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The Alpha With The Kiss Of Death

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TRIGGER WARNING!!! The second half of this book contains everything rated 18+. If you are not into dark romance, please do not read it in the name of everything holy. ***Excerpt*** "I own you, Reyana. You are mine... Mine to torture... Mine to claim... Mine to punish... and nothing will ever save you from me. Not even death!" His words were heavy and true. He meant every word he said. *** Bound by an oath, the Blood Crescent pack has kept a prophecy hidden for over 300 years. Alpha Randall, the most ruthless Alpha of his time was a god among men, rich in power, strength, wealth, achievements... No one comes close. He was the envy of all. Wherever he went, he left a trail of death and darkness, and no one ever prayed to be mated to such a monster, but fate had a different plan for him. His world began crumbling when he was mated to Reyana, his Beta's girlfriend, whom he hated with passion. Reyana was doomed when Alpha Randall refused to claim her, neither was he willing to reject her, not only because he had a mistress, Visha, whom he loved so much... He had other reasons. Torn between two women, the secret of the prophecy was on the verge of crumbling as, unknown to Randall, one of these women was meant to be his downfall, while the other was the key to unlocking the prophecy. What happens when Randall's biggest nightmare is unlocked and the Dark-eyed monster whom he thought he killed years ago resurfaces, threatening his very existence? Let's find out in this heart-racing piece filled with suspense, Steamy romance, and betrayal. Brace yourselves. This will be one of the most twisted, mind-blowing stories you'll ever come across.

Chapter 1



In the heart of the ancient forest, where shadows dance among the towering trees and whispers echo through the dense foliage, lies the all-powerful and undefeated pack - The Blood Crescent pack.

Ruled by the green-eyed wolf, Alpha Randall who left nothing but death and darkness in his trail, they are the most feared pack in all of the South.

Alpha Randall conquered territories and brought great Alphas to their knees. His conquests were legendary, his name striking fear into the hearts of all who dared to oppose him.

His reign was both a curse and a blessing, depending on how one tread with him.

Despite all that was seen on the surface, Alpha Randall is faced with a great challenge... A challenge that would either ruin him or make him even more powerful, and this challenge comes in the form of a prophecy... A prophecy that has been kept hidden from the world.

“Beware, the wolf with eyes of green, For power wields a double-edged keen.

Mate's choice holds fate's decree, Blessing or curse, it soon shall be.

A mate's betrayal, a pack undone, In the darkest hour, the battle's won.

Seek the key in whispers old, Where tales untold, the future hold. In cryptic signs, the answers lie.

Whoever bears the mark of the green-eyed wolf becomes his doom or his blessings.

The chosen one, a maiden fair, Shall rise to face the black-eyed wolf. In her hands, the fate of all lies, To heed the call or let it fall.”

Bound by an oath, The Alpha, His Beta, His Gamma, and The Immortal witch swore to protect the prophecy with their lives, as this prophecy holds the reign and destruction of Alpha Randall and the Blood Crescent pack.

The prophecy succeeded in being a huge secret until one fateful evening, the veil of secrecy was shattered, and the prophecy they feared laid bare before them, setting into motion a chain of events that would reshape the destiny of their realm.


The night was cold and eerie, the dimly lit candles in the small chamber offering little warmth to the young woman lying on the small wooden bed. Small whimpers escaped her lips as she writhed, her brows furrowed in distress and her eyes still closed in a deep sleep as she was trapped in the depths of an unsettling dream.

She found herself standing before an ethereal woman, clad in a white flowing gown, who smiled lovingly at her, gently stroking her cheek.

"Reyana, my child," the ethereal figure called, her voice a soothing melody that calmed the storm within Reyana's soul.

"Mother?" The young lady called out in a trembling voice, tears pooling in her eyes as she reached out to touch the woman, "Please take me with you, mother. I feel so lost without you," she pleaded, letting the tears flow freely from her big, round sapphire eyes.

"I am always with you, my child," the ethereal woman whispered, her voice a gentle breeze that caressed Reyana's cheek. "And remember, Beware, the wolf with eyes of green, For power wields a double-edged keen.

Mate's choice holds fate's decree, Blessing or curse, it soon shall be.

A mate's betrayal, a pack undone, In the darkest hour, the battle's won.

Seek the key in whispers old, Where tales untold, the future hold. In cryptic signs, the answers lie.

Whoever bears the mark of the green-eyed wolf becomes his doom or his blessings.

The chosen one, a maiden fair, Shall rise to face the black-eyed wolf. In her hands, the fate of all lies, To heed the call or let it fall." The ethereal woman quoted as she gradually vanished with the wind.

"No! Please stay with me! Mother!" Reyana let out a heart-wrenching cry as she was pulled back into the reality of the confines of her small chambers, making her jolt up in fear as she tried to steady her breathing.

It was yet another nightmare, but this time, it was a nightmare with a strange prophecy.

The journey begins, and the fate of their realm rests in the hands of those brave enough to seize it.

Chapter 1


"You have to reject her. You know I am madly in love with her. She's all I've got! You can't possibly accept her as your fated mate!" Aldric's voice cracked with frustration and raw anger.


At that moment, the boundary between Alpha and Beta blurred for Aldric as he almost forgot the fact that he was talking to Randall, his Alpha. His agony was obvious in his eyes as they held torment and agony his words could not tell.


"Watch your tone, Aldric!" Alpha Randall's command boomed, his voice thundered at his Beta, giving no room for argument. "Do you know what it'd mean to reject my fated mate? Do you even realize the consequences of it all?" He asked, his sea-green eyes boring deep into Aldric's hazel eyes.


Aldric only looked away with his whole body trembling. "You can't do this, Alpha... She is my life, Please," he said in an almost inaudible tone, as he allowed tears to flow freely from his eyes, "I know how much you hate her. So, why hold onto her?"


"I can do whatever I d*mn want, Ric. I am your Alpha, and finding my mate is of great advantage to me and the pack. Get that right."


"But what about the prophesy, Alpha? I thought Visha was the prophesied one. You said that yourself," Aldric said in a whisper, looking around to make sure no one was in sight.


"What I do or don't do about my fated mate isn't any of your business, Ric. She is mine," Randall replied with an indifferent tone as he stormed out of the room.


Alpha Randall, a cold, ruthless, and unfeeling man in his early thirties had wondered why he'd never had a fated mate. It was beginning to become a matter of great concern until last night when everything changed for the worse.


Randall and Aldric have been friends since childhood. They both had a lot in common, making Aldric the only one fit to be his Beta.


Everything went beautifully well, until two years ago when their relationship began to go sour. They moved from being best of friends to being just an Alpha and his Beta, and now, things are set to get even more messy.







The evening sun hung hollow in the sky, casting a warm glow on the earth. The air was thick with the acrid smell of blood and death as Alpha Randall rode ahead of his victorious army as they made a victorious entry into the Blood Crescent park, some rode on horses, while others marched on foot, chanting songs of victory.


Alpha Randall had just conquered a new territory and not a single soul was spared during the war.


His pack members all came out to cheer and sing songs of praise as they welcomed their ever-victorious Alpha and his undefeated army.


Alpha Randall was a god among men. Rich in power, strength, wealth, achievements... No one comes close. He was the envy of all.


As Alpha Randall drew closer to the crowd with his Beta and Gamma by his side, the whole world seemed to be at a standstill as his senses suddenly heightened by the intoxicating scent that filled the air as he felt his heart beating rapidly in his chest.


The strong scent of sweet Vanilla, rose and strawberry teased his nostrils, pulling him closer to the crowd. It was the most intoxicating scent he'd ever perceived all his life.


His eyes glowed a bright shade of red, burning with fierce intensity as the desperation to find out who the bearer of the irresistible scent consumed him entirely.


The cheering and chanting from the crowd died down as everyone's attention shifted to the direction of the Alpha, but no one dared look him in the face.


And in that moment, he saw her. Standing before him, bathed in the golden light of the setting sun, was the most beautiful being he had ever beheld.


Alpha Randall took slow, deliberate steps towards the lady who was about five feet and four inches in height - just as he likes them... Small and fragile.


Her skin, smooth and flawless, seemed to glow with an inner radiance, casting a spell over him.


Randall felt as though he had been struck by lightning, his breath catching in his throat as he gazed upon her beauty, his towering figure dominating over hers.


"Mate." The word left his lips, earning him silent gasps from the crowd.


The young woman in her very early twenties, whose head was bowed, in fear and confusion instinctively lifted her quizzical gaze to meet his, "No..." She whispered in fright as Alpha Randall locked gazes with hers, causing his expression to turn sour immediately.


"Reyana?" He called her name, his tone bearing anger and disgust as he shot her a deathly glare.


It was at that point that Reyana knew she was doomed for life.




The heavy wooden door creaked softly on its hinges, announcing Alpha Randall's presence in the dimly lit chamber. The flickering flames of torches mounted on the walls cast dancing shadows, creating a warm atmosphere.


The air was thick with the sweet scent of lavender and rose petals. He sniffed in the air as it was calming to his raging soul. He always found peace here.


Randall's gaze swept across the room as his eyes finally rested on the figure sitting gracefully at the other end of the room - The woman he loved more than life itself.


His eyes twinkled with satisfaction as he gave her a slight smile.


"Visha..." His throaty voice called out her name in the most possessive tone as his eyes drank in the sight of her.


"Alpha Randall," her silvery voice called out in its usual tone that held nothing but peace and innocence as she stood up and made her way toward him.


"How have you been? I missed you all day," Randall said, staring into her deep blue eyes but as usual, she averted her gaze.


"I have been well, Alpha," she replied shyly, brushing off a strand of her long, flowing blonde hair.


"You don't seem well," Randall inquired, examining her, "did anyone do anything to hurt you? Tell me and I'll get their heads on a platter for you," his tone was firm.


"I... It's not in my place to question the moon goddess, Alpha Randall..." She paused briefly, swallowing the lump in her throat, as she sadly looked away, "but... What would become of me, now that you've found your mate?"

Her innocence made his heart quake, "Visha..." he cupped her face, wiping off the lone tear that ran down her succulent cheek, "It doesn't change anything, and you know that. She means absolutely nothing to me."


"Then why haven't you rejected her yet? You were going to make me your chosen mate, remember?" Visha's lips trembled as she searched his eyes for an assurance... Just anything to make her know he wasn't going to choose Reyana over her.


As Randall gazed into Visha's tear-filled eyes, he felt a pang of guilt twist in his chest. She deserved better than this uncertainty. She is such a sweet soul... So innocent and fragile.


"It isn't that easy anymore, Visha. You know the dangers of rejecting my fated mate. I am an Alpha and the consequences will be unbearable," his cold voice stated, hoping she'd understand.


Visha's sobs grew louder. It was almost as if there was no trace of compassion or empathy in Randall's words, only a cold, calculated resolve that spoke of a man hardened by duty and responsibility.


She was used to this... He's a very cold-hearted man, but she never thought he'd be this cold towards her.


Randall walked over to the small, intricately carved wooden table that sat in the center of the room, adorned with fragrant flowers freshly picked from the nearby meadow. This was something he loved and Visha made sure never to lack them in her chamber.


If only Visha knew that duty and responsibility weren't the only reason he wasn't letting Reyana go...


"I will find a way around this," he said, sniffing one of the flowers he picked from the table before storming out of her chambers. He couldn't bear the hurt he was putting her through, but he wasn't one to show weakness, no matter what.




"You can't keep on doing this to yourself, Reyana. You've been indoors for two days now. You can't hide forever," Ria pleaded with her friend for the umpteenth time.


"Ria, I am scared. Can't you see? What have I done to deserve this from the moon goddess? What is my offense?" She sought for tears to shed but none was forthcoming. She had been crying for the past two days now.


"You did nothing wrong, Reya. The moon goddess is wise in her ways and she knows what's best for us all," Ria's concern grew as her friend was already looking pale. Although she knew she sounded ridiculous right now because who on earth would want to be mated to a monster like Randall?


"I prayed all my life to be mated to a man who'd love and cherish me... A man as loving as Aldric. Can't the moon goddess see how much we love each other? This isn't fair," her sobs grew louder.


Ria walked towards her on the small wooden bed and engulfed her in a warm hug. Her heart clenched with empathy, feeling every ounce of her friend's fear as if it were her own.


"Alpha Randall hates me down to my very essence. He is a cold-hearted beast void of warmth and humanity. What would become of me, Ria? He'd kill me!"


Reyana suddenly froze as she detangled herself from Ria's hug. Her hands visibly trembled as her eyes reflected the terror she felt.


The musky scent of cedarwood and smokey vetiver filled her nostrils. His scent bore his ruthlessness and dominance and it sent chills down her spine.


"He's here," Reyana's trembling voice sounded almost inaudible as she desperately looked around her small chamber, wishing there was an escape route but there was none.


Ria didn't have enough time to react to her friend's words when the small wooden door flung open with a loud bang, revealing the object of her terror – Alpha Randall.


Beside him, was his ever-trusted Gamma, Kellan, who made brief eye contact with Ria before averting his gaze.


Alpha Randall's presence filled the room with a heavy aura of coldness and authority. His sea-green eyes bore into Reyana's with a chilling intensity that made her shrink back, her body quivering with fear.


"Alpha," Ria managed to greet, bowing her head. Only the brave could look the Alpha in his eyes.


"Ria..." He called out slowly, his gaze never leaving Reyana's.


Ria didn't need to wait for another second as she understood what he meant.


She felt chilling waves run down her body as she felt Kellan's burning stare on her. Not wasting another second, she ran out of the room as fast as her legs could carry her.


Reyana felt the entire room pressing down on her. As Randall's gaze bore heavily on her, she felt a chill settle deep in her bones, a coldness that seemed to seep into her very soul. It was as if the air around her had turned to ice, freezing her in place as she stared up at the man who stood before her.


The man standing before her was not meant to be among their kinds. He was a walking nightmare. His tall, imposing figure made her feel so small and insignificant. Every inch of him reeked of power and authority, making Reyana feel so vulnerable before him.


His muscular body hinted at the power that lay beneath his clothing. His face was striking, his full, inviting lips always set in a firm line, with features that seemed to have been carved by the hands of the gods themselves.


Her breath caught in her throat, fear paralyzing her limbs as she dared not meet his gaze, her eyes fixed to the floor.


Randall felt utmost satisfaction watching her tremble at his presence. He took slow, calculated steps towards her. His towering frame closed the distance between them, as his muscular body pinned her against the wall.


He lowered his face to the crook of her neck, sniffing in her intoxicating scent.


"Mate..." He muttered in a mocking tone, his warm breath fanning her neck, "Isn't fate so cruel? Hmm?" His icy voice sent shivers down her spine but she dared not utter a response.


He observed her for a few more seconds before turning around to leave. Just then, he heard a weak voice from behind him mutter the words he never thought she'd have the courage to say.


"Reject me."


Chapter 2


"Reject me."


The words echoed in the depths of his consciousness as Randall stopped abruptly in his tracks... The nerves...


Kellan instantly looked away, as he thought of how foolish Reyana was to have made that statement.


"What did you just say?" Alpha Randall slowly turned around to face her. He took a few steps towards her and stopped midway. Her eyes were still fixed on the floor.


"What did you say?" He counted his words through gritted teeth, hoping she wouldn't dare repeat those words.


For the first time since he entered her chamber, Reyana lifted her terrified gaze to meet his murderous glare. There was a predatory gleam in his eyes, a hunger that sent a chill down Reyana's spine and made her skin crawl with unease. As soon as her eyes rested on his, Randall felt a sharp thud in his chest.


Her large eyes framed by thick, long lashes shimmered like pools of liquid sapphire, blinking rap


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