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The Alpha's reject

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In a world divided by rival factions of werewolves, Serene, a young she-wolf born without the ability to shift or howl, faces rejection and heartbreak. Branded as an outcast, she embarks on a perilous journey for survival. When she stumbles upon the elusive Shadow Wolves, their leader, Alpha Thane, offers her sanctuary, defying faction prejudices. Serene discovers her rare ability to communicate with nature, unlocking a reservoir of power. Empowered, she becomes a valuable ally in the battle against a rogue alpha and his pack, who seek dominance over all werewolves. Along her odyssey, Serene encounters the Light Wolves, embraces valuable lessons, and emerges as a unifying force, rallying disparate packs and becoming a symbol of hope in a world on the edge of chaos.

Chapter 1

Serene stood before the towering figure of Alpha Lucas, her mate, amidst the watchful eyes of the Grey Wolf pack. The moon bathed the clearing in a soft, ethereal glow, casting long shadows that mirrored the turmoil within her heart.

“You cannot do this to me,” she said, looking up at him, her warm brown eyes staring into his, “You said you loved me,”

Lucas's icy gaze bore into her, Serene felt her breath catch in her throat. She had hoped for acceptance, for understanding, but instead, his words struck her with the force of a thousand blows.

"You are weak, Serene," Lucas's voice cut through the silence, laden with disappointment and disdain. "A wolf who cannot shift or speak is useless to me or this pack."

Tears welled up in Serene's hazel eyes, threatening to spill over. Each word was a dagger, tearing at the fragile threads of her self-worth. She had dreamed of a love that transcended physical limitations, but now, the shattered fragments of her heart lay scattered at her feet.

"But Lucas," her voice trembled, barely a whisper. "We were going to work through this, you promised to protect me”.

"You heard what you needed to hear. I needed your father, not you, and now that he's gone, I have no use for you anymore," Lucas's words pierced Serene's soul, plunging her further into the depths of despair.

"We are betrothed, you can't just throw that away," Serene cautioned, her voice trembling with desperation.

Lucas looked at her with a chilling smile, reveling in her confusion. It was clear she had lost sight of her position.

"I never loved you," he admitted, his tone dripping with malice. "The only way I could become Alpha was if I was betrothed to you. You and your father needed to believe that."

As the wolves gathered around them, their presence only intensified the weight of Serene's isolation. They once loved and respected her and her father, but now, with a new Alpha in power, their loyalties shifted, and obedience became their creed.

"My father trusted you," Serene's voice wavered, her words choked with anger. "He took you in like a son, embraced you as family..."

Lucas cut her off, his voice cold and devoid of remorse. "He's dead now, along with all the memories and sentiments you cling to."

Serene staggered backward, her heart throbbing with anguish. The realization crashed upon her like a merciless wave, shattering the illusions she had clung to for so long. Lucas had never truly cared for her. Their marriage had been a calculated manipulation, a means to seize power and discard her once it was no longer necessary.

As the silence hung heavy in the air, the wolves remained eerily still, their eyes darting between Serene and Lucas. Though their love for her and her father remained, fear and the instinct to submit to their new Alpha stifled any resistance.

"You forget one thing," Serene told Lucas. "You cannot be Alpha if you don't have a mate." She allowed herself a small smile, thinking she had just discovered an edge over him, a way to regain some semblance of power.

Lucas, however, merely chuckled, his confidence unwavering. "What kind of Alpha would I be if I didn't plan for everything?"

As the tension thickened, Serene's gaze shifted to the wolves behind her. They parted, creating a path for someone to approach. Her heart raced, her anticipation mingling with a sense of dread. She turned back to face Lucas, only to find a devilish smile adorning his face.

"I have a mate," Lucas announced, stretching his hand to welcome a she-wolf who emerged from the shadows. She had long brown hair and wore a long robe to cover her entire body. Serene's breath caught in her throat as her most trusted friend, someone she had shared her deepest secrets and dreams with, stood beside the Alpha.

The hall walls seemed to close in, stifling the collective gasp that hung in the air. The silence of the pack echoed the devastation in Serene's heart. Betrayal seeped into her very being, a venomous poison that threatened to consume her.

Tears welled in Serene's eyes, their bitter taste mingling with the saltiness of her wounded spirit. How could she have been so blind?

"Our pack looked weak with your father as the Alpha," Lucas asserted, "I intend to correct that. With Ember by my side, the other factions will fear us."

Serene's heart wept within her, mourning not only the loss of her beloved father but also the painful betrayal unfolding before her eyes. The friends she had trusted, the people she had considered family, now stood in front of her, aligning themselves with her tormentor.

"But..." Serene's voice quivered before Ember cut her off.

"But nothing, Serene," Ember interjected. "Remember how you confided in me, doubting your ability to lead the pack because you can't shift?"

Serene's eyes widened in disbelief. "I told you that in confidence. I never expected you to use it against me."

Lucas's voice boomed, drowning out Serene's protest. "Enough!"

"You will be allowed to remain in the pack, a token to honor your father's memories," Lucas declared, his tone laced with a veiled threat. "But a single misstep and you'll be cast out for good."

As Serene watched Ember's laughter align with Lucas's intentions, her heart burned. Only a few days ago, Ember had been a source of solace, a pillar of support during the grieving process after the pack buried their fallen Alpha.

"This is the best you'll get, I suggest you take it,” Ember said, "You should be thanking me".

“I should be thanking you?" Serene's voice quivered, her eyes ablaze with righteous anger.

"Yes, thanking me," Ember retorted, her voice dripping with condescension. "Lucas believed that having a wolf who can't howl or shift within the pack would make us appear weak. He wanted to cast you away. I stood up for you."

. "There is no fate worse than the one you and Lucas have bestowed upon me," she replied, her voice trembling with a mix of sorrow and defiance.

"I have more important matters to attend to than waste time with this," Lucas sneered, his back turned to Serene as he strode away, followed closely by Ember.

Alone in the hall, Serene surveyed her surroundings. The place that had once been her sanctuary, her pack, now felt suffocating, the walls closing in on her. She was an outcast, named and discarded, stripped of her place within the pack.

"Come, child," an older wolf gently lifted Serene from the floor, his voice filled with compassion. "Let me guide you to your room. She may not have been the Alpha's mate anymore, but she was still a part of the pack.

She mumbled out of the hall, her head facing down and her heart shattered. As she entered her room, the once vibrant blue walls now appeared dull and lifeless. The air grew colder, seeping into her bones, the floor beneath her feet was colder than usual.

Acknowledging the old she-wolf with a silent nod of gratitude, Serene laid down on her bed, seeking solace in slumber. Perhaps it was all a terrible nightmare, and when she woke, everything would return to normal. In her heart, she yearned for her father's comforting presence, the reassurance that he would protect her from the harsh realities of the world.

As she sank into the bed, enveloping herself with the white sheets of the bed, memories of Lucas's declarations of her perfection reverberated through her mind. Were they all lies, a cruel façade to keep her compliant while he manipulated her father? She slowly drifted into sleep.

"Do you think she'll be a threat?" Ember's voice trembled with uncertainty as they conversed in Lucas's bedroom, the hall reserved for the Alpha and his activities.

Lucas scoffed, a hint of amusement tainted his reply. "She can barely walk, let alone shift. I don't think we need to worry about her."

Ember pressed herself closer to him, her touch tracing a gentle path along his bare back as he sat at the edge of the bed. "I'm just saying, some of the wolves may still see her as your rightful mate."

"I am the Alpha," Lucas bellowed. "Nobody will dare question my decision!"

Ember's hand extended across his chest from behind, a comforting gesture. "I know nobody will question you. I was referring to the other factions."

Lucas's curiosity was piqued. "What about the other factions?"

"Vincent commanded their respect. What do you think they will think when his daughter is not by your side?" Ember inquired.

"What would you have me do? You asked me not to cast her out from the pack," Lucas retorted.

"She has to go." Ember's hands were abruptly halted by Lucas, his grip firm.

"And what do you suppose they would say if we were to kill her? The backlash would be far worse than their current suspicions," Lucas responded, his voice tinged with a hint of hesitation.

"As long as she is alive, she will continue to pose a threat," Ember persisted. The room fell into an uneasy silence. Ember knew she needed to sway Lucas further if her sinister plan was to take root.

"Even if we could, the rest of the pack would perceive it as killing one of our own," Lucas reasoned.

"Not if we make it appear as an accident," Ember countered. "We can manipulate one of the betas to carry it out and make it seem like she took her own life."

Ember watched intently as the seeds of her scheme took root within Lucas's mind. She knew she needed to strike while the iron was hot, solidifying her influence over him.

"It's the perfect plan," she interjected. "Everyone will believe she succumbed to despair after being unable to bear your rejection. As long as Serene breathes, your reign as Alpha remains in jeopardy. There are already murmurs circulating within the pack."

"What murmurs?" Lucas's voice reverberated with a mixture of fury and insecurity. "Who dares challenge me? Show them to me, let me see if they are truly worthy."

"It doesn't matter who they are," Ember attempted to assuage his anger, her voice softening. "None of them can beat you in a fight. All I am saying is that the murmurs are the making of a rebellion."

Ember's heart raced with anticipation. She was certain she had succeeded in convincing Lucas to embrace the unthinkable, eliminate Serene, and solidify their hold on power. She leaned in closer to Lucas, her body pressed against his, her touch seeking solace in his warmth. With one hand resting gently on his chest and the other tenderly stroking his hair, she spoke in a hushed tone.

"Let me take care of it for us. You have more important matters to attend to," she whispered.

Lucas's eyes met hers, a flicker of gratitude mingling with uncertainty. "Make it swift, and ensure only one beta is involved."

Ember wasted no time. She swiftly exited the room, her footsteps echoing through the corridor as she hastened to find Liam, the one werewolf she trusted to carry out her sinister plan. The door to his room was slightly ajar, as it often was, allowing him to remain vigilant and aware of any approaching figures.

"Now that I am the Alpha's mate, you know I'll help elevate your standing within his ranks," Ember enticed as she entered his room. Liam remained seated on an old wooden chair, his gaze fixed directly upon her as if anticipating her arrival.

"Some of the others are displeased with his choice of you over Serene," Liam replied, his voice tinged with skepticism.

"That is precisely why I am here," Ember declared, closing the door to his room behind her. "You want me to help you rise, don't you?"

Liam hesitated, his mind grappling with conflicting thoughts. He understood the power Ember held, and her promise of assistance in his ascent was tempting. Yet, he couldn't shake the weight of his conscience, questioning the act she was about to propose.

"But... she is your friend," he argued, a note of concern in his voice.

Ember's eyes narrowed, a glint of impatience flickering across her features. "She was my friend. And now is not the time for you to grow a conscience, not after all you have done in the past."

A heavy silence fell between them as Liam contemplated the stakes at hand. He knew he needed Ember's support, and committing an act like this would inevitably bind her to him in a web of mutual obligation. With a silent nod, he silently conveyed his compliance.

"When should I do it?" Liam inquired, his voice hushed.

"Tonight, when the pack is asleep and the moon is hidden. Make it appear as though she took her own life," Ember instructed, her words laced with calculated determination.

"I'll get it done," Liam affirmed, his resolve firm as he prepared to carry out the gruesome task.

Chapter 2

Serene's peaceful slumber was interrupted by the weight of her shattered heart, and as evening descended, impending darkness troubled her. Waking up to the stark reality of her betrayal, she rose from her bed, unaware of the looming danger that awaited her. Seeking solace and solitude, she longed to escape the madness that had consumed her world.

Leaving her room, she stepped into the night, a gentle breeze whispering through the air as if searching for something elusive. Loneliness failed to provide the solace she sought, prompting her to embark on a short stroll across the nearby field. With each barefoot step, she brushed her fingertips against the petals of delicate flowers that adorned her path.

Engaging in a one-sided conversation with a nearby bird, she uttered her longing for a mate, her voice laced with a hint of resignation. But a sense of unease began to creep over her, as though invisible eyes were fixed upon her. Her heightened senses, honed by her fath


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