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The Alpha’s Rut

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Meet Kaya Simeon. A young omega who has a nasty habit of going out alone at night and wanders off into the dark woods surrounding the small town of Icedale. One night Kaya goes off cruising again when he accidentally stumbles upon a mysterious alpha in the woods, going into rut...

Chapter 1


"You have got to be kidding me!"

I was just coming outside to take a piss when I stumbled across the scene of my own mother, sucking my school's principal's face. It was happening right outside our house on her and my dad's frickin wedding anniversary. I was beyond shocked, I couldn't believe this was really happening right now. 

"Kaya?!" My mother looked at me with wide eyes. Clearly she didn't think I would be the one catching her red handed. "It is not what it looks like!"

"Mom, we just put dad on a flight for his trip to Europe! How f*ck*ng could you?!" I yelled, because I felt betrayed and what made this even more f*ck*d *p was that it just had to be with the principal. Why him?!

Before the woman even stopped me, I stormed off. I didn't go back into the house, I just walked off down the street away from her and away from that house filled with betas. I hated my life. 

I lived in Icedale, the town of the Demihumans. It has the world's most highest population of betas and unfortunately for me, I was the only male omega who lived in the town. That did make me gay and that also made my days extra hard at school. I just wanted to graduate so I could get the f*ck out of this place. Graduation wasn't that far a way and after what I just witnessed, I finally made up my mind. I was leaving. 

My mother and father were married. I wouldn't say they were happily married as I never saw them show each other affection, but to them family meant everything and my mother, the hypocrite just went and stabbed him in the back. 

Oh well I wasn't going to let that ruin my evening. I was going to forget about it all soon enough, because I was going out. I was going to the only place where I actually felt calm like I didn't have any problems in my life. It was the Crawford forest, the creepy woods exactly around the northern border of town. 

Nobody knew why I liked going there, but truth was that going off into a dangerously dark woods where a lot of bad sh*t always happened, enticed me and gave me a thrill. At the same time it helped me relax and all my problems to wash away. 

Once I made it into the woods I sighed contently. I literally took off my shoes and left them under some tree where I always hid them, because I wanted to feel the cool and damp soil under my feet. I removed my suit jacket and tie as well and then rolled up the sleeves off my shirt. I was only 5'7 tall and this shirt looked a little big on me. I was too much in a hurry to leave the house that I didn't even go back to wear comfortable clothes, but that's okay these clothes could suffice. 

There was actually a waterfall a bit further north I always loved going to. The moonlight gave me enough light, so I didn't need to use my phone and soon enough I made it to the waterfall. But when I got there, I wasn't the first one that came tonight. 

I stepped down a rock so my feet could dip into the water puddle and then I flinched when I saw someone was standing there, under the waterfall. Another man was there and the moonlight shined so perfectly over his body, I saw his full 7' size. Who was he and what was he doing out here?

I didn't see his face, but he was naked which I could tell even with his lower half in the water. His arms were spread out letting the water droplets rain over his frame of perfect masculinity that looked like something out of a Greek god statue. The water made his grizzly skin look like soft hair lines and he had dark hair which perfectly defined his handsome features. He looked like perfect and I was sitting there gawking at him. 

It took me moments to realise that he was somewhat meditating and then I just sat there not sure what to do. I figured he was a beta but he looked so incredibly handsome and his aura was intense, so much that it also intimidated me. 

Involuntarily I released my pheromones and then suddenly he moved to look at me, and I whimpered.  I f*ck*ng whimpered!

I clasped a hand over my mouth, gasping. I couldn't believe I just did that and now the stranger saw me. 

His huge frame turned around and he looked at me and then hot wave of pheromones were sent at me. So much it nearly made my head dizzy and it made my c*ck twitch. I was getting hard just from looking at his body and seeing him look at me. 

The calm composure and demeanour he had immediately faded away and suddenly he released heavy growls and huffs. His fists clenching by his sides and his muscles bulking out, with veins rippling furiously under his skin. There was no f*ck*ng way someone so powerful could be a beta. Somewhere in the pit of my stomach, I knew exactly what he was. 

He was an alpha. THE alpha which I heard many stories about lately. Yea it was one of the reasons my mother felt like locking me up in my room when she found out about my cruising into the forest right after her friends gossiped to her about a man who attacked a couple of hitch hikers and beat them up so badly they were traumatised for life moments after revealing his existence. The funny part was that they weren't physically beaten up, but mentally. Because betas haven't been in the presence of an alpha for so many years, they couldn't handle his dominance and That's when my mother completely went against my cruising into the night. 

Right now I didn't know whether I needed to run or not. I was an omega, far weaker than those hikers. I was afraid I was going to die and I didn't want to die because getting buried in this shitty town was the last thing I wanted or needed. But for some reason my body just didn't move. 

He came closer and my heart began thumbing in my throat. His body moved so majestically the water around him fiercely made way for him as he came to me. I could feel to heat radiating off his body from where I was sitting and then he stood in front of me. As he came closer, the water level dropped from his waist down to his hips and then further down. What I saw in front of my eyes literally got me drooling~

It gave off a musky and woodsy scent and then my hole started throbbing. His c*ck was the biggest c*ck I have ever seen in my life and it was hard as rock, pointing right at my face. 

It was staring at me in the face and I f*ck*ng wanted it. I wanted him.

Still he didn't say a word. He just grabbed my head, a fistful of my hair and then he slammed his c*ck down my throat....

Chapter 2

The grizzly man held my head still as he shoved his whole cock down my throat, all the way down. I had to be honest, I didn't expect him to make such a bold move and now I had his whole length stuffed down my throat. My jaws were hurting and my throat choking, struggling to take such a huge size. 

After awhile he pulled it out finally. I coughed as slop and spit was being carried out by his cock, thick straps off it hanging down my mouth. His meat throbbing hungrily and then he slammed it back down my throat. I was gagging too much and tried not to puke. I couldn't tell him that I never sucked cock, when he constantly kept pumping it down my throat using my throat as a sleeve for his cock. 

Eventually he did stop and then he came came down to push his face into my neck, sniffing at my neck. Was he inhaling my scent now?

Right now all I could do was go along with it, especially with how tightly he held my hair. His warm skin brushed over mine and I whimpered again w


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