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The Alpha Twins

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“I want her back for myself, don't you get it?” His thick, manly voice screamed at his brother. “You must let go of her, Orion. Emilia is mine and mine alone.” After many months of dating her, he shattered her heart for no reason. He lets go of her after so many calls from her to fix their broken relationship, but he is nonchalant about it. Now he wants her back because his twin brother has her to himself. Tristan, the City's nightmare will do anything to have Emilia back in his arms and to himself. Anything including hurting her and his twin brother, while he sought for ways to have the Alpha's throne to himself. Find out in ‘The Alpha Twins’ what happens to the perfect but imperfect relationship between Orion and Emilia, the one-time girlfriend of Tristan, the City's nightmare.

Chapter 1


I headed out of the pack in the early hours of this morning and then hopped in my car. 

My hands, as usual, controlled the wheel while I drove out of the large compound, a smile with a mixture of grimaces denting my face. 

The day was going to be a long one, due to the many tasks I had on my to-do list. 

After a long and rough ride, the car halted at the front of a large gate. My gaze darted and I looked right and left, scared to be seen by the police. 

The last time I checked, I and the rest of my team members were wanted by the City and its government for delivering hard drugs to the citizens of this country. 

After honking the horn for some time, one of the men who had arrived came to open the gate. He bowed to me while I drove in. 

Who wouldn't bow to one of the many sons of the famous Alpha when seen? I wondered as I parked the car in a small lot built next to the warehouse. 

“Good morning, boss,” the man who opened the gate, greeted me. “Welcome back.” He said with a bow, taking the backpack I brought with me, from my hand while I headed into the warehouse. 

“We don't have enough time to waste, guys,” I mumbled, pushing the main entrance of the warehouse open. 

“Where are the others?” With my eyes, I counted the men and saw they were not complete. 

“Scorpion is not here yet,” my right-hand man explained, causing a grimace to appear on my countenance. “He went to get food for us before we left for the operation.”

Now I nodded. 

My legs led me to the chair meant for me and I took a seat on it, smiling. “Get the stuff, including your masks and guns,” I told the men in general, and in seconds, they left the space. 

Now my phone was beeping. 

Who was it? 

I dipped my hand in my pocket and brought out the device. 

“Why can't these people let me be?” I could not help but cry, gazing at the screen of my device. 

Who else would it be if not for my twin brother who was calling on behalf of my other brothers and father who talked about hosting a meeting by this time of the day?

There was no way I could be there, especially when I had illegal activities to run before the day ended. 

For goodness’s sake, there were many clients we had to attend to before noon, and another set of clients to strike a deal with before the day ended.

Something made a sound and I looked up to meet the gaze of Scorpion. 

“Good morning, boss,” he greeted as he dropped a plate of food on a table and before me. “I am sorry, but I went to get food for us all. We cannot leave for an operation on empty stomachs.” 

I understood, so I nodded. 

My hand picked up the plate and I dug in the next moment. It didn't take long for the rest of the men to appear at the spot with the stuff we needed for the day. 

There were masks to cover our faces, so the police and those who secured the city did not get to see our real faces. 

Another thing we would go with is hard drugs, wrapped and ready to be delivered. Without saying any word to the men, they each picked up their plates and began to eat. 

There was not much time so I advised them to hurry with eating, this way we would leave the warehouse right on time without missing the appointment that was set for the day.

Soon enough, we were done. Immediately, I got on my feet, while the men arranged the stuff we needed into a box, as usual. 

“Good thing we are ready.” 

“You must not be caught,” I warned, looking at every man's face. “Shoot when necessary. And if caught, no information must be spilled. You must die with the truth.” 

They looked at each other, and at me before nodding. “Yes, master.” 

“Get the stuff into the car trunk,” I walked away from the spot and caught up with a corner of the room. 

I opened the drawer, picked up my mask and helmet from the space, and then wore them the next moment. 

Just then, my phone beeped again. 

There was no way I would take Father's call, not at this time. I grunted, reaching for the device in my pocket, and looked at its screen. “Oh, no.”

Emilia was at it again. 

Calling me at the wrong hour. 

Most of the time these days, I forget I have a girlfriend. 

Why was she calling me in the early hours of a new day? 

What does she want? 

I walked to the entrance of the warehouse, catching up with the large compound where the other men waited. 


It dawned on me that I was missing something. 

How could I forget this?

We were supposed to meet at her place, and I screwed it up like I always did. 

Well, was it not obvious to her that I no longer wanted the relationship? 

She should move on for all I cared. 

There was never a feeling that I felt for her in the first place, a smile appeared on my lips and I signalled to the men to hop in the car.

“We'll be back!” I screamed at the other men who did not join us for the operation. 

“Take care and reach out to me when there is danger,” I warned them before the car began, and we took off from the compound. 

My phone beeped again. 

I gazed at the screen of my device, shook my head, and turned it off. 

Emilia should let me be already. 

I was no longer interested in the relationship. The only problem I have is letting her know of my thoughts. 

Chapter 2


I stared at the screen of my device, refusing to believe he would do this to me. 

Of all days to hurt me, today? 

Did he forget the plans we made? No, a plan I made for the both of us.

For goodness’s sake! 

We were supposed to meet at my place and spend some time together before the end of the day. 

Why did he find it hard to take his calls? I wondered at this point, jumping off from the bed and pacing my large bedroom. 

What is happening? 

I walked back to the bed where I picked up my device. 

My legs led me to the window and I opened the curtains, looking out of the space and gazing at the large compound with hopes that he was there.

He wasn't there.

“Damn it!” I cried and looked away, finding my way back to the bed where I took a seat. 

Maybe he was busy and would reach out to me later. 

The day had jus


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