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Violet stood there watching how her husband of three years renounced her as his Luna and made her twin sister his Luna because she was accused of killing his father. He didn't believe her when she said she didn't kill him. He banished her from his pack and never to return again, but she didn't want to leave; she wanted to prove her innocence. Little did she know what was coming her way. She was betrayed and brutally killed by her sister, when she thought all hope was gone.  However, the Moon Goddess had other plans for her. Violet returned to the exact moment when her life turned upside down with a chance to change everything.  Will she be able to change everything? Or will the changes lead back to her death?


I screamed at the top of my lungs, crawling desperately on the forest floor as three massive werewolves pursued me. I couldn't muster any more speed; my body felt numb and weak.

One of the wolves swiftly caught up to me, leaping onto my back and pinning me down against the forest floor. Despite being a strong wolf, I had been drugged with a wolfsbane pill, rendering me powerless and unable to shift or defend myself. The wolf sank its sharp canines into my flesh, causing waves of pain to course through my body. I struggled to free myself from its grip, but my efforts were futile.

The imposing black wolf growled menacingly as it tore my right arm away, eliciting a piercing scream from me that echoed through the forest. The rustling of approaching footsteps, leaves, and snapping twigs sent a shiver down my spine as I lay helplessly on the ground, blood seeping from my wound. My vision grew hazy, my surroundings becoming a blur, and my head spun with dizziness. The pain was unbearable, yet I desperately longed to see the person responsible. I wanted to discover the identity of the one who had unleashed these wolves upon me. It was impossible to discern in their current wolf forms.

I caught sight of a woman's feet adorned in designer shoes. Oh no! It couldn't be! This woman standing before me, exuding a sinister aura, wore a disturbing smile upon her face, her piercing blue eyes fixed upon me.

"Stop your futile cries, bitch. No one will come to save you. Oliver ordered me to end your life," Mia declared, her voice sounding eerily similar to mine. She was my twin sister, my tormentor, the one who framed me for the murder of my mate's father and claimed to be his true mate. Blinded by hatred, my mate had believed her deceit.

"Mia, how can you do this to me? We're sisters!" I half-yelled, wincing in pain as I clutched my bleeding arm.

"That's precisely why I want to eliminate you. I don't wish to be associated with a twin sister. Only one of us can survive, and that will be me," Mia proclaimed, placing her hand upon her chest. She had always resented me for having it all: a loyal husband and a multitude of supporters. I held the esteemed position of Luna in the Silvermoon Pack.

"You won't escape justice!" I screamed defiantly.

"Hahaha," Mia laughed with a feral edge, kneeling beside me and lifting my chin so that our eyes met.

"It's over for you. Your gravest mistake was being born as my twin," she uttered before releasing her grip on my face.

"Give me a knife, or anything sharp," she commanded, extending her hand toward one of the wolves. One of them extended a small pocket knife with its claw, which she swiftly grasped. Before I could process what was happening, she forcefully thrust the knife into my chest. The blade pierced my heart, sending searing pain coursing through my body. I clutched the knife as blood spilled from my mouth, staining my clothes.

"Hmph..." I whimpered.

"She is all yours," Mia declared, her words cutting deeper than any knife. She turned away and began to walk. I yearned to rise to my feet and give chase. I wanted to exact revenge on my sister, to make her pay for all the pain she had inflicted upon me. However, my arms and legs refused to respond. I lay there motionless, watching Mia's majestic departure as if nothing had happened.

Hot tears welled up in my eyes, stinging as they streamed down my cheeks. Was this the end for me?

"Owoooo!" The wolf let out a fierce howl as it tore a chunk of flesh from my thigh. The pain was unbearable. My vision blurred, and stars danced before my eyes. Darkness consumed me as I lost consciousness, collapsing onto the forest floor.


"Violet! Violet, my dear, wake up," I heard the voice of my handmaid, Brianna. What was happening? Was it all a dream? Gradually, I sat up in bed, my gaze fixed upon her as I rubbed my forehead with my hand. She stood near the bed, holding a tray in her hands. I couldn't discern the contents from my position, but I knew it wasn't food.

I surveyed the dimly lit room, a strange sense of familiarity washing over me. It was as if this had all occurred before. The furniture that I had longed for when I was banished from my packhouse by my husband remained in place, and Brianna was still faithfully by my side. A tear escaped my eye. What was happening?

"My Luna, I have made a handkerchief for you," Brianna said softly. "I knitted it myself," she added. The words echoed in my mind, as though I had heard them before. Without hesitation, I rose from the bed, determined to confirm my suspicions. I fixed my eyes on the silver tray in her hands and spotted a blue handkerchief adorned with golden threads. This was the very handkerchief she had gifted me on the day my nightmare had begun. It felt like a never-ending loop of a terrible movie replaying before my eyes.

"What's the matter? Don't you like it?" she inquired, her words reverberating in my head. What was happening? Why had the Moon Goddess sent me back in time? And why had she chosen this particular day? Brianna continued to gaze at me with curiosity. I hurriedly made my way to the calendar hanging on the wall of my chamber and ran my fingers over the days.

Oh no! It's true, I am reliving this day. I need to compose myself first. Taking a deep breath, I tried to calm my racing heart. There was still time. I could still prevent Mia from entering my packhouse. I could still cover her house rent, sparing her from moving in with me and my husband. I could still avert all these dreadful events. I could still save Oliver's father from his demise.

"Your highness, are you alright?" Brianna asked in a gentle tone.

"Ye-ye-yes," I stammered, my voice trembling.

"I'm fine," I reassured her, reaching out to grasp her hand and giving it a tender squeeze. I had missed her dearly. I had no knowledge of what had befallen her when I was expelled from this house. All I remembered was that Mia had thrown her into the dungeon on false charges of theft. Pulling her into a warm embrace, I savored the familiar scent of flowers that clung to her. I had missed her greatly.


"You're squeezing me too tight," she complained through gritted teeth. I gently stroked her back and released her.

"I'm sorry," I apologized. Her eyes widened in surprise. In my past life, I always believed I was superior and never admitted my mistakes. So, hearing an apology from me must have come as a shock to her. Change is still possible.

I need to hurry and settle my sister's bills before she finds her way into my packhouse. I lightly tapped Brianna on the shoulder, giving her a smile as I made my way to the spacious bathroom for a shower.

After a refreshing bath, I walked through my expansive dressing room, which dwarfed the servant's quarters in the packhouse, and selected a black strapless gown. Although I had originally planned to wear a blue dress today, I felt it was time for small changes to set a different tone.

As I adorned the gown, Brianna skillfully combed and braided my blonde hair into an elegant prin


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