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The Blood Moon Ascendance

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Mia is a wolf, faced with challenges and several rejections by the one she loves, Hazel. She finds out about the age-old prophecy about her and returns to reclaim what belongs to her. Will Mia be able to fulfill her destiny? Most especially, will she be able to forgive Hazel and his family after she finds out about the darkness they have been hiding for years?

Chapter 1

Mia's POV

I came back from one of the neighbor's gardens that I was asked to work on, only to meet my parents and my sister sitting in the little courtyard. They were too busy having a family timeout that my presence was unrecognized. 

"Mum, Dad, I'm home!" I said happily as I skipped towards them only to meet the shock of my eye. All my boxes of gifts were outside and my mother was selecting stuff from them carefully.

I stood in front of my parents and tried to fight back my tears as I watched them take everything that belongs to me and hand it over to my little sister.

"What's going on mother?" I asked but she only glared at me and didn't utter a word.

The pain I felt from being mocked by others for the mere fact that all my mates have wolfed out and I still haven't, was nothing compared to the pain I felt when my parents constantly reminded me of how I am so much of a disappointment to them.

"But Mum, I really loved that dress…"

I whispered in tears as I clenched my fists and sobbed quietly.

"You were supposed to transform with this dress on, but the full moon came and went, twice! All my friends and neighbors keep telling the stories of how their daughters have transformed yet you keep making me feel even more embarrassed than I already am!" She yelled at me and I moved back a bit in shock.

"Why are you treating me this way? It's not even my fault that I didn't transform!" I cried but she didn't bat an eye and just continued handing everything to my sister.

"Father, please do something about this…" I muttered but he threw his face away and kissed his teeth like I said something abominable.

My mother went on and on, giving out everything in my bags to my sister.

"That's all, as for you Mia, since you enjoy working in people's farms and gardens, then you'll learn to dress more like a gardener.." she snarled and my eyes widened in shock.

Without hesitating, my father pulled out an old rusty box from under his bench and dusted the top.

"Take this box, everything inside it now belongs to you." He said sternly. There's nothing I can do about the situation at this point, I just gently placed the box on my head and ran back into my room, letting the tears flow freely down my sore cheeks.

I sat in my room crying and didn't realize that the sun had gone down. I heard a slight knock on my window and I immediately knew who it was so I rushed to open it.

"Xavier…" I whispered as I hugged him and buried my face in his chest.

He held me tightly and didn't even ask me why I was crying in the first place.

"There, let it all out.." he whispered in my ears as he stroked my hair with one hand and rubbed my back with the other.

"Maybe you should lock your door first. I don't want anyone scolding you for only caring about boys and not transforming." he said and I nodded.

The last time Xavier came here, my father lectured him about staying far away from girls that haven't transformed when they're supposed to have transformed. I felt so embarrassed that I locked myself in for days.

"Come on, sit and tell me what's bothering you so much, aside your inability to transform"

"What else if not my inability to transform?

Today my mother gave everything I owned to Penny. I have nothing left, no clothes, no books, nothing. All I have left is this box of old and ragged clothes. They're treating me like it's my fault that I couldn't transform when I was supposed to. 

Xavier, it's not fair to me…." I said and burst into tears again.

"Come here…" Xavier muttered and pulled me in for a hug.

"Let's go get some fresh air, we'll go to the lake and you can play me some of your tunes..."

"But my parents…." I tried to protest but he placed his index finger over my lips.

"Don't worry about them for now. The sun is already setting and nobody will see us leaving. Besides, I have a gift for you." He said and my eyes glistened at the sound of that.

"Let's go.." I said and took his hand as we both jumped through my window and ran into the woods towards my favorite lake.

"Slow down Xavier, what's so special about the gift?" I asked and tried to keep up the pace.

"You'll see." He yelled and ran further ahead. 

We both got there and I sat at the foot of a tree and took out my flute from my pocket.

"Now stop panting and play something for me" he said and sat a few meters away from me.

"How can I just stop panting when you keep running like there's a wild animal after your life?" I whined and closed my eyes for a while.

The rough wind brushed against my bare skin as I shut my eyes and blew air into the flute, letting my fingers do the magic.

I let the flow of the tunes fill me with calmness and when I was done, I opened my eyes to see Xavier smiling like he had seen an angel.

"You're crying, again…" he said as he cleaned the corner of my left eye.

"I was just being emotional, nothing much.

Now where's my gift you douche!" I asked and gently punched his arm.

He stared at me for a while, then went ahead to bring out a sealed box from behind one of the trees.

"What's this?" I asked.

"Just open it.." he replied and sat with his legs crossed.

I nodded and gently ripped the seal open. Opening the box, my heart fluttered and felt my eyes burning with tears.

"Xavier…" I cried and he covered my mouth to stop me from crying but it was already late.

"You got these for me?" I asked and ran my hands through the clothes inside the box.

"Well, I was at the market when a lady came with all these clothes. They looked so beautiful on display so I thought to get some for you..

Although I had no idea your parents would give your clothes to Penny." 

"Oh Xavier…" I sobbed and hugged him tightly.

We spent the rest of the time talking and laughing about random things until I remembered the kind of parents I have.

Without wasting time, I ran back home after hugging him goodnight.

The lights in the living room were turned off and so were the lights in the kitchen. I slowly tiptoed to my window and gently lifted myself so I could jump in, when suddenly the lights went on.

"And where are you coming from, young lady?"

I immediately dropped the box and clutched the hem of my dress.

Chapter 2

Mia's POV

"Xavier, come on, let's go to the lake." I said gleefully as I approached his courtyard. He lives alone in his not so big house, ever since his parents died.

"I'm not sure I can make it today Mia, I have a lot on my plate right now. I'm so sorry" I hung my head in disappointment and sat on one of the benches for some time.

"My mother caught me sneaking in last night" I said and smiled to cover my pain.

"What! What did she do?" He asked.

"Well, nothing new. She just gave me some extra work and she wanted to seize the box but someone came looking for her.

By the time she got back I already exchanged the contents in the box" 

I replied.

"That was very close! I'm really sorry I can't go to the lake with you today. You'll just have to go without me…" he said and I shrugged my shoulders and left.

The path to the lake was cold and lo


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