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The Blind Human is My Mate

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"You look intruding and weird, you know that right?" He asked trying to discern if his suspicions from afar was indeed right. Eden chuckled and still staring into her phone, she said "you just want to find out if I'm blind right?" Without warning she looked up into his eyes and he shivered in disgust, his mate was indeed blind. The one to being hope to his mad wolf life was blind, he bursted into laughter immediately "fate you have got to be shitting me, this b*tch is blind". Eden frowned at him before saying as though he hadn't just hit her where it hurts, "well thanks for stating the obvious but so is whosoever that is fated to end up with a mad person like you". ***** A false prophesy! The fate of the werewolf world, A wild wolf belonging to the Alpha, fated to being peace, Betrayal!, Lies!, Deceit and humor lies in wait for naive and crazy Eden, who gets pulled into a world she is unable to see or imagine too. So many things are not what they seem as Eden find out that the family she had blamed herself for their death was never hers in the first place. Upon her meeting with Mr scary arrogant Alpha, she gets swept into a better version of herself. What does fate have in store for The Alpha's Blind Luna and his Wild wolf?

Chapter 1

"Eden!!!" I heard her shout again making me cringe in annoyance.

"Gina" I shouted back with a fake smile plastered on my face in case she walked in while I'm unaware.

I knew what she was going to say because it had become a normal thing for her over the past years.

"oh baby I know I promised no moving but my work is involved and this time I promise we will spend time together" I quoted scorning her.

I loved Gina but a part of me also dislike her so much for little things that I had expected would least annoy me

Whether I expected it or not, she owned me and without her I was nothing and would have nowhere to go at all.

The world has always seemed different through my empty sockets, the only thing that kept me going was the breath I was blessed with.

I just know days pass by and I just soar round the house without a care in the world….I had no life and was content with it.

"As much as you seem to love laying down and wallowing in self pity, the moving truck is coming" I heard Gina say as my door was cracked open.

I almost laughed, here she was speakins if I had a choice in all this.

What she had said was better than this sentence she had uttered, it was almost like she was saying that she cared less if I argued or not.

That's different, normally she would start blabbing on how out new place was better than here, not that I used to care or even still care.

I groaned and grudgingly got out of bed an poised in a sitting position.

I heard my door open and I snapped my head towards where the door and Ethan's scent filled my room before he spoke "Hey sis, do you need any help?"

"No thank you Ethan, I am not five you know and I dont need help getting out of bed!" I said before standing up and headed towards the bathroom carefully before stumbling on my packed box.

"Yeah right, she doesn't need my help" he taunted playfully, micmicking my voice before adding, "that's coming from someone as clumsy as you" he taunted before I heard him walk away.

yeah someone like me, news flash I'm blind in case you haven't figured it out.

Yeah blind as in like I can't see and always need walking aid.

With a sigh I entered the bathtub, Ethan was right, like he always is...I was blind and clumsy and maybe ugly and if possible unlovable..

I know I'm probably thinking too far, one day someone would find me, well that's if Gina ever let's me out, and I would know what love feels like and blah! blah!

I'm sure I'm just here because of pity and I know how much Ethan hates that we are moving and the fact I seemed so cool with it like I always seem every d*mn time Gina had said we are moving.

He always seemed angry about my nonchalant attitude towards it and felt that I was the cause and always allowed it.

I took my bath and dressed up quickly as Gina screamed for us to hurry up.

I stood at the window and nature greeted me back, I was leaving and it said goodbye.

The thought of leaving always made me sad but the fact that I had no say always sent mixed signals.

I had so many questions but no body could answer it.

What was speaking going to do?, It's not like if I were to say anything something would happen, I was also helpless in this.

I located my way down the stairs and could hear Ethan and Gina conversing making me smile before frowning almost immediately at the reality, we were indeed moving.

My mind went back to the main reason why I was here and the reason why sleep always ends up with screams.

I remember that day, the day that happened to be the last birthday I ever celebrated was the day I lost everyone and everything i had in this world,

The day we were to move as we are doing now only difference was my objection and love for a wild animal,

A small community filled with abled men all dead because of the mistakes of a little girl.

I alongside the stray I had found, the one that made me lose my family in the first placestood watching in silence and tears as the town fell to ashes with my Dad aching voice in my head calming me down before that too died.

Sometimes I just couldnt help but wonder if it was really worth it, their death in exchange for the life of that stray.

They also didn't notice my presence as they both seemed engrossed or maybe they did but didn't have anything to say to me.

I didn't seem to care one bit as my mind went back to my family and a town that had died for a stray animal when they could have just given them the f*ck*ng stray and then the refusal of my younger self to move.

"Eden are you ok?" Gina said calling out from the trance I was slowly entering as I stood and let them arrange our stuffs in the truck.

"Baby are you by any chance reminiscing about your past again?" She said in a very knowing voice.

I smiled, there was nothing need to hide or deny it because I'm sure my face was too readable already, before saying "guilty as charged".

"why do you always do this when we are moving, I know moving causes bad memories and yet we do and I'm sorry",

I sighed knows wing what ere as coming next, here comes her rehearsed speech.

"I know I promised no moving but my work is involved and this time I promise we will spend time together" She said genuinely making me smile before nodding and honestly I really didn't care.

The darkness has become my home, I could move around in it without getting hurt and all hope of ever seeing again was lost and I was quite comfortable in it.

So that alone makes me perfectly okay with the thought of moving away to an undisclosed area.

I had no friends and all I did was say every single time was okay and also considering the fact that we were moving for the tenth time in two years.

This her work from the house was weird because it almost seemed like a case study.

"Maybe just maybe, who knows you would find your light" Gina said holding the truck's door, I heard my stupid brother mutter a yes making me scowl.

They always seemed to talk about finding this light as though there was more to life than I had any clue of.

"Thank you kind mister, for your kind and hopeful words" I sneered.

He chuckled before replying in the same manner, "You are always welcome sis".

Rolling my eyes internally at him before I plugged in my headphones, shutting the world out and entering mine.

Slowly I left the world as sleep took me to my world of imagines.

I stirred as the car came to a halt before stretching my body and asked Ethan who haven't noticed me yet, "Eth How long was I out?".

"Who cares?" I rolled my eyes at Ethan before hitting him on closest part of his body and only to come in contact with something sticky.

My mind immediately reacted as I came to an obvious conclusion, I hope it isn't what I am thinking that is!

"Hmm Eth, are you wet?",

He leaned in and whispered "Sandy came to say goodbye".

"Ewww!!! Gross!!!" I exclaimed before feeling round as I came down the car.

The dense fragrance of my surroundings hit me making me giggle.

It smelt like damp moss, rain, wet tree trunks and flowers, I could heard the bird calling bringing a smile to my face.

This was real definite of fresh air, it made me feel all kind of things at the time, relaxation, comfort and rejuvenation.

A brief and short flashback of a little me running into the as of a woman that I couldn't recognize flashed making me shiver as deja vu hit me.

"Ahhh" I giggled ignoring Ethan comments and mumurs before I twirled around softly and breathing in once again.

"The forest wind smells dense and homely" I commented entering the house, talking to no one in particular.

"This place seems so familiar and I just can't recognize what I feel about this" I said to myself as I used my guide to navigate the house.

"Why the woods Gina" Ethan shouted packing in the load.

Gina put her hands round me and she said "sometimes I wonder how you sense your surroundings so well"

With a chuckle I said "well perks for being blind".

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

"Wow so blunt sis" Ethan teased before laughing softly alongside both I and Gina.

"come start packing in your stuffs these shit weighs tons" I heard him say making me roll my eyes internally I scoffed "guess you are rubbing off on me.

"Oh Gina..I love this place" I said jumping before hugging her and then dragging her hand before placing it on my heart I said, "feel this".

Honestly there was something about this place that had me hooked and for the first time I feel like there's hope.

It had this weird homely kind of feeling and I loved it.

I heard her chuckle softly before she said "I'm guessing you will love your room too".

If it feels like this then there was no doubt about it, I was surely going to end it.

She guarded me upstairs letting me feel around as soon as we entered my room,

A cool breeze which sounded more like a melody hit me, how can breeze


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