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The Crown Of Alpha

The Crown Of Alpha

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The Wellington's are the Royal Blood, the family which ruled the kingdom where humans and werewolves co-existed. It was everyons dream to be chosen by the prince. What if, at the Choosing Ceremony, the most merciless Prince, Prince Archard Wellington, chooses a human as his mate? and re-writes rules. Eighteen year old Anna Rosa is a human girl. She was a assistant of a female werewolf since she was 10. She always has hatred for the royal family because they oppressed human and hunt them for pleasure. Find out more when the fate brings them together? Will Anna see past the hatred? or something sinister waiting for her?

Chapter 1 ( fear)

"Hurry up, Daniella, we are already late!" I called out for Daniella for the millionth time in that hour, while Mrs Russell kept giving her 'final' touch for the millionth time.

"Be confident and don't be sassy." I rolled my eyes at Mrs Russell's pep talk which I have been hearing all throughout the week.

The Grand Mating Ceremony was a ritual wherein the male members of the werewolf community chose their mates among the females. Apparently, they just happen to know when their mate is around and know who exactly their mate is. That was how this was supposed to be. But, after the Wellington's took over as the royalty of the werewolf community, a choosing ceremony became just a means to choose a female werewolf, even if she wasn't the mate, and the female was forced into living with the male who

chose her. There were a few revolts but the royalty hunted those insurgents down. Over time, no one dared to go against this mating ceremony. I never understood why the royalty oppressed the people under their forge rules and rituals. I find it cruel and evil. It was a well established truth that if anyone goes against their rules. The royalty hunted them down not for hunger. They just hunt and devour their prey just for the pleasure and to show their superiority. My stomach feels sick every time I think about it.

The fear of being hunted existed in the hearts more than the desire to stay happy.

For the males of the royalty, polygamy was

prevalent. The royal princes chose a minimum of three females for himself in the mating ceremony. The royalty now, had tenth princes, nine of which already have their mates and are expecting cubs

soon. The tenth prince, the most merciless one, Prince Archard Wellington, was to choose his mate this year. All the female werewolves were excited about it, for them he is the most handsome looking guy in the entire werewolf community. No one has ever seen his wolf. But, the ones who have accompanied him on a hunt claim that he has the most beautiful wolf form and has the most demanding roar. Who knew!? And who cares?

I smiled at Daniella as we sit in the car, which was heading to the venue, the headquarters of the Kingdom. Usually, the common members of the community were not allowed to enter the headquarters, forget some fragile human like me being allowed to enter it. I always wanted to

enter the premises, for the external beauty is too enchanted even from the glimpses I have caught when I accompanied Mrs Russell to the grocer's store. Finally, my dream was about to come true.

This was a world where the humans and

werewolves coexisted. Humans were treated rather ruthlessly, being only the guides to accompany the werewolves. Young female humans assisted the female werewolves until the mating ceremony and the male humans guarded the borders. The rest of the human community did petty jobs and lived menial lives. The royalty ruled the humans too, being the strongest werewolf family the world has seen so far.

"Roll up the window, Anna. The wind is too

strong that it messes up my hair." Daniella was usually too conscious of her appearance, and the ceremonial importance too made her very conscious.

By the way, I am Anna Rosa. A female, 18-year-old human, who lives with the Russell's, taking care of their daughter, Daniella's, needs. Danielle Russell, a kind and gentle werewolf, My aunty once asked

her parents if I could be her assistant, and this family accepted me. I was never treated less than their own daughter and I couldn't have been more grateful.

As we enter the premises, I breathe in the air filled with excitement at the Mating Ceremony. Parents of the females left and it was only the human girls and the werewolf females who walked in. Two huge gates were open as humans and werewolves poured in, in large numbers. My heartfelt contended when I caught

a glimpse of a few humans. Ah! It has been forever since I last saw a human.

" No messing up today, Anna. Everyone is watching," my inner voice warned me. I won't mess up, I tell myself.

The wind wailed and the silk curtains at the entrance to the room, that glowed in the light sunlight rippled, marking a perfect welcome. The female werewolves, who were all dressed in dazzling expensive fabric, assembled in rows just before the stage, while we humans stood at one corner of the room, huddled together. I

squeeze myself to the end of the crowd, my shoulders pressing against the wall. I feel safe now. I look around the room, enchanted by the beautiful designs on the walls, the chandeliers and the designed lamps. The walls bore pictures of the royalty, in a few places. The purple carpet

adorned the room, giving it a magnificent touch.

Despite all this, I somehow despised werewolves to the core because they enslaved us, humans, instead of treating us as equals. I don't deny that werewolves are stronger and more powerful, but humans were far more intelligent and smart, right!? But this world of ours worships power more than intelligence, beauty more than good- character. It was a world in which the word 'equality' was a taboo.

"I would like to announce the arrival of the Royal Blood, His Highness, Prince Archard Wellington. The mightiest, most powerful soon-to-be Alpha of our pack." Someone from the stage announced it.

The drum beats sound and the room echoed with the choir, singing the 'pack

song'. Standing at 5'5, I was shorter than most human girls around me, who blocked my vision to the stage. I was only able to see the hairpin of the girl before me. I looked down at my fingers that were playing with each other, not bothering to

pay heed to the ceremony. I wore the plainest looking clothes, even among humans. I certainly wouldn't stand a chance against even the lowest human in our kingdom. The werewolves only chose the werewolf females and there was little

significance of our presence here, so I didn't bother about my appearance.

I wondered what I would be doing from tomorrow? I knew I have to leave Russell's, who were equivalent to my parents and I would miss them and Daniella, who was a sister to me for eight years now. I would be allocated with my aunt again and to do the household chores and be married off to some guy whose duty would be to guard the kingdom. I was supposed to produce only two children and hand them over to the state when they are each twelve. Only God knows how much I despise this life.

I stood there listening to the brief speech about the Prince and he was about to start choosing.

"UGH! Just choose already. I don't want to stay here anymore," I talk in my head. As if I would ever be able to voice this aloud!

All of a sudden, silence engulfs the room,

creating eeriness all around. A shiver runs down my spine and I fidget in my place,uncomfortable. Something... wasn't right. I pushed my way a little further in the crowd hoping to see what's happening. Only to my surprise, I see the Prince, getting down off the stage and standing before the common werewolves. The Prince's brothers looked as aghast as the crowd was at his gesture, for it was highly uncommon for royal blood to get anywhere down off the stage.

This was the first time that I looked at the

Prince, directly, instead of the newspapers and the paintings on the walls. He really looked scary. Being 6'1" tall, well built, and his hair falling over his forehead, he looked like he could kill ten werewolves at a time. I had goosebumps when I saw the tattoos on his skin, around the wrist that was barely visible from under his black suit. A perfect jawline and dark blue eyes, he was handsome in one way.

" You can do a lot better, Prince Archard, " I said to him in my head, smiling at the thought of it. I wonder who he would be choosing, for she would be the most unfortunate werewolf to be the one for such a hot-head like him. Suddenly, I

pick up interest in this Ceremony, for, a slight sadistic part of me wants to know who that unlucky wolf was. I look at Archard for a minute from the gap between

the heads of the other human girls. He walks to the corner of the room where we are standing. The girls around me huddle closer, pushing me off-balance, but I manage to keep standing. His eyes were searching for something among the


" What are you looking for, an unfortunate person Prince Archard?" I laugh inside my head at the thought of it.

He was taking long strides towards us, making everyone around me shiver. But I stand firmly because l have done nothing wrong that he might hurt me. Right!? Right, my inner voice reassured me. He was so close to humans, still walking towards us, when light whispers spread

in the room.

"What was he doing? The Royal Blood never even gets close to a human. But this guy? He must have been on high."

" Archard" His brother called from the stage. The whispers and the gasps of the peepłe creatures present here died down immediately.

A low growl of Archard's brother filled the room when the Prince ignored his brother's warning and walked to where the humans were standing up.

" Archard, don't hunt now." Another of Archard's brothers said.

"I. AM. NOT. HUNTING" Archard said through gritted teeth.

His body started shivering a little, and he gritted his teeth to that extent that I thought would grind his teeth into a fine powder. Archard let out a low growl, which definitely sounded more demanding than that of his brothers. No wonder he was the Crown Prince of the pack despite being younger than nine of his other brothers. The moment he walked past the last line of the werewolves, other female werewolves, butlers and humans gasped, pulling in so much air into their lungs that for a moment it felt like there was no more air to breathe. The human girls shivered. Their legs trembled as they clung on to each other. I was standing still, not budging. I don't understand why they are scared if we did nothing wrong!

I looked at Archard. He had clenched fists and he definitely was holding back his urge to hunt. He was sniffing. I looked at his eyes that flickered in shade from dark to light blue. His eyes were red and the blue color looked magnificent. Hey! I

shouldn't be looking into a werewolf Prince's eyes! I am nobody! But I don't know why I kept staring at him.

For a moment, he was still but as he walked further towards us. By then, I was looking at my leg, that started hurting real bad after someone stamped on it. I wanted to shout " human girls should stop worrying about that werewolf Prince and start watching out for innocent legs." But obviously I wouldn't, right?

In a moment, I felt fresh air on my face. I look up to my surroundings, only to find that the girls before and behind me have already parted into two groups and distanced themselves from me, maybe when I was so engrossed in my thoughts. So engrossed in thinking that I didn't

choose which side l should be moving.

" Now run! To my left or right!" My mind shouted. It suddenly felt like there was an earthquake and the earth beneath me was splitting and I ought to choose one side of it, and here my earthquake was the Prince. I looked at his chest once before I turned to my right, and started to move towards that group. The girl humans were giving

me horrible glares and I was like, it's not my fault that you guys abandoned me in just a jiffy. You could have been slow so that I could have realized.

"Stay." I heard a relatively loud growl.

My heart froze for a second and my legs

stopped moving. My heart pounded on my chest as hard as the drum beats that welcomed the Royal Bloods. My breathing quickened and in a flash, all my thoughts came to a halt. I was terrified.

" What might happen now? Would he kill me and suck off my blood just because I didn't give him way? Maybe he was hungry and wanted to feed on me? Maybe he thought I was a rebel for not moving? Or even worse...did he hear my thoughts? Did I anger him? What if he was able to

listen to my thoughts ridiculing him and was offended by it? Curse the special abilities of werewolves." I thought.

He took a step towards me and l was too

shocked to even move. I keep looking at the floor, staring at the gap between me and him,the gap between me and death. I close my eyes, expressing gratitude to all those who are important to me in my life. That is what is supposed to be done when you know you're dying, right!? Right. The chattering in the room got louder by the second. It became so loud that none of my other senses worked anymore. l opened my eyes to find Prince at the same distance, I looked up slowly only to find

his eyes fixed on me and I immediately looked down knowing it was wrong to look into his eyes, being a mere human. A few werewolf females start shouting and Archard's brothers talk to each other, rather loudly.

He took another step forward and I moved back, fumbling as I did and something hard slammed into my chest. Shit! The wall. I look on either side trying to find the nearest exit. I heard a few gasps and a few of Archard's brothers shouted that

it was against their prestige and their royalty was being put at stake.

Archard walked closer to me, so close that

I could smell his cologne, a rather strong

masculine one. I press further against the wall, thinking of a way out. All of a sudden, a piercing roar filled my ears. I brought my hands to my ears and shut my eyes, whimpering. Silence, once again, engulfed the room and I knew exactly why. He was Prince Archard and no one dared to oppose even the tiniest of his actions.

Everyone zipped up their lips. Everyone included his brothers. The roar freaked the shit out of me.

"H..A-am s-s-so s-sorry, your H-Highness.." I looked at the floor, joining my hands as if I was praying to him. Begging him to leave me alone.

"Shhh...." He hissed, bending down and bringing his face closer to mine, placing his finger on my lips, telling me to shut up.

I nodded and did as told, closing my eyes and gulping down a little fear. There are over a hundred female werewolves and nine other Royal Bloods in the room, with many humans too, and not even one of them took a step closer to save a petite human like me. You see now? I hate

werewolves for a reason. And the Prince's power is undeniable. He had everyone under control.

"Mate." He growled, placing his hand just to the right of my head with a thud, making me flinch. I backed off a little as if it was possible! I could have dug a hole with my back if only the wall wasn't strong for I kept pushing myself further into it.

"Mate? Haha, yeah, Mate!" I replied and thought, as if I knew who his mate was! Why doesn't he stop hunting an innocent human like me and go find his own mate? Duh! I told ya, werewolves have little brains. Oops, did I just say it aloud...'s a secret truth okay?

"Y-yes S-Sir, I-H can h-help....f-find y-your m- mate...S-sir." A bead of perspiration rolled down my neck.

He smirked a little as I finally looked into his eyes. I then noticed some of the amazing features of his face -a perfect jawline, piercing blue eyes, thin lips From between the strands of his hair, I noticed his forehead and the mark on his left temple. He inched closer to me, making my insides twist with fear. I whimpered and he smirked. He reached out for my right hand and I jolted up, standing straight. Everyone's eyes widened as big as the size of saucers, they looked like they had just seen a ghost. Did a Royal Blood, a Prince, the most merciless Prince Archard Wellington who would do anything to put the fear of the Royalty into people's hearts, just touch a human?!? His touch felt warm and electricity passed through me, all over my skin from where his skin touched mine. His rough and long fingers curled around my wrist, my hand felt so tiny in his. He pulled me behind him as he walked to the stage. Within a second, I was on the stage, my hand still in his. There were so many werewolves on the stage.

What? Now hunting me is also something that had to be showcased? Was he going to be that merciless?

" Caden, choose two more girls" I hear Archard speak.

I jump at his voice but don't bother to look at him. I watch Archard, as he calls out two of the girl werewolves who ran up to the stage rather happily, pride visible on their faces. With haughty walks, they walked to where the brothers were standing, bowing to them, showing submission. Why only two of the werewolves? Shouldn't there be at least three girls being chosen as part of the ritual? did I end up on the stage without climbing the stairs? That too in a moment? Huh? Am I dreaming? Or is it some display of stupid werewolf powers? It can be anything, it doesn't matter. What's happening? I pull my hand to my chest, just as Archard lets go of it. I have never had so many people staring at

me. Being quite shy, I was clearly nervous. I could burst out crying any moment but I suppressed up the urge to shout and cry. I hate this world of mine. I certainly do. Holding back is the toughest thing in the world.Within two minutes, everyone before me disperses, giving me quite a few glares. Thanks for being "nice". What have I done to earn it!?

I was shaken out of my thoughts just when

some tall guy, wearing a black suit just like Archard's and having the same badge depicting his Royal stature on his chest, clears his throat standing before me. I look around, finding nobody around except for this guy. Where did they go?

"This way." He holds out his hand for me to take it, but I don't. There is no way I would touch a werewolf, that too a Royal Blood. He walks before me and guides me into a jet black car. A car full of werewolves.

"Send the human out." Someone behind me said just as I reached the car.

"l am taking her with me." His demanding tone vibrates as if he were nervous when he says it. I turn around to find Archard, his blue orbs piercing into my amber ones.

Chapter 2 ( Suitor)

"B-But Archard, you are also supposed to take these two girls with you." Caden tried to convince Archard into changing his mind, but monsters either don't change their minds or they don't have one,right!?

It was, apparently, a ritual that the male werewolf of the Royal Family drove back home with all of his selected suitors in a car and there would be a grand welcome, back at their palace. But Archard wanted to take only me in his car, leaving both the other girls in another. He was going against rules and his brothers, once again, tried to get some sense into him.

"l want her in my car in two minutes." He

unbuttons his coat, walking back to the black car waiting right behind the one I was told to enter a second ago.

"Go. That car." Caden said through gritted teeth. I don't know why Caden was always gritting his teeth when he was around me and I made up my mind to ask him sometime later. If l ever had an opportunit


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