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  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Lilika
  • Chapters: 8
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 3.0
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I live an ordinary, monotonous life. Work hard, eat little, sleep even less. The normal life of any adult with little financial conditions. Every day I live exactly the same thing. The only joy I feel are the brief adrenaline rushes that only come when I'm on my own. motorcycle, driving around like crazy. But the whole boring life of my life changes, and everything turns upside down, when five strange men they enter through the door of the diner where I work. The connection between us is instant and undeniable, and I feel it on my skin like fire. Everything was weird, and it got even worse when they told me I was an alpha. The first female alpa in over a thousand years.

Chapter 1



"How long will it take to find

this stupid fucking alpha? Heads turn my way as soon as the words are out of my mouth. Impulsive of me to say, but justifiable. "I haven't come in five

damn days. I am going through a withdrawal.

Kai punches my shoulder, mocking. Some

laughter comes from the other members.

Luckily, my pack laughs at the jokes or I think

that they would hate me. Honestly, they probably know at this point, but it's too late. they will have to

deal with me for the rest of our lives.

Ha-ha. Motherfuckers.

Stone sighs, looking out the windows of the

motel. He was the first to bear the mark of our Alfa... it burned right into his shoulder. When he woke up with the burning sensation a week ago, it was like someone had branded him with a hot iron like cattle,

and then there, the form of the symbol in all its glory.

A diamond is on top with a line

passing through it, extending beyond the bottom. An 'x' shape crosses below the diamond with the horizontal line still between it. Within the middle line towards the top are two diagonal lines going up the right side of the diamond. But Kai can't figure out what that is.


“This has got to be the right town. The attraction

ends here, says Stones, as tired as we are.

I was the next one to get our appointment.

alpha. Either Stone doesn't feel anything through his thick, inhuman muscles or I'm just a bitch, because

that shit hurt.


I almost wanted to reject the mark, but never

I would do that with my pack.

Kai, my twin, was next.

Then Reed was next and finally Zeno. Our marks are in the same place as Stone, on our right shoulder. We all know what that means, our alpha is not found and it's time to find him. We thought Stone would be the Alpha because he's always acted that way. But once we hit the mark, we knew


“Why are you the only one who feels that 'tug'? Zeno asks in his hauntingly deep voice as he pushes his long black hair back.

back. "Don't you find that a little strange?"

Stone shrugs.

"Okay, so what are we going to do?" kai

question, white hair rubbing your eyebrows


—I'm tired, I say sitting on the bed

next to my brother. "And hungry."

—Krew, we just ate! - Kai says. - We'll eat again in the morning and then we'll look for more. He has to be here somewhere... —Stone


Reed lets out a sigh. "And if he's in


“Then we follow. — Stone closes the

shitty hotel window and look at us. “But thanks to Claire, we know he hasn't moved since the appointment.

Your hard eyes make my wolf cringe

inside. My wolf is a bitch. I'm not afraid of

Stone, at least not when he's in this form.

"Do you think he knows we're

coming and who are we? Kai asks, leaning back against the

my side.

I snort. "I hope we don't have to."

break the news to him. 'Hi, yes, you are a wolf shifter. The wolf shifter our hound,” I point at Stone, “

is sniffing. Yes, our alpha too. We were waiting for this day without even knowing it. Preparing to finally have our pack complete and finish Moonborn Academy together.

My wolf shakes and howls, wanting to break free. I miss my jogging routine in the morning. Shortly. I think of my wolf. There is no need to be

every wolf shifter in the real world.

Zeno laughs at my joke. — Let's see in

brief. Right Stone?

Stone nods. - Take a rest. Tomorrow

we look for more


Goldie and I danced like idiots to the tune

of the old Miley Cyrus song on the radio. Anything to make cleaning up in the restaurant quicker. I rock my hips, clearing the table and then each

of the chairs.

Goldie turns to me, singing on the handle

of the mop. Your index finger swings at me

as she sings the lead notes.

I smile, joining her.

- All good. I don't pay you two to

sing," Rick the manager says, waving at us

let's continue.

I direct a glance at Goldie, but she's already

is attacking. She approaches him, singing. I circle it,

snapping my fingers.

He laughs. “Hurry up, ladies.

In five minutes, we're done cleaning. Goldie turns off the radio, still dancing and singing. She hooks her arm around mine, pulling me toward the door. Behind us, Rick turns off the lights and then closes them as we leave. I dance all the way to Goldie's car next to my sleek red rocket.

"Good night, ladies!" Rick yells, going

across the parking lot to your car.

We wave back at him. The breeze

The chill of the night feels amazing against my flushed skin, but ends up pushing my long curls around my face. The full moon lights brighter than the streetlights

of light, so it's not too dark.

"Go home safely," Goldie

orders, pointing the finger at me again.

I agree. - Send me a message

when I arrive at home! Tell Devin I said hi.

She sighs. “Don't tell me that! he drools

in you!

I laugh. - Strange. he has some

ten . He doesn't stand a chance!

- Sixteen! He's in love with you!

I roll my eyes. "Just tell him that."

I said hi. Just it! I lift my leg and straddle her, undoing my kitty helmet from the handlebars and pulling it over my head. Goldie's car roars to life, creaking and clanking. Piece of shit car if you

ask me. My bike purrs to life between my legs beautifully. A groan comes out of mine

lips. Oh, my beautiful baby.

- God! Goldie teases. - You have

orgasm with it every night?

I speak. - Yes. Yes I want.

She makes a face. "I'll see you at dawn."

day, Esme! she yells as she takes off in her car, leaving behind a cloud of gray fog and a strange burning smell in the air. I kick off my kickstand and rev my bike forward, following her. I walk to

side of it until you reach the open road.

There... I'll hurry.

I pull the straps, making a little horse. My bike bounces when the wheel hits the ground. So I step outside, feeling the air rush past my clothes. Adrenaline courses through my veins, begging for more. I'm never satisfied, no matter if I get a hundred or close to two hundred. I shake my head, exposed hair blowing in the breeze. Something in the back of my throat groans for more. First my car wasn't fast enough.

Now my bike...

I sigh.

I'm hard to please, that's for sure.

I pull up to my building, park, and turn off the

motor. A loud, deep growl cuts through the air, making me spin. The wind shakes the trees that surround the streets, but if

calms down quickly. My eyes scan the line of

trees, trying to make out anything.

Chapter 2

- Are you well? — The man at the door


I look up, grateful he's here.

"I just heard something strange."

"Did you hear there was someone else?"

attacked by wolves? He asks.

I look at him. - Serious? Where?

“A few towns over. maybe one or

two hours away.

He escorts me inside and I go upstairs.

to my floor and then to my house. Home... But no

really? I'm used to moving around a lot, so home isn't much. Just a few unimportant things litter the apartment, nothing that makes it feel like home. I undressed in the living room, singing a song in my head. I roll mine

hips to the bathroom to shower. I wash all

worries, all the horrible old and low tips.

After the shower, I step outside, rolling a

towel around my body. I grab my phone before going back to my towel. Falling onto the bed, I pull up the news about the few attacks. Seems like there's a lot more


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