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The Alpha's Twins

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Miquel and Miguel have always been the best of twins since they were kids despite all obstacles. Their father had always been partial, preferring Miquel whom he thinks is more capable to rule the Pack and over seventy Packs after his demise, but little did he know that, the Miquel he always thought could rule the pack is a lady. Will Miguel accept to be the Alpha after being treated like trash by the whole pack? Mysteries begin to unravel themselves when she leaves for the human world in search of her mate. She was too naive but was determined to bring back her mate to the pack, but will he be ready to go with her after discovering her as the Alpha's daughter despite the ugly and cruel things he did to his family? What happens when the twins and their mates have to be reborn in their next life and their mates refuse to accept them as their partners just like in the past? The evil beta needs the blood of an Alpha to live eternally, but will he be able to get Miguel? How will they convince their partners that they were mates in the afterlife?

Chapter 1 : The Cursed Alpha's Child


I whined, clasping tightly onto the obsolete bed, trying not to tear up in his presence.

“I suppose you aren't feeling the pain right, just wait for this'' I screamed in great agony at his next action. It felt as though pepper was applied to my fresh wound. I turned to face him. It was the razor blade again, he didn't miss one thing. I sobbed loudly, holding on to the pillow, trying hard not to wail.

“Do you need another memento of why I'm here…to remind you to hang around where you pertained as a weak wolf. I know you stepped on my expensive cloth intentionally, you swine!” He growled with a giggle. His laughter sounded so wrong. I looked away, avoiding eye contact, I could feel my tears rolling down my cheeks. I felt as though I had been abandoned by everyone who was around me. Furthermore, I began to weep harder and cried out of fear. The sharp edge sliced through my skin again. I heard the door slam open and mother entered the room. She is a savior.

“And what do you think you're doing?” She tries to keep her cool.

“Teaching your son some manners since he lacked all,” he uttered with so much hatred in his eyes. Mother held her gaze on him for a while, trying to do much to control herself. Jason had gone extreme this time around.

“Teaching him manners, or just venting your anger on him for not shifting at such a young age?” She taunted her hand at akimbo. He replaced the vivid anger that flashed across his face with an evil smirk.

“He shifted at such a young age because he is cursed, nothing to be jealous about” he snickered.

“Leave the room now” her voice was authoritative yet calm. He dared not defile Luna's order. He gave me a last scary glance and stomped out of my room. I burst into fresh tears immediately after he was off.

“I'm sorry I'm late, Miguel” Mother hugged me and I wept harder. She laid me on my back and stared at my wound with a grimace.

“Even if I treat the wound, it won't heal quickly. The beta went extreme this time around” mom said angrily as she tried to wrap me up in bandages.

“I need you to do something, dear”. She said with a shaky smile. Combing out my long hair with her hands.

“What is it mother?” She couldn't heal it completely, but the pain had reduced.

“Converse with Bruno, tell him to help you heal” she gently said.

“You mean my wolf can help me heal?” she nodded. I shifted at the age of ten, and the whole Pack concluded only the cursed shift at such a young age except mom.

“All you have to do is concentrate on your conversation and tell him to help you heal” I closed my eyes to concentrate and conversed with him and to my uttermost surprise, my wound healed up. My skin was as smooth as always. I looked up at mom in shock.

“You did it” She grinned widely. She kissed both cheeks, succeeding.

“You may come in,” she said, and a maid walked in with a bow.

“My lady, the alpha demands your presence,” she said, face down.

“Tell him I will be there in a jiffy” she bowed and left.

“We need to keep something a secret, son,” she said, already on her feet. I stared at her questionably.

“Do not heal yourself no matter the agony you're going through when your father punishes you, don't heal unless it's necessary?” she said and placed one last kiss on my cheek.

“Be good now, I will lock the door to avoid Jason's entry” and she left my room hurriedly.

Seeing how the situation is, I couldn't ask her the reason behind it. I lay back down and took deep breaths. She locked the door and promised to bring my food. I've been indoors for years on my father's order. The last time I saw my twin brother was when I shifted. Father caught me staring at my brother. I couldn't get enough view of him due to excruciating shifting pain. He looked like he was coming from a training ground. Father had threatened he would pluck the eyes of a ten-year-old me out of its socket if he ever caught me staring at the future alpha again. Father's hatred and partiality had gotten to me just like a dagger deep down in my heart. The word father sometimes sounds odd in my ears. I disposed off the torn clothes from the beatings and took a quick bath.

For ten years now, I've been hoping I would be loved someday, but the hope kept fading off. “I'm thirsty," Bruno mumbled, and I scoffed.

“You want us to get another beating from Jason?” I cut off the connection immediately. I had run into the devil and mistakenly stepped on his cloth, and he had me punished severely. The thirst had disappeared after the beta's cruel beatings. Living like a slave in this house isn't life at all. I might elope someday if this suffering continues. I was drifting to sleep when I heard a loud bang on the door.

“Open this door, Miguel, I know you're in there!” It was Umberto, the beta's mate. They are beds of the same feathers. I hissed and covered my ears with pillows. Father gave room for all this. An alpha's son was being insulted in his father's house.

“I'm sorry, son, I apologize for all the maltreatment I lashed on you. I was stupid” father apologized, and I cried harder. I thought about all that happened to me in the past. Now he wants to make me the alpha of the Pack because Miquel betrayed him.

“You're sorry because your favorite son betrayed you and not because you truly love me,” I said, weeping. I've been enslaved in this house because of his orders. I was humiliated. Everyone thought I was useless because of how he treats me.

“No, this throne is for your precious son, Miquel, and not me. It's not right to accept what belongs to my brother, so I don't want it” I cried and walked away.

“Miguel!” Father screamed and I jerked upright. It was a nightmare. I rinsed my sweaty face off and stared out the window. It's my brother. He was holding a sword, looking so drained. Everyone bowed, not minding his age as he passed by with Seneca beside him. Seneca is the head of gamers in our Pack and also Miquel's master.


“What's with you today, you mastered this skill days ago, and you've forgotten?” Seneca groaned, frustrated holding firm to his sword.

“I'm sorry, Seneca. I'm not just feeling good today” I hate all this, but I have to do it since it's mother's order. I raised the sword trying to strike again but winced in pain going down.

Everyone always thought I was going to be the alpha, but a piece of shocking news is awaiting them. My monthly visitor is back again, and I'm weakened. I'm a girl in a boy's disguise. The whole Pack except the midwife that attended to mother. I wasn't given a solid reason, but mother insisted I have to act this up to protect my life, and here I am, doing things boys should do forcefully.

“Maybe I will be healthy tomorrow, I will take my leave now” I gathered all the strength in me and walked out of the training ground. It's a big, spacious place and not far from the palace. I relaxed in the hallway and signaled a maid.

“Call me my mother” I managed, and she swung into action.

“What happened to you, my child,” she said, seeing the terrible state I was in.

“The pain is back again, mother” I mind-linked. She carried me up and took me to my room.

“I don't think I can do this any more mother, it's so hard maintaining this. I want to live my life as a girl which I am mother” The pain kept on increasing. I'm sick of this. My stomach hurts terribly, and I still have to keep up with my training. I had been in this training since I was six. It's like all my happiness was drawn away from me.

Mother sighed, looking at every angle and caressed my cheeks.

“You really don't sound like my daughter right now, I know it's hard, but my daughter is strong and will always endure everything. Now bring yourself back together because I can perceive your father's arrival. I assumed Seneca informed him about your illness already” she arranged my dress well and I tried composing myself.

“Is the future alpha feeling weak again?” Jason taunted.

“Envy led to the death of many people, Jason. Just voice out you're being jealous the alpha has an heir to the throne. Feeling pathetic because you won't be the next ascending the throne, huh?" She replied in a taunting tone. He growled but had it replaced with a smirk. He tries to suppress his surprised face with an uncomfortable smile.

“Oh don't be perplexed, your Luna can read minds can't she?” She smiled and stared at me.

“Don't be sick Miquel, you have a lot of responsibility to shoulder” I nodded.

“I held you are not feeling good,” Father said, coming in with his long thick renaissance flowing along with him from a little distance. Everything about him speaks of authority and power. He looks like the alpha indeed. He is six feet tall with a great, well-built body. His hair was curled to the back, and it rested on his shoulders. He had his mustache shaved stylishly. He is revered by everyone in the Pack and the laboring Packs which he oversees. The beta bowed as he passed him.

“Yes, father” I was still in pain.

“I hope you ain't faking this illness to avoid training because I was told you were not feeling good last month also” I quickly focused my gaze on his renaissance dress. He is the alpha, after all. He will detect the wrong in me if I maintain eye contact.

“You should always have this in your mind son, a day shall come when you have to rule this Pack with eighty other Packs alone either you are unwell or healthy. I've told Seneca you must go for your training tomorrow healthy or not, you won't die” he ruffled my hair.

“Yes, father” I drawled with a bow. I dare not question his authority. He halted in his step and turned to mother.

“What's the matter, my dear Persis, you kept on obstructing my communication with you,” he said softly and caressed her cheeks. He is always gentle when it comes to Luna. Rumor has it in the Pack that mother is his only weakness.

“I'm sorry, your grace. Can you spare Miquel for the next two days? He is really not feeling good”

“He didn't complain, did he? I know his capabilities” I knew there was an impossibility at my mother's request, though. Father is a man of his word. He walked out of the room afterwards. He will be the end of me someday. Jason stared at us with an evil smirk on his ugly face and followed father. I stretched outside my fingers, straightening them straight to his legs and he fell on his belly. Mother gave him a satisfying smirk. He must have thought that was mother's handwork.

“Mother, I might collapse tomorrow during the training. Shall we switch with Miguel? I'm so sure he would be delighted to help me” she looked away thinking about it.

I hope this works.

Chapter 2: His First Request


“Miguel,” my mother said quietly. I sat up, rubbing my sleepy eyes, and looked at her.

“What's the matter, mother, it's so late?” I shifted, so she could sit next to me on the small bed.

“Well, I have a surprise for you, come on Miquel,” there at the door is someone I've been wanting to meet for a long time. I dashed away and hugged him.

“Miquel, how are you doing? I've been missing you terribly. Please take a seat,“ He sat down and smiled warmly. When I looked down the corridor, the guards were already snoring. I know it's my mother's work.

“Thank you, Miguel; I missed you too, but father would be furious if he saw us both together,” he grumbled. We laughed and talked about ourselves for a few hours. It felt like a long-lost part of myself had returned.

“It will soon dawn, and before I leave, I need you to assist me with something, brother,” I said anxiously, urging him to speak.



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