in a messy bun, I see how his eyes flicker from watching me in this dress, I am taking it. The most exciting part is to find my mate. "I will take it if you buy it for me?" I say looking back at him with my honey green eyes in a pouty face.

He comes closer to twirl me, "anything for my girl," he says kissing my fingers, can my day get any better? I hurry to take the dress off so I can finish my shopping. I have been dating Mykel for a while, childhood friends, he is to be Alpha of Moon Pack the next door pack, as I take my size 8 dress off I think about the outfit he will wear to match me, he is the sweetest, kindest and fun guy I have ever met. I secretly hope he is my mate, I bite my lip just thinking of being his. I would make my relationship work, unlike my parents who divorced because they chose each other, I shake my head from that old memory.

I put myself presentable in my jeans, stilettos, and crop top, leaving my black hair down, it looks really good today, my bags make me look cute today, having a bigger rear end is kinda hard to hide but I don't care. I take my purse, cell, and dress to give them to Mykel, I go back to grab my frappuccino. Walking out my cell vibrates, twice, I pick it up and it's from my twin Samie and my best Kilala, I call her Kia for short, or I just la la la when she rants at me for being with Mykel more than I spend it with her, she is an omega in the pack house, a cute little blond with dark gray eyes and really petite.

"Ready to finish shopping baby?" asks Mykel while I reply to my two girls. I put a finger up that holds my frappuccino, he kisses my finger and licks it, "ew babe", he grins at my answer. "Hey! Want mom and me to go to the party with you? Mom says she can, we want to meet your wolf Su!" texts my twin, my mom is Luna to the Still Green Pack, she found she was mated to the Alpha there, but they never had kids, it was always me and my twin. "Sure will let dad know, it's at 8 pm sharp" I replied to her fast, her reply felt like forever so I simply texted Kia that I will see her in the pack house later.

Putting my cell away, I hold his free hand as we walk out of the store and into the mall. I always get the stares from the other chicks when I am with my man, I know I have the best boyfriend ever. We get him a nice blazer and our shoes, as I am modeling my pick of shoes for my dress his cell vibrates, his face changes fast making me know it's Alpha Jaime, the guy is evil, I feel bad for this pack with their new Alpha.

"Everything okay babe?" I ask knowing he isn't, I wait for him afraid he will get mad and leave, that's the effect Jaime has, big pain in every way, I have my hands on my hips waiting as I keep turning my leg to see how my body looks from other angles in these heels, thing satin color heels.

He smacks my butt and pulls me closer, his eyes dark-colored, I smile teasingly, he has his cell in his hand and I see Jaime text him again, I bit my lower lip annoyed, "I have shoes at home, let's buy yours so we can get Alpha Lame's meeting", he says standing up, holding my dress.

Taking my seat and removing my heel, he takes them in the box to walk and pay for them. I put my heels back on when my cell vibrates for the fifth time, I take it out and it's Alpha Lame calling me, what the? I pick it up as I walk to Mykel.

"Hey, what's up?" I say to Jaime, as I walk out of the store because I know he will throw major shade at me for being with Mykel instead of him being at Jamie's side, I am used to his insults when Mykel is not around, I stand in the middle of the mall where other chairs are lined up, one hand with my cell and the other under my chest hugging me, with a poker face.

I hear him breathing heavily, "Get Mykel here now, wasting his time with you is going to make our pack week, can't you see how important tonight's activity is? Just because your mom is the Luna, do you think the world circles around your fat *ss? Mykel better is here before I hang up this call or-" I hang up the call instead, I take deep breaths as I feel Mykel grab my hips and kiss my cheek.

Arriving at the back of the mall is where the Small Moon's Pack House is, at the curve to the front stairs of the three-floor of a pack house, the house is completely see thru from the front first floor and back but the top two are covered in shades, the front is all glass, I can see Kia running around with other omegas as they are getting the place ready, making me chuckle a little, the front has a tall fence that is connected to the big metal in the sides of the door, the place has a lot of trees around and bushes.

I see my mom and sister are out waiting for me, I was not expecting to see them, I miss my twin so much and mom looks wonderful. My dad is the Gamma of Jaime's pack so I have to see him here. Dad isn't a bad guy but he is not a PDA kinda guy, Mykel gives the keys to omega and walks to open my door, getting out I almost fall over with having my sister hug me, I hug her back missing her more than I thought.

"I have missed you so much, I know it's just 5 pm but we needed to be early to oversee things too, you know Luna's job never ends", she says letting go, Samie is just like me a size 8 we share a lot of our clothes like shirts and pants but Samie is more round face as I am the square face, we both have button noses like our mom, she has her slightly black waved hair that's above her chest and its part in the center, walking up the stairs to a very p*ss*d of Jaime, my mom hugs me next with a warm embrace.

"Will you come with me to my room sweetheart, there's something I want to talk to you about, alone. Sam follow me please." She says as we walk upstairs, almost passing the Alpha.

"Sure, where is your room?" I ask her, trying to avoid the Alphas gaze.

She tugs on my hand and we walk into the big open double doors, the center has a small fountain with white tiles, a chandelier, and two sets of stairs that go up to the second floor, behind the fountain in the hall to the gathering room, next to the kitchen where I see Kia run into, she is busy today, I wonder how she could text me so sudden, we walk up to the second floor where the meetings are held, I know all of this because I had to attend as Mykels girlfriend or as a substitute for either mom or dad. There are only 5 rooms on this floor, unlike other packs, this pack house doesn't hold anyone that's not the omegas or the visiting Alphas with Lunas.

The middle room is the Alphas office, the two on the sides are just for meetings. The third floor is where mom and Samie are staying, it's also where all other Alpha and Luna stay. The Alpha lives in the back of the pack house above the small mountain. He designed it when he took over last year, staying in one of the rooms of the pack house till it was done. It's a fancy house but I haven't seen it. I enter behind Samie when mom locks the door, Samie sighs.

"What's going on mom?" I say as I walk to sit in a small armchair that's in the small living room.

"I wanted to tell you before anything happens, only you will know this apart from Samie," She says as she takes her own seat in a love seat with Samie.


Susie's POV

"Remember the red wolf story?" say's my mother with a nervous voice as she plays with her fingers in her lap, she seems a bit more nervous then she was when I hugged her downstairs.

I smile at her knowing of that story, "everyone knows of that story, we all heard it at school when we were pups mom." I tell her with a small snicker, Samie sighs and rolls her eyes like I'm missing the point of something, 'what' I mouth at her surprised she is actually reacting like that what gives.

Samie looks up and shakes her head, I roll my eyes at her "If you know it mind telling me, kinda wanna know your version, pleeeease?" Samie tells me with a big sarcastic grin and holding her hands together like a drama girl, mom giggles at her response with drama and shakes her head.

I close my eyes and take a breather "Okay? Well there once was a wolf, a big red colored wolf, who did no harm to anyone, he met different creatures, lived in different places, but he liked b


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