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The alpha’s substitute luna

The alpha’s substitute luna

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Living in PowerfulHollow Pack has always been nothing but a nightmare to Magnolia. Ever since she found her omega wolf at the age of ten, her life had been nothing but a living hell but Magnolia had her belief that one day it'll be her turn to be happy and that she would also find her mate one day. Until she discovered that the mate the moon goddess choose for her was Aldean, the cruel Alpha who always bully her and always follows after Cordelia and as expected Aldean fiercely rejected Magnolia and humiliated her in the presence of everyone But what would Magnolia do when it was revealed to her that she was actually the bride to the useless prince; how did it change, Cordelia is always the bride. But then it occurred to her that she was being made a substitute _______

Chapter 1

"Ugly wretch!"

"Useless Omega!"

"You aren't crying today? Just go and die!"

Magnolia bit her lips to suppress the sob from spraying out as the punches, slaps, etc. fell on her white skin. It was a hellish daily procedure but it has become the routine for Alphas to inflict pain on weak omega like her - note the sarcasm.

Alphas in PowerfulHollow Pack believed that omegas like Magnolia are low-ranked and aren't worth putting into eyes. Note, it's not only omega that goes through this, there are also some werewolves who the mighty Alphas find as an eyesore and would mess up.

But for someone like Magnolia there was no need for finding a reason to bully her, just her birth and breathing is enough to anger these bullies and Magnolia had learned through the years that letting out pain is a sign of fear and weakness, the two things those cruel Alphas enjoy feeding on most.

Magnolia was glad that there was the absence of Aldean today - one of the top 5 most handsome men in the pack and the school - which made the punishment lessened.

Aldean hated Magnolia to the core because she was Cordelia's sister and there was more hate when he discovered that she was looking at him with infatuation one day. He said he found Magnolia repulsive so her looking at him was so disgusting that he began to inflict his cruel pain on her.

After a few minutes that stretched like centuries, the beating stopped. "This bitch is no fun today."

"Let's leave already. Time is about to begin." The group of Alpha bullies said and immediately left her at the corner.

After she had gathered her strength, Magnolia stood up from where she was curled, on her face were red marks, and her lips were also torn due to the beating but she didn't part her lips to wince, not at all.

Magnolia's face was calm as she picked up her bags while holding her aching waist which one of the boys had cruelly kicked a few mins ago. She picked up all her books that the bullied had littered on the floor.

"It's going to be okay, one day." Magnolia comforted herself as she picked up her bag. She blocked Lessie, her wolf because she knew what she'd be doing was saying comforting words right now which she didn't want to hear because she was afraid that she'd end up breaking down.

Her injuries were healing, the perks of being a wolf.

"Hey, sister." Cordelia suddenly walked over in Magnolia's direction but after seeing the marks on her body, her eyes widened in disbelief and anger. "Magnolia! How did you get this on you?" Cordelia shook over her with a wronged expression as if she was the one who was bullied.

"Tell me are you being bullied? Tell me who dared do this and I'll serve justice for you." Cordelia, the alpha step-sister hovered over Magnolia with a concerned and sweet caring expression.

Magnolia suddenly looked to the front and she saw venom eyes looking at her, at the back it was also the same thing. Perhaps everyone would believe Cordelia's fake concern. No! everyone would. Even she was a victim of it back then until she discovered that the person she thought was an angel was the real devil.

Magnolia knew Cordelia intended to raise the flag of the caring sister in everyone's mind which made Magnolia amazed by how stupid the so-called Alphas were.

Apart from bullying and flaunting their so-called power, shouldn't they be suspicious by now that it's only after she was bullied that Cordelia only arrives to show her fake care? But Cordelia isn't just your ordinary white lotus, she's a pro at it.

"Ah, sister is mistaken, I'm not being bullied." Magnolia shook her head and immediately replied with a fake smile.

Perhaps Cordelia thought she would fall into her trap but that's the previous naive her but it would never happen again. Never!

"I'm actually doing fine. I just fell for a few minutes." She replied and when she saw Cordelia open her mouth to say something, she immediately interrupted. "You can see that I'm healing nicely. Oh, class is about to start. See you." Magnolia waved and quickly disappeared.

Cordelia waved and smiled happily at Magnolia but at a side where no one was watching her face suddenly flashed with a dark expression. That wretch! How can she be so lucky to evade this, but not easily next time.

Cordelia hoped that Magnolia would reveal whoever was bullying her, right at the spot. Even though Cordelia knew who they were, she'd have acted heroic and approached Aldean and his group, making more of them fall on her feet.

A figure suddenly appeared from nowhere and with his strong figure, he bumped into Cordelia harshly like he didn't see her which made her fall to the floor. Cordelia's face was flushed with sadness as she fell from her useless future husband, Zephyr's push. Cordelia didn't forget to put on a beautiful, innocent, and captivating face.

Aldean immediately appeared, he picked Coderlia up and then glared at Aldean with a fierce stance. "Watch it, you good for nothing…"

Before Aldean could finish his words, the book that was in Zephyr's hand immediately fell on his face. That good-for-nothing grinned and immediately sauntered away like he always did.

Aldean's face darkened in anger. He swore that if Zephyr wasn't a prince, Aldean would have beaten that uselessness out of him.

Cordelia's expression also darkened; to think that she will be married to a good for nothing like this despite the list of attractive and strong men in the pack? Even though Zephyr is the most handsome man in the pack, he's still a retarted and good-for-nothing prince, how could she accept it?

An unrevealed glint immediately flashed past Cordelia's eyes. She needs to do something urgently. Especially when the mating ceremony is fast approaching and with this person alive, that arranged marriage would be revealed and everyone will want to link her with this person.

"Are you okay?" Aldean asked with worry when he saw her spacing out.

Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2: Olpen Flower.

"Are you okay?" Aldean asked with worry when he saw her spacing out.

Cordelia lowered her head and quickly arranged her expression then she raised her head and smiled at Aldean with a cute face.

She nodded gently and tried to separate from him. "I think I… Ouch." Cordelia suddenly cried out and her hand flew to touch her hips in pain. That useless-for-nothing idiot!

"It seems to be a heavy push," Aldean says with worry when he sees Cordelia biting her lower lips with a pained expression. 'That darned prince.' Aldean muttered under his breath.

"Come on, let me take you to the clinic," Aldean muttered and held her hand to support her.

Cordelia showed a hesitating look. "But…"

"I'll tell the teacher I caused your lateness," Aldean said while flashing a rare beautiful smile that made Cordelia smile bashfully.

"Ok. I


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